Nicolas Cage Is Terrifying In Butcher’s Crossing Official Trailer

Nicolas Cage had a fantastic 2022 filled with entertaining genre films. And 2023 seems to be going even better, as evident from his performance in the recent Dream Scenario trailer. (Read our Dream Scenario review from TIFF here. With the release of Cage’s upcoming movie, the Butchers Crossing official trailer make it seem like nothing will slow Cage down. The Western, which is based on the venerable book by John Williams, will have a full theatrical run this October, and Saban Films has just unveiled a brand-new trailer that teases the action-packed wild hunt to come.

Butcher’s Crossing Official Trailer Sees A Hunt Afoot

Scene from trailer

The movie centres on Will Andrews (Fred Hechinger), a recent Harvard dropout seeking a new adventure in the West. This leads him to Colorado, where he meets a band of buffalo hunters under the command of Miller (Cage), an enigmatic figure. Will, however, has received more than he bargained for as the hunt quickly turns into an obsessive, repetitive nightmare, as the trailer suggests.

The footage highlights the remarkable direction by Gabe Polsky, with a particular emphasis on the eerie nighttime shots. Nicolas Cage takes center stage in this performance, showcasing his signature unhinged style. While Cage has portrayed terrifying characters in the past, such as in Sympathy of the Devil and Renfield, where he portrayed Dracula, the Butcher’s Crossing official trailer offers him the opportunity to portray a more human and grounded type of monster in a classic “person vs. nature” storyline. The film delves into the thrilling yet perilous era of American frontier exploration, a time filled with numerous uncertainties and dangers.

Intense Conflict Takes Center Stage in Nicolas Cage Vs The American Frontier

In the Butcher’s Crossing official trailer, the most captivating element of the survival story is the conflict between individuals. The trailer effectively builds tension among the hunters, with the changing seasons adding to the suspense. However, the central conflict between the characters Will and Miller is the core of the narrative. While Nicolas Cage is expected to deliver another memorable, eccentric performance, it’s equally exciting to witness his confrontation with Hechinger, who has impressed in previous films and TV series. This showdown promises to be a visceral and thrilling experience for audiences. Butchers Crossing also features Rachel Keller, Paul Raci, and Xander Berkeley in its cast.

Butchers Crossing is releasing in theatres nationwide on October 20, 2023

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