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WGA writers Strike 2023

Lights, Cameras, WGA Strike: Hollywood Offers Writers A New Deal

Hey, remember the buzz about the WGA Strike going on in Hollywood? Well, the drama just got juicier as studios offered a new deal to those marching on the picket lines. On the 102nd day of the writers’ strike, things took an unexpected turn. Hollywood big shots, including studios and streamers like Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount, put forth a fresh deal. The discussions, as insiders spill the tea to Bloomberg, even directly touched on hot topics like artificial intelligence and viewer data.

One thing’s for sure—this isn’t exactly like the last WGA strike but it may have a similar financial impact. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has been flexing its creative muscles to ensure that AI won’t be stealing their thunder. You see, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) agreed that humans, not AI bots, will be credited as writers of screenplays. But hey, that’s not all. The AMPTP members sweetened the deal by offering to spill the beans on how many hours people are binge-watching streaming shows. Basically, it’s writer ego-boosting data, but there’s a catch: the numbers won’t magically turn into dollars as this will have no impact on a writers’ compensation.

Hold on, there’s more! The AMPTP’s proposal isn’t just about words on a paper. It’s shaking up TV staff minimums, too. Showrunners are getting some major say in how many folks are on the crew. Hollywood’s playing with budgets and hush-hush discussions are on the table, although we’re not getting the full scoop on those yet.

So, what’s the Writers Guild gotta say about all this? Well, a spokesperson hinted that they’re cooking up a response to the AMPTP’s offer. The union’s recent update suggests they’re not spilling all the beans just yet. It’s like they’re keeping their cards close to their chests, and we’re all waiting for the big reveal.

But let’s not forget our streaming faves chiming in. Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos is all about ending the strike drama ASAP. During an earnings call, he said, “We hoped to reach an agreement by now. We’re super committed to getting an equitable deal.” Meanwhile, Disney bigwig Bob Iger had his own script flip. He’s now all about finding solutions instead of calling the strike a disaster.

Strikes and drama are part of Hollywood’s DNA, but this one’s playing out like a cliffhanger. Will the writers get what they want? Will the studios pull off a surprise twist? Who knows, but I can’t wait for this to end so we can get back to talking about movies.

That’s all for this one, let me know what you think in the comments!

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