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Disney Plus Sequel Of X-Men ’97 Gets Plot Details For First Episode

The creators behind X-Men ’97 provide fresh information about the upcoming animated series and go through the first episode. At San Diego Comic-Con 2023, Marvel released fresh information on the X-Men ’97 first episode. The attendees at this year’s event were shown a clip from the first episode of this series, which revealed some of the important points of the plot.

X-Men ’97 Plot Details Revealed At SDCC 2023

X-Men '97 first episode still.

Image via Disney+.

Apparently, the new Disney+ sequel to the animated X-Men show will feature more mutant appearances like Archangel and Bishop (who will join Gui Adustini’s newcomer, Sunspot). As shown in the new clip, along with the X-Men questioning Dr. Trask and a pregnant Jean Grey. In an interview with Marvel, creators Castorena and DeMayo discussed show during their attendance at the Designing the X-Men: A This Week in Marvel Special Event panel at SDCC. The audience also got to view a clip of the X-Men setting off on a mission to deal with the Sentinels as they provided exclusive information about the program and its characters.

DeMayo talked about how the X-Men are going on a mission in order to confront a new Sentinel threat. They are, however, unexpectedly attacked in the middle of the mission and have to use the practical skills of the Danger Room in order to protect themselves. Which sounds very similar to scenes from the original series. The Dr. Trask-created Sentinels, who frequently opposed the X-Men in the animated series, will also appear in the animated sequel, according to a recent merchandising release. Trask and his Sentinels do not appear to be the focus of the new show’s antagonists, though. DeMayo already revealed who the series’ main adversary will be.

The Main Villain Of The Sequel

X-Men '97 first episode poster.

Image via Disney+.

Castorena had talked about the particular difficulties that made animating some of the characters, especially one of his favourites. Castorena said that Cyclops, a figure without visible eyes or eyebrows, used the tiny glimmers on his visor to convey various moods.

“We discovered original methods to employ the mutant’s skills to portray their mood, not only for action’s sake but to also carry a story, he added. “Whether it’s a quick, snappy glimmer, a leisurely glint, a beautiful little sparkle with his smile…”

Although the footage from X-Men ’97 first episode is intriguing, what more can viewers anticipate from the show? Earlier, Beau DeMayo had made a hint saying that Minister Sinister will once again not be up to any good. The main antagonist will carry out a “pretty foolproof plan to destroy the X-Men once and for all.” Fans should be ready for a significant change in the status quo since Magneto will be in charge of the X-Men when the show resumes. Unfortunately, it’s unclear exactly when the project will make its official premiere.

X-Men ’97 will stream on Disney+, although it may not premiere until 2024.

Are you excited about the new show after hearing about the details from the X-Men ’97 first episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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