The Harder They Fall Sequel: The Harder They Fall Again?

The Harder They Fall Sequel

Could there be a The Harder They Fall Sequel? It’s no easy task to create a good Western, and over the last decade, they’ve been few and far between. However, one of the great ones has to be The Harder They Fall! I can remember the Quentin Tarantino-style trailer alone, promising huge action set pieces, along with a reveng

le-filled story that fans of old Western movies could latch on to. It was a hit for Netflix, and looking at Rotten Tomatoes, it was obviously a success with both fans and critics as well.

The Harder They Fall Sequel

There has been talk about a sequel for some time now, and finally, it looks like it might be happening. So, here’s the exciting news, recently when Jeymes Samuel was asked on X (Twitter, remember?) if there would be a sequel to The Harder They Fall, Jeymes responded with a “There is.” An omitting, yet hopeful response to say the least. Obviously, the big negative here is the current controversy surrounding actor Jonathan Majors. As he continues to be in court cases in regard to assault, no one can even tell if he’ll be back for a sequel. Whatever happens, The Harder They Fall is a world worth exploring, and I’d personally love for a single to appear.

The Harder They Fall captures the story of outlaw Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) as he goes galloping on a gunslinging quest for revenge against life destroyer Rufus Buck (Idris Elba). Encasing this classic all-black Western tale of revenge is a superb cast, Mary Fields (Zazie Beetz), Trudy Smith (Regina King), Cherokee Bill (LaKeith Stanfield), and Bill Pickett (Edi Gathegi) could all have their own prequel series based on each of their characters if they wished it. As streamlined as the first movie was, there’s a lot you could do with that world based on the characters and setting within it. For a Directorial Debut (He also did the screenplay), Jeymes Samuel completely smashed it out of the park. Filmed during COVID he took real-life people from history, and working alongside a stacked cast he created a unique and exciting vision.

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