FINALLY Scarlet Witch’s DUMB Plan Makes Sense In Doctor Strange 2

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Ever since the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, fans have been left scratching their heads over Scarlet Witch’s perplexing motivations. There’s a theory that could finally shed light on why the Scarlet Witch had such a questionable plan. This theory ties together elements from the Disney+ series “WandaVision” and the events of Doctor Strange 2 to uncover a web of manipulation that goes far beyond what we initially perceived.

Scarlet Witch Video Theory

Before delving into the heart of the theory, let’s rewind to the emotional climax of the Disney+ series WandaVision. Here, we witnessed Wanda Maximoff’s heart-wrenching journey through grief, manifested in the unique reality-bending hex she created in the town of Westview. The series culminated in a post-credit scene that set the stage for the Scarlet Witch’s subsequent actions. As she pored over the pages of the ominous Darkhold, the book whispered the cries of her lost children across the multiverse, laying the foundation for her journey.

Scarlet Witch’s DUMB Plan:

In Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Scarlet Witch’s actions were as perplexing as they were dark. Her plan, shrouded in a veil of ambiguity, revolved around the abduction of America Chavez, a young teenager with the power to traverse the multiverse. The intent was to steal America’s abilities and use them to reunite with her children, who she believed were trapped in alternate universes. While her objective appeared straightforward, the execution seemed convoluted and illogical.

Even Dr. Strange himself pointed out the glaring flaws in her plan – her children were products of magic. That raised the question of why she didn’t simply recreate them using her magical powers. Moreover, the Darkhold, renowned for granting desires while corrupting the seeker, could have easily bestowed upon her the knowledge or spell needed to resurrect her children. Then, later in the film, both Wong and Dr. Strange questioned the morality of stealing children from alternate variant versions of Wanda, highlighting the cycle of pain she could perpetuate.

Should We Blame The Darkhold?:Scarlet Witch Darkhold

As many viewers suspected, Scarlet Witch was probably being influenced by the Book of the damned, The Darkhold. The film explains that the dark book will corrupt its reader the longer they use it. Even in the comics, the Darkhold was always known to twist its readers’ desires, leading them to dire consequences. As seen in WandaVision and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, the book’s malevolent influence spared no one, not even the Scarlet Witch.

The Real Threat:

In Doctor Strange 2, America Chavez compared her situation of being chased by monsters as “It’s like a henchman working for a demon”. Her wording was very particular and odd because of her choice of the word “demon”. According to this theory, while viewers believed that the monsters were the henchmen and Scarlet Witch was the demon, rather it was Scarlet Witch that was the henchman, and the demon was none other than Chthon.

Chthon was an elder god steeped in the lore of Dark Art and Chaos magic, the very magic that powers the Scarlet Witch. Chthon was behind the creation of the Darkhold and his ominous presence lingered in the background. In the comics, his desire was fixed on escaping his hellish, interdimensional prison. The film said that Chthon not only created the Darkhold, which had a chapter dedicated to the Scarlet Witch, but he also built a temple on her behalf. Given his connection to the Scarlet Witch, Chthon may have used Scarlet Witch as his unwitting pawn to achieve his malevolent goals.

Chthon Marvel MCU Scarlet Witch

As seen in WandaVision, she was not born but forged. This suggests that if something were forged, then there must be a forger. Cthon’s role emerges as that forger, shaping her destiny and positioning her as a potential conduit for his malevolent ambitions.

Chthon’s Master Plan For Scarlet Witch:

The theory dives deeper into Chthon’s sinister agenda. As Scarlet Witch engaged with the Darkhold, the demon manipulated her maternal grief and gifted her with the knowledge of Dream Walking – a method allowing her to possess alternate universe versions of herself. This type of phenomenon is reminiscent of the story told in the Disney+ series, Moon Knight. Beings from other dimensions could use others as avatars to exert their will and power.

Chthon’s ultimate goal becomes apparent: to harness America Chavez’s interdimensional abilities. Scarlet Witch’s pursuit of America served Chthon’s schemes, as her powers provided the means for his escape from the hellish dimension. Scarlet Witch’s Dream Walking skills positioned her perfectly to enact Chthon’s plan – possession through her avatar to return to Earth’s dimension.

Clues You Missed:

Scarlet Witch Doctor STrange 2 America Chavez

A significant clue lies in America Chavez’s power. Dr. Strange told her that not only can she control her powers, but she also happens to send people to the exact dimensions that they need to be. During America’s confrontation with the Scarlet Witch, America almost kicked Wanda into a hellish dimension that seemed to match the description of Chthon’s dimension. Could this have been Marvel hinting at the evil demon’s presence all this time?

The theory proposed here offers just a possible explanation for the Scarlet Witch’s odd course of action. Of course, Marvel Studios does not always adapt things directly from the comics. At the same time, they do still use the comics as loose inspiration for the stories they tell.  As fans eagerly anticipate the next chapters in the MCU, this theory invites us to question not only the characters’ motives but also the unseen forces that shape their destinies. In the end, whether or not this theory is true, it’s always fun to speculate on these types of things.

Director: Sam Raimi
Writer(s): Michael Waldron
Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong, Xochitl Gomez, with Michael Stühlbarg, and Rachel McAdams
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