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What Is FROM?

FROM is a horror and mystery series that follows the story of a small town, which is plagued by unexplained phenomena. When The Matthews family arrives in town, they quickly discover that the mysteries of the town run deeper than they could have ever imagined. The first season of FROM focuses on the family’s attempts to unravel the town’s secrets and uncover the truth behind the strange occurrences.

Throughout the season, Jim, Tabatha, Julie, and Ethan encounter a range of bizarre and terrifying events, including the fact that nobody can leave the town,  trees that can teleport a person from one place to another, and strange creatures that lurk in the woods. As they dig deeper into the town’s past, they begin to uncover a web of mysteries and secrets that could have far-reaching consequences. The first season of FROM is a tense and gripping mystery that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from the beginning to the very end.

What Is The #FROMChallenge?

Now if you’re not familiar with the show I want you to take a moment to take the #FROMChallenge. We believe that people only need to watch the first 8 mins of the first episode of this show to get hooked. The challenge is that If they are interested or curious for more, you have to finish the season. If you are turned off by those first 8mins, then you can leave it be.

Once you’ve finished Season 1 you can check out our reaction to Season 2, which premieres on Sunday, April 23rd on MGM+, and also check out our Recaps and breakdowns of each episode every week.

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