FROM Season 3 Trailer Reaction

FROM Season 3 Trailer: It’s Here and OMG!

FROMily! You ready for some fresh nightmare fuel? MGM+ just dropped the first look at season 3, and let me tell you, things are about to get CRAZY. We all know FROM isn’t exactly a walk in the park. FROM Season 2 left us with more questions than answers, and the danger in this messed-up town was already off the charts. Well, the season 3 teaser trailer basically throws gasoline on that fire and yells, “THE ROOF THE ROOF!”

The trailer itself is short, but it packs a serious punch. We see Sheriff Boyd Stevens (played by the legendary Harold Perrineau) looking like he hasn’t slept in a week (which, knowing FROM, is probably true). There are shadowy figures lurking in the woods, screams in the dead of night, and enough creepy imagery to make your skin crawl. Seriously, MGM+, you didn’t have to come for us this hard! But hey, no complaints here. This trailer just confirms what we already knew: FROM is one of the best horror shows on TV right now, and season 3 looks like it’s gonna blow our minds.

Wanna See Our Reactions?

To celebrate this epic trailer, I teamed up with the awesome E-Man from Emans Reviews for a special reaction video! We break down all the spooky details, share our wild theories, and maybe even scream a little bit. Check it out below and let us know in the comments what scared you the most!

Need a Recap?

Haven’t dived into the weird and wonderful world of FROM yet? What are you waiting for? Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on MGM+  and trust me, you’ll be obsessed after episode one. But if you’re already a FROM fanatic and need a refresher on all the crazy stuff that happened in seasons 1 and 2, don’t sweat it. I got you covered. Head over to my YouTube channel for my epic breakdowns of every single episode:

And once you’re caught up on FROM Season 1, follow that up with FROM Season 2:

Now, let’s get back to freaking out about season 3! The trailer doesn’t give us an exact release date, but it promises a fall premiere. So, mark your calendars, grab your best friend (or a stuffed animal, no judgment!), and get ready for another season of terror in the town that nobody can escape.

Still Got Questions?

We all do! The beauty (and maybe the curse) of FROM is the mystery. But hey, that’s what makes it so much fun to speculate and theorize. Let’s chat about the trailer in the comments below! What are your predictions for season 3? What lingering questions do you have? Hit me!

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