Wonder Woman Gotham Trailer & Reaction

Wonder Woman Gotham Trailer & Reaction

Wonder Woman is continuing it’s advertising spree as it debuts yet another trailer and new footage tease, that debuted with this weeks earlier episode of Gotham.

Wonder Woman is now officially a month away, andĀ fans all over the world are more than ready to see what is expected to be a very successful DC comic debut that stars the wonder Gal Gadot.

Watch the official Wonder Woman Gotham trailer below and stay for an all new trailer reaction starring yours truly. . .

Wonder Woman Gotham Trailer:

After the viewing, I shared a couple thoughts below on the new movie coming this June, as I hope this film is as successful as we all you do. . .

So what do you think? Will Wonder Woman clean up the mess of the DCEU’s recent theater releases? Or are the early reviews going to be misleading in telling us how good this movie is supposed to be?

Make sure to see Wonder Woman in theaters on June 2nd, and get your tickets early because the first major screen super-heroine movie is not something that you’ll want to miss.

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