47 Meters Down Trailer & Reaction (Don’t Watch if Scared of Sharks)

47 Meters Down Trailer & Reaction (Don't Watch if Scared of Sharks)

If you are scared of sharks you have been warned. Since the days of Jaws, sharks have been seen by Hollywood producers as a great horror flick to make happen, as peoples natural fear of this predator is exactly what makes them go to the movies to see these fishy horror flicks. . .

While 47 Meters Down may be no Jaws, it is definitely something that Jaws fans may want to consider as it is a whole different take on what exactly could happen in Shark hell.

If you have ever seen those Shark Week videos where the divers are in “shark proof” cages, that suddenly get charged by a Great White, this is exactly the trailer you are in for.

47 Meters Down not only looks scary, but it looks like another reason to stay out of the water. . .

Watch The New Trailer For 47 Meters Down:

Well, that will make you feel nice and comfy if you ever decide to go cage diving. . .

Watch me and the squad, debut our shark fears below, as we react live to the new 47 Meters Down trailer. . .

47 Meters Down Trailer Reaction:

I cannot wait to watch this movie and add to my “natural” shark fears. . .(and fascination)

Do you think these sisters will survive the deep blue sea?

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47 Meters Down debuts in theaters June 16th!

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