Interview: Logan Lerman and Sarah Gadon Discuss ‘Indignation’

Recently I had a privilege to interview actors Logan Lerman and Sarah Gadon as they came through Chicago on their press tour for “Indignation“(out in theaters now). Lerman and Gadon discussed a variety of thing in relation to the filming of the movie in this critics roundtable interview. I asked Lerman about a particular really long scene in the film that’s one of the memorable scenes I’ve seen this year. The entire interview is available below:


I had a great time chatting with Logan and Sarah. Been a huge fan of Lerman for a while. Really enjoyed his work in Fury. This is a young guy that’s climbing the Hollywood ranks really fast, he has a bright future ahead of him. I found Lerman to be very well-spoken and intelligent. As you heard, you can tell he was thoughtful in his answers. He’s a really cool guy also. He joined us in the elevator after the interview to chat briefly about Lollapalooza. No attitude, down-to-earth guy. Sarah was gorgeous in person, really nice girl, more reserved. She has some interesting insight also. This was a really enjoyable interview for me.

Indignation is in theaters now. 

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  1. Väga lahe lugemine ja kohe tabas mind nostalgia üeseelmielst aastast, kõik paistab piltidelt üsna sama. Ka tõrvikud. Tõrvikute kohta mõtlesin juba tollal sama, et kas meilt on ka ja minu teada meilt selliseid vähemalt kiviajast leitud pole. Kui on, siis tahaks ka teada.

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