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Uncomfortable Truths: Deborah Ayorinde on Them: The Scare

They weren’t afraid to ruffle some feathers in season one, and it seems season two of “Them: The Scare” won’t be shying away from difficult themes either. I recently had the chance to chat with Deborah Ayorinde and Luke James, stars of the Prime Video horror anthology series, to discuss the audience’s reaction to the show’s unflinching portrayal of race and social issues.

Them: The Scare AAFCA Interview

The first season of “Them: Covenant” garnered strong reactions for its graphic content and exploration of racial trauma. Deborah, who returns for season two, shared that her peers respected the show’s artistry while acknowledging its difficulty. “They felt like it was very necessary, though it was definitely hard to watch for some people,” she said. Both Deborah and Luke believe season two will offer a deeper understanding of the show’s core themes. “I think season two will kind of bring a lot of things full circle,” Deborah explained. “I think it will make people who maybe didn’t understand why we had to go there for season one, I think it will make them kind of understand it in season two.”

Them The Scare Luke, who joins the cast for season two, sees the show’s historical grounding and social commentary as a strength. “I learned so much from season one,” he said. “A lot of us aren’t privileged to our own history. And I think it’s really cool when a creator can give us a dose of that, along with entertainment in a sense.” While both actors acknowledge the show’s potential to shock and disturb, they believe the horror elements serve a purpose. “I think season two, I think, yeah, it’s going to hit you over the head,” Luke said. “It’s horror, right? Get spooked and all of those things. But I think you have a lot, a lot more fun with it and understanding what LM is doing, the messaging.”

Them: The Scare” premieres on April 25th on Prime Video. Are you ready to be scared? Will season two offer the deeper understanding the cast promises? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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