Brand New Poster for Tyler Perry’s Temptation

Either I made another friend over at Lionsgate or they’re just really pushing this new Tyler Perry film to expand its exposure to every corner of the internet.  They’re doing a decent job as most people are at least aware of this film by now and this new poster will cause at least some rubbernecking the next time you’re at the theater, check it out:


“But he that is an adulterer,
for the folly of his heart
Shall destroy his own soul.”
-Proverbs 6:32


Have you ever had that feeling that something was missing?

Well, here it is. The new Tyler Perry film, TEMPTATION, is sure to be a crowd favorite! TEMPTATION is a compelling love story that explores the intrigue and perils of infidelity. To start off the new year, Lionsgate has released a seductive NEW POSTER that is so enticing, it will definitely have everyone thinking provocative thoughts. A little skin and a little innuendo? Yes, please. CHECK OUT the new poster of Tyler Perry’s TEMPTATION below!


I doubt that that’s Kardashian skin but sex sells and I’m sure that this, and other marketing for this film, will portray that this movie as somehow being racier than what Perry’s previous efforts, and I just don’t see that happening.  Perry is so good at misdirection that he can probably teach J.J. Abrams a thing or two about keeping secrets. That being said, I;m indifferent about the poster.  I don’t want to say that I “like” it but the truth is that the damn thing works.  I keep looking.  Damn.


Via: Lionsgate

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