Matthew Vaughn Predicts the End of Superhero Films

Matthew Vaugh has never kept his opinions to himself and when he turned down directing X-Men 3, he was quoted criticizing his replacement saying “I could have made something a hundred times better than the film that was eventually made. It sounds arrogant, but I could have done something with far more emotion and heart.” Which I hope is true as he is heading up X-Men First Class.

But Vaughn predicts that the current trend of Superhero blockbusters has an expiry date and he thinks we only have a few more left before audiences get tired of it. Cinema Blend quotes Vaughn:

“I’ve always wanted to do a big-budget superhero film and I think we’ve kind of crossed the Rubicon with superhero films. I think [the opportunity to do one], it’s only going to be there two or three more times. Then the genre is going to be dead for a while because the audience has just been pummeled too much.”

Matthew Vaughn is a very respected man and while I tend to agree on his public statements I just have to stick my neck out here and suggest he is not entirely right about this prediction.

While I think the intolerance to quality control is a valid point. The fans have seen things like Dark Knight and X-Men with real quality, so why let it slip? Are we going to tolerate it and line up like lemmings because there is an X in the title?

So I do hope he is right about the death of weak superhero movies.

But I honestly don’t see Superhero films going away entirely because the market has a lot of them.

That is like saying they market won’t tolerate any more horrors as they have been done to death and many without any quality control.

Slashers gave way to supernaturals which gave way to torture porn and shock horror. Every variation of horror is still horror, and it grows and evolves as its audiences do.

The superhero genre will adapt like any genre does. As things grow in popularity, so too are their movies along that popular vein. While Superhero films were once at best a B-Movie niche market, they are now dominating summer blockbusters because someone decided to take them seriously.

There was a time when a Scott Pilgrim movie wouldn’t even be considered, and is now one of the hottest anticipated film of the summer. Genres adapt.

Honestly, with Marvel Films opening its own studio to market its own properties, and WB following suit by creating a DC Entertainment division with its own banner to develop its comic book titles, I doubt this will be a “one more season” thing.

They will adapt, and maybe shift focus. But they will not die off.

Still ironic words for the man already attached to produce and direct a 2012 release of Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall.

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19 thoughts on “Matthew Vaughn Predicts the End of Superhero Films

  1. Superhero flicks is here to stay. Churning out good quality flicks like The Dark Knight , Iron Man and hopefully the upcoming Green Lantern movie trilogy will make people and fanboys alike happy and prolong this genre.

    1. Remember, Marvel is leading up to make the avengers movies so that’s something people are waiting for. Once that happens Marvel can start making movies with multiple characters. Imagine a Civil War movie Franchise.

      1. Right, I don’t think it will happen any time soon, but if the avengers are a success then Civil War would be a good conclusion to that series and then keep ball rolling. Remember Disney owns Marvel now and they stated on a press release that they will become the production house for the upcoming marvel movies.

      2. That doesn’t mean that Disney will get back those properties that are currently in the hands of other studios.

        Civil War is kind of pointless when half the players in that war CANT be in this movie.

      3. Like I said, I don’t expect it to happen overnight, but in the future I would like to see that happen. And remember Disney is a corporate Giant, they already own Marvel, you don’t think they are going to milk that cow for all it’s worth?

  2. IS THIS GUY RELATED TO Vince Vaughn? cause in that pic he looks alot like him.

    They’ll get old if they keep giving hack directors the jobs
    (x-3, ghost rider, daredevil)

  3. While I don’t know if he would have done better or worse on X-Men 3, he didn’t leave for “quality” reasons. He was the director before leaving; if he didn’t like a script draft, all he had to do was say to the writers: change this, change that. If he left for “quality” reasons, he should have said so when he left the project and not “family reasons”. I’m not the biggest Brett Ratner supporter, but he was called in on short notice to take over from Vaughn. Ratner did not change any actors hired prior to him being there. To my knowledge Xavier still died.

    As for Superheroes films dying out, I have heard that about other genres, and they always come back. Not to mention that there are some stories which have roots in comics or graphic novels. But the comics have an added advantage: they can cross genres rather easily.

    Do I think it is getting crowded? Maybe a little. Do I think there may be a year when there aren’t as many? Perhaps. Is going to die?

    Here’s what you need:

    Four to five bad – not movie debate bad where you say tomata and I say tomato – but B-A-D box office bombs in a row. Even *then* it would be a cooling period until someone says “I’ll make a Namor movie and dress it up in a sci-fi genre” or something like that.

    It might take a break, but it won’t be broken

  4. Maybe there will be two or three more X men films.

    I think there are far too many different charecters with different stories to tell for people to get tired of superhero films anytime soon. They could even make movies of anyone of the 100s of mutants out there. If they weren’t a part of the x-men people wouldn’t be tired of it.

    Avengers will be the first crossover I’m sure it won’t be the last.

    We haven’t even got to the point where the bad guys are the star of the show. Let’s see a Killing Joke or Joker(2008), or a Lex Luthor: Man of Steel.

    1. Yeah, crossovers are the key I think.
      Even though I’m a Marvel fan over DC, I think a JLA movie would kick so much ass. It would be so much bigger than the Avengers (popularity wise) just because the average movie fans know a lot more about Batman and Superman than Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye and the rest and I just want to see the Flash punch someone at near lightseed!!!

      BTW, a movie based on the JOKER GN would be so freaking amazing, holy crap it would awesome!!! Very diffent vision of the characters in some cases in that book. I just love how they portrayed Harley!!!

      Nolan’s Joker was pretty great in Dark Knight but I think it can be done WAY better (IMO of course)

      1. I believe the joker will come back because it was so awesome when ledger did it, WB is just waiting for Nolan to be done with his trilogy and then they are going to milk the Gotham heroes for all they are worth. The joker will come back when people don’t feel bad about another person playing the deceased ledger part. Imagine making all the Gotham characters in to more gritty dark versions; the robin a hoodlum in the streets who is addicted to drugs and then is inspired by the batman to do some vigilante work on its own, you can do this without pairing him up with the batman that way you make the fans that like batman the way he is and the people who want to see robin happy, after that the sequel would be Grayson transforming in to night wing and then finally becoming the new batman as in the comics. Imagine Barbara Gordon as she grows up the other kids in school call her bat girl cause of her obsession with the dark knight but she never wears a costume (cause that would be lame) and as she gets older she helps Night wing by spying on her dad, Commissioner Gordon, and then have her be shot and become the crippled oracle who later helps batman as ah computer geek much like the girl from 24.

  5. I will always go see a superhero movie as long as they keep making them and making them GOOD i will continue to go and see them so i dont see this happing its just to much of a big thing

  6. Your right. The superhero stories will always be around. They always change to keep up with the time. One time it was Superman, then came Batman, a superhero that will use violence to end battles, where as Superman will not. Well most of the time. But Superheros will always be around. I really can’t see them going away. Cause then the movie industry will suck.

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