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Greetings International Friends,

With a lot of changes going on around here The Movie Blog is going to evolve into something bigger and better very soon, and we are here to make this a very unique and fun place to be for your movie news and discussion. We have already added some new writers (that was hard as SO MANY people applied – thank you all!) and a number of other things are coming too!

We dont often take the time to talk directly to you but a new partnership we are forming is just one of the changes we are making. This will be a unique way we can advertise on the blog (gotta pay the bills) and have it matter to you as well. You might have noticed in the comment section, there is now a symbol to the right of your comment. My wife says it looks like a fortune cookie, but that’s a Shortbord Badge.

What is Shortbord and why should you care? Well instead of cluttering up the site with more and more rotating ads, you get to see what companies I am personally endorsing. And I do this with my Badge.

And you could have a Badge too! And each time you participate in the discussions or leave a comment with your valid email address, just like the Gravatar Icon you will get a Badge that will accompany your comments. (Thats why some users have icons in the comment section. Go to Gravatar to get yours! )

Now what Shortbord does with your mini icon ad, is track how many times you are showing it off. In comments here, on your twitter, in your own personal blog. And it gives you a Ride Score. Neat huh? A number!!

But more than that, you can brag to your friends about your Ride Score and GET PAID!! Oh now you are listening!

Now, what other blog are you visiting that will PAY you to participate in their ad campaigns?? Oh sure, they want you to click on a banner, but what do you get out of it? A commercial! Here, tagging your comments with an ad could get YOU paid.

So what you need to do to become a Shortbord surfer like me, is go to Shortbord and sign up an account. Use the same valid email address you use when commenting here, and you will start generating stats everytime you comment.

Pick from a number of Ad partners like Hello Kitty to American Apparel and more and more are being added all the time – and you can change your badge at any time. Should someone click or even see your ad on the page, you will get credit for its presence and this will turn into some extra cash for you.

Sign up for Shortbord by clicking Here

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21 thoughts on “TMB Partners with Shortbord

  1. I signed up.
    However, I’m not sure if I’m liking it all 100%.
    I do like the causes thing though. I have zero problem showing support for cleaner oceans and other bodies of water…especially in light of recent events.

    1. Darren- Thanks for checking us out and also supporting The Movie Blog! I think we offer a lot of flexibility in the types of endorsements you can make and we feel very strongly about supporting non-profits such as Sailors for the Sea, Surfrider and Kampala2Capetown (see my endorsement badge for that).

  2. Awesome idea!!! I’ve always thought it was weird that bloggers and commenters didn’t share in the value created by the site. Kudos to Shortbord for coming up with a solution and to for adopting what is clearly a better option for everyone.

  3. I have to agree with Mark that we are honored to have this partnership. More importantly with the Celtics playing tonight is there any chance for a Celtic Pride post?

  4. I signed up for Shortbord a while ago and I’m excited that I get to use my endorsement badge on now!

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