Black Eyed Peas Debut Knight and Day Theme

On May 27, the Black Eyed Peas’ debuted the song by spinning it at an after-party that followed their concert at London’s O2 Arena. The song was not only introduced by the band, but with Tom Cruise in attendance as well.

They had just come off stage so I don’t blame them for not performing the song themselves, but it seems a little anticlimactic to have them all just standing around while the song plays.

It’s a pretty groovy song, and I like the feel of it. Its not as catchy and dancey as some of their other hits, but it will suit the movie well as a passive non intrusive theme song likely played as the closing credits roll.

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3 thoughts on “Black Eyed Peas Debut Knight and Day Theme

  1. wow that almost seems like a joke… they get the crowd pumped up & then they play THAT

    i can see people making joke youtube videos to this

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