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We are returning to a more regular schedule for the UnCut Video and Audio podcasts in a more frequent and somewhat shorter format.

Today we are going to tackle the ever speculative cast of Matthew Vaughn’s First Class!

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13 thoughts on “The Movie Blog UnCut Podcast XMen First Class

  1. well u just forgot to mention STORM. And she been around a long time. and in the first x-men movie xavier introduce her as being one of his first students. And in the wolverine movie they had a gurl in a cage using her powers makin the cage look frozen. and her eyes was glowing white. so im thinkin that was storm, but when they was freed she didnt have white hair.

  2. I really thing Storm will be in this movie. She seemed to be, in Xaviers eyes, the student who could take his place. Also they definitely alluded to her being there for a long time since she knew Beast. My guess is that it will have Cyclops, Storm, Emma, Jean, Beast, Banshee, Magneto, toad, and Avalanche.

  3. X-men 1 and 2 were actually pretty good despite most of the irrelelvant changes they made from the comics. But the Last Stand and Wolverine were just terrible movies and indroduced way too many plot holes. Also they kill off Cyclops and Xavier… Seriously? They killed off Cyclops because James Marsden wanted to have that tiny role in Superman? Ridiculous! And I dont care that Xavier was still alive in a comatose body after the credits. They need to just redo the series and it should be done by Marvel Studios not idiotic Fox who just wants to sell tickets instead of making a quality movie with a good story that us 20/30 something year old nerds can appreciate.

  4. the one mutan that was shaking in the cage i acuall read about somewhere and they said who he was i unfortuanlly cant rememebr who they said it was but i know that it wasnt avalanch i beileve it was one that could run really fast i dont now if it was quicksilver but that is the only one that is coming to my mind right now

    1. And yet for every reason it won’t.

      There is NO reason to make a non-canon First Class film. It would confuse the casual viewers who’s only exposure to the X-Men might be the films.

      Sorry, you just are not right. At all. Fox will make this in line with its existing franchise.

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