Spiderman Toddler Casting Call and McAdams says No to Black Cat

The internet is all a buzz with nerd rage as a casting call seems to be implying that Peter Parker and Mary Jane will be having an adorable little redhead in Spiderman 4!!

Screen Rant shares the potentially distressing casting call:

2 or 3 year old boy to play 2 year old, Caucasian with RED HAIR, an adorable toddler with an engaging personality, on set experience preferred. IDENTICAL TWINS ONLY

Ok, so a superkid worked so well with the fans on Superman Returns, so why not right? Its the next logical step. Peter and MJ get married, and have a baby. That’s the movie we want to see huh?

Well screw that shit. I really hope that the other side of that speculative coin is that the wee redheaded lad will be plot placement for Cletus Kasady, the man who will one day become Carnage. But would they plant a character THAT early on?? But they are looking for a toddler, so unless we are skipping ahead to Peter and MJ in marital bliss having already spawned their spiderkid, this could be anyone’s guess.

In other casting news for Spiderman, it would seem the delictable Rachel McAdams has shot down the rumour that she is being considered for the role of Black Cat. Entertainment Weekly has the denial from McAdams own perfectly formed lips:

“That’s a total rumor, I have to say,” the actress, who will next be seen in the Dec. 25 action-adventure tentpole Sherlock Holmes, tells EW. “I was hanging out in Toronto the other day and someone came up to me and said, ‘I just heard you’re doing Spider-Man 4.‘ And I said, ‘Really? No one told me!’ It’s not true.” A rep for Sony Pictures concurs: “It’s an Internet rumor, as so many things are these days.”

So now that Spidey4 is moving ahead we get to ride that roller coaster of doubt wondering if Raimi has another hit to get over the brief hiccup known as Spiderman 3.

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45 thoughts on “Spiderman Toddler Casting Call and McAdams says No to Black Cat

  1. Ginger Kid? That’s pretty funny.

    so were all flyin’ off the handle about a casting call? wow

    What happens when they report that there’s no longer a Kraft services buffet and switched to KFC?

    get your pitch forks and torches ready

  2. There are reported rumors at /Film that Julia Styles is also being offered a role in Spiderman.

    I am on board with everyone else thinking I would rather see “less drama” in Spidey. If Black Cat is gonna be appear in the next film, she better come off as “damn sexy” or its pointless.

    IMO, They already blew casting on Kirsten Dunst so they need to make sure they get Blackcat right this time around.

  3. “McAdams says No to Black Cat” makes it sound like she turned the part down. She really just confirmed that it was rumor. She didn’t say she wouldn’t do it if there were an offer.

    Also, we need to calm down about the toddler thing. We have no idea if or how he/she will be used in the film.

    1. The casting call says they are looking for a boy, so we know at least that much. I just found it odd that you nitpicked over the choice of words of McAdams saying No to Black Cat, then overlook that they are looking for a red headed toddler BOY.

      In any case, everyone is just speculating on what the role means for the boy. But the fact that they are adding a character that is required to be played by an engaging personality and has set experience means that the role will be something other than “kid in street that Spidey saves”

      But its all speculation, like I said in the post.

      1. The “he/she” thing was a reference to someone’s post that mentioned that if the toddler were a girl she could be May Parker. I guess I should have included that bit. BUT don’t you agree that it is always a possibility that, if offered, McAdams could get the part?

        Also, I do think we need to calm down because some people were getting really bent out of shape over this new information. Basically they were saying the movie was going to be bad before it got started.

  4. I think there is some serious overreaction on this casting call. It’s wild speculation that this could mean Peter and MJ have a kid. This could be a call for a number of other characters like scenarios mentioned above. I simply cannot fathom why Raimi would go the kid route. If he did…then wow, he’s really come to hate Spiderman. LoL

    1. I agree. I am 100% sure the ginger kids that are being casted will be in this movie for 5 secounds.

      I bet Aunt May starts baby sitting and they show a 3 secound scene of her helping the ginger with his homework.

      Or maybe Spiderman is walking in the street and people think hes bad so a little ginger baby says “spiderman! youre a poopie head!”

      “Oh yeah? Well youre a little fucker, thats what you are! You demon child ginger shit!”

  5. Doesn’t mean Black Cat’s not in this, and soap opera b/s seems to be all the rage lately w/ all this New Moon stuff. I wouldn’t mind seeing a hot young actress in the Cat Costume. Gwen Stacy was kinda hot but had cow calves.(in the sky-scraper scene)M.J really doesn’t do it for me like she did in the comics. Lizard will be sweet to see on the big screen but I kinda think 2 villians is the way to go. Base it around lizard but have a minor story line built around some sweet ass in the cat costume.

      1. Black Cat’s character is pretty much like what Catwoman is to Batman. It’s a romance thing. And knowing Sam Raimi, an ample opportunity for more cheesy romance.

      2. But where do you get off assuming that it’s going to be cheezy romance? ALL of Peter’s adversaries in the past have been people that he liked, or even loved. It wasn’t cheezy then.

        Personally, I think that considering that Raimi is looking for someone to be both a physical and emotional adversary, Black Cat would be perfect. Not only would there be a ton of really cool action, but some romantic and sexual tension as well, and Black Cat’s finessing would give us a chance to see whether Parker is really dedicated to justice or just along for the ride of being Spiderman.

      3. All that amounts to one thing – Cheesy romance. Raimi loves to just cheese everything up and we’ve already had to suffer through enough Peter & MJ romance.

      4. Physical and emotional adversarial force amounts to cheese? No way. It amounts to storytelling. It’s up to Raimi whether or not it comes out cheezy. And I honestly don’t think that Parker and MJ’s relationship in at least the first two films was cheezy at all. Neither were the first two villains. I’m just not seeing a case for what you’re saying.

      5. Maybe we should define our terms, because now I’m a little confused as to what you mean by “cheese”.

        I thought SM3 was cheezy. You know, overdramatic. Silly. Not all that believable. But SM1 and 2 weren’t necessarily like that. Not in a negative sense. Or so I thought.

        So, how do you define “cheese”?

  6. About “the kids”: I personally believe that this is, at best, a knee jerk reaction. and a slight bit of hyprocrisy of “the comic fans” After all, I support a possible angle that it could be part of a dream, or hallucination like segment. Not one person on the net has even so much as raised an eyebrow over Mike Papajohn reprising his role as Carradine/The Thief. They all think, well, it’s like ‘Spider-Man 3’, a flashback, or maybe a dream.

    But it’s neither here nor there. Can’t people freaking read? Seriously. The “call” asks for one kid, then two. Twins at that. That does not mean a character or characters will have TWO KIDS. It means ONE. That way, two tykes can play the same part in child work shifts. But even that is here nor there:
    “on set experience preferred” for a pair of twins 2-3 yrs old? Can anyone do me a favor and think about it for a minute or two?

    The more I hear about it, the more I think it is bogus, maybe started from a fella who hated the previous film and wanted to stir up a false or misleading story. BTW, let’s say there is such a call out. Nobody even fathoms the thought that Spidey saves some young kid (s) who are in harm’s way. The point here is that there are several possibilities with the rumor, and not the one automatically assumed.

    In fact, I’m also willing to bet that a good half of “the fans” protesting this stuff don’t even exist. Yes, you heard me. They don’t exist. There are trolls among us.


    On to Black Cat.

    My hat is off to the person (s) who created this rumor/ story. It was a good one. I guess it is safe to say we can rule out that other actress as well, the one whose name is so off the radar even I can’t remember it. She was an international actress, me thinks. No matter…but I sort of had some doubts to her “description” of the opening storyline (Black Cat’s con-man father buys the Bugle, is gunned down, she goes out for payback, Spidey- her obsession- gets in the way etc.)

    So why did we believe the McAdams rumor? Simple. She’s a good actress, It’s also close enough to prep for Spidey 4 where actors would be getting locked down or considered. Costume tests, FX tests.

    Back to square one.

  7. Maybe it’s Mary Jane’s nephew. And after watching him she starts to think about settling down and having kids. Meanwhile Blackcat is promising Peter a much more exciting life.

  8. Hey look on the bright side, if this red headed toddler kid makes it big in Hollywood after Spiderman 4, maybe they’ll finally remake the classic masterpiece “Honey, I Blew Up The Baby”!!!!

  9. Yeah….that’s aw’fucking’ful. I am not a big fan of the Spiderman character but still liked the first 2 movies. I kind of hated the 3rd one[Venom was quite cool]. Tobey McGuire as Spiderman was the last thing on my mind but worked out pretty cool in the first one. Kristen Dunst as MJ was not even on my mind, the only movie I liked her in was Interview with the Vampire[starring Brad Pitt & Tom Cruise] and she was only 12 years old back then. And what a great director Sam Raimi might be[as some say], I don’t like him and his last project[Drag me to hell] was like a feeling that a bunch of people is ass-raping me. And now the news that Peter and MJ getting married,having kids idea sounds bad. Even bad-der is Rachel McAdams shooting it down[not a big one though,there are lot of other good actresses].I am not trying to over-react or pass judgement[I hate it] but I don’t think I am going to like the fourth one[I am gonna watch it though].

  10. So first JoeQ kills the comic book franchise by eliminating the last decade worth of continuity and takes Straczynski (sp?) off the title (an act similar to committing hara-kiri for the character) and now the rumor is that Rami is about to do the same for the movie franchise? Ugh! Spider-man was such a cool character now they seem hell bent on turning him into the ultimate lampoon of everything that made his character interesting in the first place!

  11. you know what I think. If Mysterio is in the 4th movie, one of the plot points could have mysterio put Peter in an illusion. In that illusion Maybe Peter and MJ get married and having a child. that’s just food for thought.

    1. Maybe, but one of the earlier SM4 reports talked about how Sam Raimi claimed The Lizard would be the only featured villain. For all we know, this casting call could be just another rumor meant to stir up interest, so I’m just gonna take this with a grain of salt.

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