Dragonball Evolution Sequel Script Already Written

International friend Gigan300 tipped me off to a website quoting a statement made by Dragonball Evolution star Jason Chatwin that a script for the Dragonball Evolution sequel already exists.

Anime News Network shares:

Dragonball film actor Justin Chatwin (Son Goku) told SciFiNow, Imagine Publishing’s British science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine, that his live-action project already has a script for a second film written. Chatwin added that if the sequel is green-lit, “The second one goes more into the whole legacy and the genealogy of Dragonball. It goes more in-depth into a real Dragonball series, the kind of intergalactic world of Dragonball.”

I am not surprised that one is written. With the fast paced world of movies, IF the movie is a success the fans seem to want a sequel 3 weeks later.

More and more, studios are being pre-emptive about sequels in anticipation of success. And in that, they tend to make deals based on multiple movies. Actors who sign on with a new franchise will be asked to sign a three movie deal. This isn’t to say they get paid for three movies, rather that in writing they agree that IF another movie is made, they are obligated to take on their role. This ensures a certain amount of continuity and saves they from scrambling for a suitable replacement.

So it’s not really that surprising, but at very least we know that the studio is not planning for this to be a one shot movie that is buried by the naysayers and they are investing at least in part to its future.

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148 thoughts on “Dragonball Evolution Sequel Script Already Written

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  2. Ok the movie wasnt great but its only loosely based off the original series. Its budget was 30 million.. It made 55 million so im sure its already in the works.


  4. if they can pull it of and make a success out of the second movie i will be surprised. the first movie was all over the place the director just took the characters and did his own thing with limited related content to the actual anime series, he went from taking a 10 year old living in a forest to making him some guy in college lol. sucks. but i wish them all the best to making a great sequel…hopefully.

  5. People are so close minded.

    you have to think when this series was big back years ago this would have done great. You cant make a movie years after everyone that was crazy over the series had grown up. They didnt have enough time to add in all of the important details. Plus this is dragonball EVOLUTION, not dragonball its suppose to be different. Look at harry potter if you have read the books you know they left out a ton of details. Its imposible to get every detail into a movie.

    I didnt exspect much from this movie but i did enjoy it. I think a sequel would be sweet.

  6. I don’t know why are you lot making a fuss just because the movie sucked. Yeah, it does suck in many respects, but do you think it’s possible to follow the original manga/anime 100%? I can only say this: NO, NO AND NO! Nobody can ever make a 100% adaptation so perfect as the original, especially for the likes of Dragon Ball – it’s utterly impossible!

    Don’t try to compare with Transformers – that one was entirely different and they have a bigger budget. And that was epic.

    DBE isn’t so cool, but if I had to choose between DBE and Twilight, Id’ rather have DBE because personally, Twilight sucked 1000000000 times more than DBE.

    So please just stop this retarded nonsense. If you hate it so much, keep your hateful words to yourself. And go watch the anime if you think DBE sucked 100%. Don’t waste your time here.

  7. I still want to see the sequel. As a DBZ junky, you can’t help but be curious to go see the story-line. I, however, look at movies made from books and comics differently. I know by now that no movie is the same like the original, therefore I find myself enjoying the feature. I laughed many time when Goku was infatuated over ChiChi. And Piccolo/Marsters blew my mind.

    I’m sure the the sequel will have more work put into it than the first movie. Seriously, I had a feeling that FOX thought it would bomb, so they did not help much with the filming and crew. I must say, the movie could have been so much worse: i.e. DragonPearls (Chinese live action of DragonBall).

    The only problem I had with the movie was that it went too fast and explained too little. DBE should have been a two or three hour movie, rather than it be compacted and smooshed into one. I really hope this is a learning lesson for everyone (producers, directors, and even movie-goers).

  8. I don’t think krillins inclusion would have made a major difference at all. People complaining about what wasn’t on the screen annoys me. I mean, there was plenty on the screen to complain about. Some very bad acting, terrible dialogue.

    But despite my saying this, I went to the movie (because I watched all the dragonball series when I was younger)with the terrible expectations the critics gave me and enjoyed it.

    apart from some of acting

  9. it’s funny to see how many people think Krillian is a throw away character.

    In that case they are ALL throw away characters except Goku and whatever bad guy he is fighting at the moment. You can write any fo the stories with just those two.

    Fact is Krillian has a very important part in the story as the human component to Goku as the audiences :in” if you will. Watch over the series again you will see him play the audience role many times. he always has the reactions that connect witht he audience into what are essentially archetypal figures and very tough to really relate to on real basis.

  10. I’m a fan of the series, although I‘ve only seen half of the episodes of the original DB. Anyway, here’s my 2 cents on the movie (compared to what I‘ve seen):

    First off: Goku

    I figure Goku was made a teenager and not a kid to make it easier for them to film, I don’t think it’s a big deal. They made him white…so what. almost every other actor in that movie was Asian. Besides, as people said before, Goku was alien, so his race is fully debatable. His build was WAY off, but again, it’s early in the series and he could build up a bit of strength. His hair looked more like his son gohan’s hair. He ESPECIALLY looked like Gohan when he was suited up to fight Chi Chi at the end. It didn’t really look like Goku’s hair until after he fought Piccolo. I still preferred it to the wigs, though. I missed his monkey tail, and he never used the staff himself, but the Kame Hame Ha was done beautifully and the fighting he used was spectacular. Can’t wait to see SSJ.

    Master Roshi

    I wish that they at least had Chow Yun-Fat old looking like in the series. Bald, bearded, and wrinkly. But other than physical appearance, Yun-Fat was spot on as Roshi. He was perverted, yet a good teacher. Oh, and did anyone else notice that when Goku and him were fighting in Roshi’s house, they sorta went into ‘burst’ mode? (Goku punching with Roshi blocking in super speed)


    Again, a very nice job. The hair can sorta be overlooked, though I think she would have been cuter with the turquoise hair. The fact that she uses guns is actually right from the Anime. Hell, she used a gun on Goku in the very first episode. I liked how they changed that for the movie. Her use of the capsule was cool too. I mean, how stupid would it have been if they had a big *poof* appear in the movie?


    Everyone keeps crying about how Yamcha was made as a surfer dude…but the fact is that in the DB series, he WAS a surfer dude. The only things that bothered me were his freaky hair-style (can’t remember if that’s right from the series or not) and the fact that he never threw a punch. I WANNA SEE THE WOLF FANG FIST!


    I actually loved how Piccolo looked in the movie. I agree with what DBE said about Piccolo looking like a Star Trek alien…but how the hell else could they do him? I mean, except for the antennas (which, if you look closely, you could sorta see antennae-things embedded in his head) and the clothing, he was a spot-on match. I also enjoyed watching him use his moves, although he never named them when used like in the series.

    The absence of Krillen, Trien, ect. have already been explained: They aren’t of real importance to the series until the tournaments. Cutting them let the directors focus on the key characters. My favorite character is Trien, so I’ll be pissed if they leave him out in the sequel, but otherwise, I’m fine.

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned the talking animals missing. I mean, yeah it’s to be realistic…but so is Golden Compass. Now before you get on me that they’re separate movies/books, remember that, like DB, Golden Compass takes place in a universe different from our own while still being realistic. Though, on the other hand, seeing a realistic walking, talking pig would be a bit…odd.

    The misuse of the ki energy kinda messed with me, going down the all-too-easy ‘elemental’ route to explain the powers. But when I look back on it, it kinda works. I just hope they stick to it the right way later on.

    As for the sequels, I agree with ieatblood

    – First Movie – King Piccolo Saga
    – Second Movie – Saiyan Saga – Vegeta
    – Third Movie – Frieza Saga – Super Saiyan Goku

    All in all, the movie was, imo, a fair adaptation to the series. Again, as DBE said, it was entirely too short to cram a whole saga in (only an hour and 10 min.?). Other than that, though, I found it an enjoyable movie and anime adaption.

    1. Dude r u crazy. There were so many flaws. You did say that you only saw half of DB, and I don’t know which half you saw but when Goku defeated Piccolo he used a Kamehameha to launch himself at Piccolo and punched a hole right through him. Never did he fly at him and use the Kamehameha. Also the Kamehameha looked awful. It didn’t even look like a beam, it looked like a gust of air. Believe me I can go on for hours on all of the flaws in that movie.

  11. DragonBall will have a sequel, because when you look at it, the animated wasn’t too excited until it got to dragonball Z. I didn’t even know there was dragonball before dragonball Z, until it was so popular that they start showing it. The dragonball sagas had so many characters especially villins, for there are so many ways to come up with something descent. DragonBall Evolution was really just the introduction of Goku, so don’t give your hopes up just yeat.

  12. Well, i’ve been reading all these comment’s, and so far, i think Rodney is the more, let’s say, smart thinking sorta guy you know? I mean he’s like the one telling all of you so called ‘Haters’ who are saying this move is going to suck. I mean c’mon it’s not even out yet. But if they do make this DragoBall:Evolution into DragonBall-Z then i think it’ll be good, although they did ruin the original story. I didn’t really care for it, but now that i see that they will make the ‘Z’ version than that’s great, i mean let’s get the old gang back together: Goku, Chi-Chi, Bulma, Master Roshi, Piccolo, Krillin, Vegeta. Whatever! Just please, please, PLEASE! Make this alot colorful like the manga, cartoon, game etc. In the original stuff it was colorful, pink sky, bright green grass, it wasn’t like Earth at all, as am matter of fact, i don’t think they said anything about it being Earth in DragonBall, but i can’t be too sure. In this movie (DragonBall: Evolution) they made it seem like, hm, let’s see.. i don’t know, let’s just say New York, but in the future. Like c’mon, if they’re going to do this atleast make it like Beowulf if your lazy-ass can’t make it like it was meant to be. Or, just give the script, rights, etc. To another company, let’s say… the company that made The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I forgot the name by the way. They will make it better than Fox. All Fox is doing is ruining original good stuff right? If they are going to ruin this next movie, then i’m going to get my friends, get some cash, get a camera/costumes/etc. And make my own online-show thing. Haha, well anyways, that’s all i got to say..

    1. Denzel, hate to say this, but this movie was released MONTHS ago.

      And yes, I did say that these people needed to calm down because they didnt KNOW the movie sucked. Now that it came out… yes. It sucked.

      But not for the reasons they cried about.

  13. When Hollywood start making more Asian films but with white actors and for white audiences, where can the Asian Americans who are aspiring to make it in the show business go for inspiration?

  14. I used to watch DB cartoons off and on when I was a kid and it wasn’t my favorite anime series, but it was pretty entertaining. What I would really like to see is a ROBOTECH film made. ROBOTECH has lots of elements for a very moving, fun, and artistic quality (such as love, war, music, humanity etc). The main problem I have with the DB movie is the corny script dialogue with predictable and generic storyline and acting (Warriors of Virtue, The Phantom Menace, and Solomon’s version of the D&D movie had this problem). I have heard the DB movie is different compared to the cartoon, like the X-Men movies different compared to the comics, but the X- Men films have a cool look about them, mainly due to good script, acting, directing, etc. DB movies may end up like Batman franchise – look what happened to Batman and Robin with George Clooney and also Ang Lee’s version of the Hulk film. Michael Keaton and the current batman with Christian Bale made the batman franchise really popular. I don’t believe Justin Chatwin will make DB popular and this is a shame, because he looks like he could be the next Heath Ledger or Matt Damon.

  15. I am a huge dragon ball fan and this film went so far outside what i hold dear that i feel somehow less of a person for viewing it. Overall it seems that my perception of dragon ball will be irreversibly raped because of this. I hope that God prepares a special place in hell for any person involved in the making, production, or distrobution of such a vile film.

  16. sorry didnt read all of your guys comments i just went straight to the bottom to write my comment. I saw the dragon Ball evolution movie last week, it was horrible so i hope to god if they make a second one, its way better then the first, if the second is as bad as the first was then i dont thik (if they are making it a trilogy) they should make the 3rd one.

  17. Yamcha and Bulma came first,then Krillin came when Goku was training at roshi’s. Yeah Krillin is Goku’s bud,but he was dead at the time.

    And can I ask , did any one else think that Piccolo
    looked like a pissed-off Mask?
    (the jim carrey movie, not the one about rob/rocky dennis)

  18. Ijust saw dbe on friday. and i have to admit it kinda suck. there was acouple of good shots but i had alot of complains also. One where the hell is Krilin in the whole movie he was gokus friend since they were little. oh that monkey it look cool but it wasn’t even big it had to be king kong hieght. I hope that the sequel is better. the movie should start with Radizt then introduce one of the best characters of Dragon BAll Z Vegeta. and the movie should end when they begin to travel to namik so that they make it a trilogy ending dragon ball with freeza. they can even make another movie with cell and the andriods and leave it there becuase in the dragon ball z was cool untile boo came along and it became to be the same thing they bet the first form he gets stronger then they get stronger turning supersaiyan what ever and betting the bad guy so that another one comes and the they become a stronger supersaiyan.

    1. I would have loved Krillin to have been in the movie. I have no idea why they did not cast him in the movie. However, last I checked – during the King Piccolo saga Krillin was dead so his character is pretty much irrelevant. Tien, on the other hand, played a major part in the saga yet they chose to drop his character.

        1. I have no idea who you’re aiming this comment at, but I recognize the fact that there was no reason to put Krillin in the movie. But since Krillin is a popular comic relief character and is notably seen as Goku’s best friend, fans are not going to take his absense too lightly.

          1. @pchu

            When you can tell me how this movie would have been BETTER for having a useless sidekick around doing nothing would improve this film I am all ears.

            But everyone bitching that they left out this useless minor character still has yet to give a reason other than “he was in the cartoon” as a reason why he should be in this movie.

            He was not necessary and the movie doesnt suffer for his absence. It suffers for a dozen other reasons, but its not because of his absense.

          2. Well, Krillin does have a minor effect in the DBZ Android saga because he has a thing with Android 18. And if I remember correctly, he helped trained Goten. So he does have some purpose in the series, it’s just later one.

  19. sorry , got bad computer skills.

    they wrote a sequel, because they werebanking/relying on the fans to go see this travesty!

    yes, they can’t do it exactly like the manga/anime,
    but they could have done much better.
    they had akira toriyama helping them!

    if they make a sequel, i agree it may go straight to dvd. and if this one is this bad , GOD HELP VEGETA!!!!

  20. I am Efrain and I think the movie lived up to my expectations. It wasent as good as I would have hoped but its a dragon ball movie not dragon ball z. I do want the sequel to come out and I believe its going to be way better. I mostly want to see who plays Vegeta who is my favorite character in dbz.

  21. Ok, well the fact that a sequel has been written only makes sense for a franchise like Dragonball. I mean, how many people would honetly be able to say that the cartoon series was awesome if they just made the Dragonball series and left it at that without any DBZ or DBGT.
    Dragonball depends on way more than one movie to fully capture how great the cartoon was, and if a sequel is made (which I hope happens)it can only be better than this movie. Plus, it would be interesting to see where they take the series. I mean come on. Some of you guys are taking this way too seriously. It’s only a movie and if you wanna see an identical plot to the cartoon, then go watch the cartoon.
    I guess a lot of things were changed in order to kinda modernize the series, and this actually wasn’t too bad coz how ridiculous would it be if Goku was played by a little 2 foot kid? Seriously. And they didn’t stray too much from the main essence of the show, but people like to be critical and knit-pick at tiny details with no regard for the work that the actors, proucers, and director had to do to try to please fans with such high expectations. Although I do admit that a longer movie and better directing could’ve improved Dragonball EVOLUTION a lot.

    1. I will agree and say that a series like DB cannot be explained in one movie. I mean what were people expecting? A 3 hour movie explaining the events of Goku’s early life? Not that I would have opposed it but still, the budget would have skyrocketed. They did have the room for it, but if you know that you can make a really good sequel that really explores the realm of the series then where would you really put the money at?

      I think Fox just wanted to get all the formalities out of the way before jumping into DBZ which is what fans really wanted over the past decade. With a franchise like DBZ, like you said, its no surprise that they already had a script written for a sequel. Everything you need is already there and surely it’s evidence that they were aiming their focus more towards the second movie. Now whether the second movie will be a hit or not still remains, but I’m actually looking forward to it compared to some critics.

      As for the people who complained that the movie did not begin when Goku was a kid are really not thinking clear. If they were to do that then we would be waiting for a sequel to continue the DB story and not enter into DBZ. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but in American DB was not that popular so no one would really want to watch a couple of movies depicting the events of DB. I would – but then that’s me. As I said before, everyone wants a DBZ movie. Still, I have no idea what they have planned for the sequel because they did not finalize anything in this movie (i.e. Piccolo Jr. was not in the movie and Goku and ChiChi are not even married yet).

  22. Well I’ve been a dragonball/ dragonball z/ dragonball GT fan since I was like 8. It’s been well over a decade and I’ve seen everything from Goku growing up to the “2008 special”. I have also seen the DBE movie and I was VERY disappointed. If anyone ever plans on taking a well loved anime to the big screen they need to leave it as is and stop trying to put their own spin on things. We love it for a reason and them changing it to what they percieve as better does not make it right. They did it to Resident Evil too! Ido not suggest anyone see this film because then we are all just putting money into these idiots pockets and encouraging them to massacre more of our favorites.

  23. hi.. im just gonna say dnt dis the movie coz its not like db/dbz.. they have changed to make it a little easier for non db fans to understand it a little better… its not an easy job converting 150 episode to a 90 minute movie – things are gonna have to change a bit. they will probably stick to the storyline on dbz more closely as it is the part of DB serious that is popular. anyway i thought the db serious was shit but the dbz serious is good.

    also people that are typing “boo” its “buu” lol

    1. Ummm, If someone has no clue what dragonball is then why would they go see it? Also, if they really wanted to get up to speed then they could also ask a true fan. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of them in the theatre somewhere. The point is, If you make a live action version of an anime that already has a crap load of fans you might not want to piss them off just for the sake of a few people that have never watcged dragonball in the first place. That’s just dumb.

    2. And you had a “clue” about every last movie you were interested in?

      Lots of people who could care less about Star Trek are interested in it now.

      Lots of people have no clue what Jonah Hex is, but after seeing trailers for it may very well like the idea.

      No one had a clue about Star Wars when it became a hit sensation in the 70s.

      Your logic suggests that ONLY Dragonball fanboys would care about this movie. You know nothing about movie marketing.

      They are going to appeal to both Dragonball fans and adapt it so that NON dragonball fans will see the trailer and decide it might be worth seeing.

      You also assume that the changes in an adaptation (change already implied) are intentionally to piss off the fans. Repeatedly the stars, and writers have said they thought of the fans first, and made a film that everyone could enjoy.

      Will they accomplish that? Who knows. I doubt it, but that was their intention.

      If ONLY Dragonball fans went to this film, it would flop at the boxoffice. They need to appeal to all fans of action/sci-fi/adventure films to fill the seats. This isn’t as “huge” as you think it is.

    3. @Markey
      Rodney has a point.

      The same is being done with pretty much every other anime adapted movie – like Speed Racer for instance. Everyone who went to see that movie were not Speed Racer fans, they were Wachowski Bros. fans.

      Not to mention, I myself saw the LOTR trilogy and I never heard nor read any of the books prior to the movies’ releases. In fact, there are a ton of movies released each year that are based on a book/series that people have never heard of but go and see anyway.

      My mother is a huge example. She’s not into comic books, anime, or anything that appeals to children yet somehow she’s gone with me to see every Spiderman, X-Men, and Batman movie. She’s seen Transformers, Harry Potter, LOTR, the Hulk, Wanted, Iron Man and any other movie I never believed she would even watch and this is without me begging her to go and see them. She knows nothing about these franchises and I can’t get her into them either way, but she’ll still see the movies because they are appealing.

  24. Rodney! ARE YOU FUCKING HIGH ON GLUE???? highlander one of your top 10 greatest movie??? the fuck… i just found myself dead after hearing dat horseshit…. seriously… you should be medicated… Spongebob could kick its ass thousand fold… id rather watch the sun as it sets or a garbage man take the waste to the truck or even two cats fucking each other dan to watch it. that aint funny man… highlander??? cmon’ wats next, macgyver???

    1. Glenn, yes. Highlander – the first movie and ONLY that movie.

      But seriously, your over exaggerated rant comparing it to Spongebob? If you are going to disagree, that’s fine, but try to do it with at least a shred of credibility. Instead you just came off as random and pointless.

    2. I’m with glenn… I’ve watched all of the highlanders and each one made me want to off myself a little more. I promptly burned all the dvd’s and blacked out the entire event from my memory. you have to be a pretty sad individual to like that crap. I feel sorry for you.

    3. I’ve never seen highlander and probably never will, but Spongebob? I never got the hype. That movie/series was awful. Only people with a preschool mentality would stand that garbage.

  25. i am such a dragon ball z fan ever since i was little but idk about the movie it might be cool but i dnt freakin care ill watch it ill even drag my friends to the movies to go watch it with me…………

  26. I saw DBE. Pretty good I guess, personally I’d be a bigger fan if it followed the correct story line. I am interested to see how the sequel will be. I think DBZ has a better known story so they will try to follow it a little more closely. I think some changes need to be made to Piccolo though, for one he has no antennae in the movie. It will do good, even the people who think it will suck will go see it just because it’s one of those “must see” kind of movies. Looking forward to a better DBZ modeled sequel though.

  27. see my opinion is that the sequel will be better i watched the first one and it wasnt the greatest but thats why there are critics they have the job of figuring out what would make the movie better so im sure the sequel to dragonball will be pretty good no i saw some stuff about twilight on here that movie is ok the book was better but the movie wasnt absolutely horrible the sequel is a garenteed succes regardless of how shitty it could be the fan base is way too huge for it to kill itself i also saw someone say something bad about the crow that movie was amazing as with the sequel how can you say a movie sucked when a father and son were both killed on scene i cant take a few of you ppl seriously because you dont know what your talking about as long as you have a huge fan base you will succeed andd the dragonball, dragonballz, and dragonball gt series has aa huge fan base making it live action just makes ppls dreams come true i want to see how they pull of the super sayain if they decide to

    1. I will agree with you about the Crow. I looked up its figures and saw that the movie made nearly $100,000,000 worldwide, $50,000,000 domestically which is so far more than Dragonball Evolution and the budget was only $15,000,000. It was a hit for a movie that came out in the early 90s. I was too young to have seen it, but I seen it recently it was quite good. My mom told me about how everyone wanted to see that movie when it came out – especially because 1) It starred Bruce Lee’s son, Brandon Lee and 2) Brandon Lee died during the production of the movie. Whenever an actor dies while making a movie everyone goes to see it – The Dark Knight being a perfect recent example.

      1. Yes, because the only reason to see a sequel to Nolan’s already insanely popular Batman franchise was to see a movie where someone died who was in it.

        Sorry.. but that is not why people went to see Dark Knight.

        1. Because Heath Ledger died before the movie was released is not the sole purpose that people went to go see Dark Knight. However, it did give the movie way more press which sparked more and more people’s attention. When someone famous dies when making a movie that is already getting attention, it gives people a better reason to go see the movie. It’s also pratically the only reason why the movie even won a grammy. Which I find to be unjust, they deserved way more credit than that.

          1. Yes, because you are clearly more wise and inspired than any of us and you know the movie industry so well.

            And all your brilliance leads you to believe that Ledger’s death was the reason he won a GRAMMY.

            Just awesome. Ignorance always shows its ugly head more glaringly when the pompous know-it-all calls the OSCARS by the name for a music award.


  29. the movie was fine. it was fun seein the different characters.. and im sure the sequel will be even better because its gonna start gettin into the storyline.. cant wait!!! frieza,cell, and buu …..DAMN I CANT WAIT.

  30. heres what i believe the sequels will be all about…

    – First Movie – King Piccolo Saga
    – Second Movie – Saiyan Saga – Vegeta
    – Third Movie – Frieza Saga – Super Saiyan Goku

    1. No, they have an Asian actor playing him in an unauthorized adaptation.

      The race of the actor who plays Goku means nothing. He isn’t human. He is an alien.

      Also, EVERYONE in that movie was Asian.

  31. Actually this movie was pretty good better than I had expected which i was expecting it to suck. but i was in Japan last week and noticed it was already out an me an my friends saw it and we Liked it, Hell i’m even willing to go see it again on my brothers birthday cuz we’re both Mega DB/Z/GT fans.

    1. maybe it hasnt grown out yet or maybe they dropped the idea of him turning into king kong b/c of the obvious relation between kong and a saiyan’s monkey form or oozaru(i think thats what its called)

  32. Ok, People need to watch DB and compare notes,I mean besides the fact Piccolo looks retarded, they start of Goku in highschool? lol and Yamcha to persist as if he is some “surfer dude”. this saga has potential imo. I mean the effect we’re alright, I kinda digged the vibe of the movie it seemed like the cartoon, with there funny quarks, with Mr’ Rooshi and all, besides the fact the left out that Goku does nothing but think about food, anyways the only thing i despised was the fact of Piccolo looked like some Star Trek character, that can improve. and a running time of 1hr and 10 minutes?? All I’m saying is they better hope to nail the sequel or they’ll be alot of disappointed fans which might ultimately ruin DB and DBZ forever lol IMO.

    1. That is the exact opposite of what you should do. This is an adaptation. View the movie as a whole and try to enjoy it.

      But no, you will nit pick every last thing wishing that it was precisely an exact word for word and image by image translation.

      You will tear it apart and never be able to enjoy it spotting everything that is different and complaining about it.

    2. Honestly I would hate for the movie to be “word for word” and “Image by image” sorry but that’s not what I was stressing. The movie had some flaws, but more pros then cons, this can be a beginning to a very good saga.

  33. Rodney, there is a fundamental error in your argument. First of all, don’t attack the guy’s “moral compass”, because not only is it irrelevant, but you can’t assume someone is an immoral person based on downloading material from the internet. It’s just not a logical argument.

    Second of all, why can’t a guy watch a movie he thinks is going to suck? I am almost 100% sure this movie is gonna be garbage, but I’m going to watch it just to be sure. My reasoning has nothing to do with me wanting to own my own copy of the movie, I just want to see it, like AndyS.

    You seem set on proving that the guy is some closet DBE lover, when in fact, he’s just a curious movie go-er..or..downloader.

    1. David, desensitizing yourself to commiting a crime doesn’t make it any less a crime.

      And yes, he can watch a movie he thinks is going to suck. If you actually read anything I said you would see that my whole issue is that he is just guessing and assuming in saying that it IS a bad movie when he hasn’t seen it.

      You seem set on proving… well I don’t know what you are after, because you clearly didn’t read anything I said before jumping to your conclusions.

  34. You can’t possibly expect them to hit every detail in this movie… If they did, it’d be as long as the ten commandments. And I fully agree with “Just Some Guy”. If they did fit Krillin into the movie, I think they should change the story a bit & make Piccolo smash Krillin’s head on a rock lol. After seeing this movie, I have no doubt in my mind that the sequel will be sooooo much better.. I mean, I don’t know if it will have the Ginyu Force in it or Raditz because they were annihilated so fast, but I think it will at least make it up to the Goku/Vegeta fight scene.. I really didn’t think the movie was TOO bad & I think I fell in love with Chichi :D

  35. you guys make good points…Look at like this…Underworld wasnt that great either but little by little people got more into it, and they made more movies out of it. so DB has a good shot at having more movies. Plus, i’d rather they lack now than F**k up the cell or boo sagas…Then all hell will break loose and there will be riots in the streets and shit

  36. the movie did suck and its not a movie i would pay to go see. but it will get a sequel because just like mortal kombat there are enough fans that would pay to go see it even it its bad.(Mortal Kombat sucked but i still would go pay to see another one)

  37. I’m a huge van of Dragonball, watched the series numerous of times and heard many opinions ’bout this movie how it would completely SUCK and all. A real fan would still want to see the movie I guess, and there are plenty out there since DB is just HUGE.

    I just watched the movie and I have to admit, it’s not exactly as good as I hoped it to be. There are only a couple nice fighting scenes in it and the last kamehameha aint that bad either. I really hope they spend more time on subjects as Saiyans, Powerlevels etc the next movie.. Can’t wait to see Vegeta!

  38. hey guys! i reeeeeeeeeally never comment on stuff. but i’m a dbz fan like many. and i live in japan. the dragonball movie came out a few days ago on march 13 here. im surprised this movie was released here first. you’d guess it was a fan service to the land dragonball came from.

    all your fears can be put to rest….

    the movie does indeed suck! sorry, but… don’t expect anything but a good corny movie to laugh at. and look at boobies, cuz jamie chung is a hot Chichi.

    here’s to the sequel, and vegeta!!!

  39. Dragonball is huge worldwide – kids and old fans who watched it as kids will go to see it no matter what. Although a large chunk of fans will probably watch it online off some website, I’m 100% positive that the sequel will come and they’ll bring in Vegeta – when Vegeta comes into the story and initially fights Goku, it’s 1 of the best plots in the entire series. Personally I wasn’t a fan of the original dragonball series, and not really a big fan of the later dragonball z series. The whole Vegeta saga at the beginning of Dragonball Z is my favorite and I bet I’m not the only 1 who feels like this. It’s not a surprise that Fox wanted to try to jump to that point of the story first as that’s the most popular story in the whole series ;)

  40. I hope it doesn’t suck too badly. Ive been wanting to see DB in theaters… i will probably get disapointed…i think they need a new director…the third matrix las fighting sence…i thought of DBZ…i know some else felt the same way too.

  41. FFS people. Just be happy that we are getting an ADAPTATION. When I saw matrix revolutions (which was meh but special effects were awesome) I instantly thought about a live action DB/DBZ movie. Sure, it could tank, but who really cares? Kamehameha, special beam cannon, flying, etc.

    Many, many people will watch this movie just because of Goku, Piccolo and the special effects. And if they have to make a meh movie to get to the Saiyan Saga, then I say: Go for It!

    PS: I hope they do show the piccolo-kani split. It is a shame about Krillin aka Kurinnin, but I always disliked him intensely for being so weak and irritating.

  42. It might be good or it might suck I can’t tell. I do know I want to make up my own mind. I don’t want a stupid obsessed fan telling me it was awesome or some idiot with some weird hate for DB telling me it sucked. I’ll probably watch it online though just because I’m cheap and quality isn’t a big deal to me.

  43. Hey all.

    Ive been thinking about the movie. ive read comments on loads of websites bout how much the film will suck and how much the sequal will suck.

    I will say this if you wanted a 100 % perfect dragonball movie and sequal just go and watch the anime and there problem solved.

    Also if the fans want the film to be a 100% like the anime then what was the point of making the films new (Dragonball Evolution) and old (Lame attempts).

    Just give the movie a try then give it a try dont criticse the movie before watching :). If its a success then its a suucess if its a failure at least they had the guts trying to make the movie.

    p.S. I hate it on websites where people say goku should be an asian actor. Guess what saiyans arnt asian are they because they are aliens lol.

  44. HAZMAT

    actually terminator made about 35 millions dollars it only cost about 7 to 10 million to make and this number does not include overseas appeal beacause arnie had major interantional appeal and as for terminator 2 its considered as one of the most successfull movies of all time because it made like 10x its value more than 200 million domestic not including numbers from overseas

  45. The movie might suck, hard to say… Its looking better and better imo. Fox wrote the sequel because they know its going to be HUGE overseas, hence why its opening over there first. I think it will make a respectable amount of $$ here in the US, but the big draw will be overseas. And ya, someone said it earlier but this will be a movie to set up the rest that follow… Because the fans really want to see an adaptation of the DBZ series.

  46. Aaron your post is exactly what I’ve been trying to get across to Rodney. The whole point of a trailer is to advertise a movie, if what you see looks like crap than it is perfectly logical to assume the rest of the movie will under perform like the 2min trailer you just saw.

    DBE looks laughable even if it was a made for tv movie.

    1. i think it looks awesome and i’m a big dragonball Z fan. i reserve judgement until i see the movie. yeah maybe it will suck but i can’t judge it based solely on the trailer. and i don’t care what the critics say. they don’t always get it right. and yes everyone is entitled to their opinions. but until you see the movie in its entirety you can’t really judge it, but you can judge the trailer for it.

  47. Hey Rodney, no offense man but I agree with John from his post a few weeks ago “Can you Judge A Movie By The Trailer? Sort Of” I don’t think I got the title right but eh, close enough. Anyway, we have seen the trailer, based on what we have seen so far it looks like a train wreck. Now if there wasn’t any trailer and we said “Oh this movie will suck!” then that is different, WAY different. OK, we have mot seen the entire film, but the point of a trailer is to make it look good, and if they can’t make a 2 minute trailer look good, then the movie probably is not. And the “assuming” is half the fun. We ASSUME Watchmen looks freakin awesome (probably will be). There is 100 PERCENT NOTHING WRONG WITH ASSUMING!!! And about RT?? Come on! The critics hate most films, now I know, we don’t know for sure but…come on, they will probably hate this film too. Now, it all depends on the box office. If this does well, sure, why not make a sequel? But if it fails, what’s the point? No way am I downloading this.
    1. It’s illegal
    2. Brand new laptop, don’t wanna risk it

    Anyone else agree it’s ok to assume a movie wil be bad? no, we have not seen it, but I think it’s quite fair to give opinions. My personal opinion? the trailer for a film either will make someone say “Nope” or “that looks awesome”. Perfectly OK

  48. BTW I went and Saw Friday the 13th this past Friday the 13th…(kinda funny when you say it out loud) anyways I thought My Bloody Valentine was a better movie. I saw that movie as well in theaters.

  49. Rodney – “You will carry on about how bad this is but still resort to downloading it illegally so that you can have a copy of your very own.”

    Oh trust me I will not be saving a copy of this movie, it will be going from desktop to recycling bin in a matter of hours.

  50. alright geez…

    so the guy thinks a movie sucks but wants to see it anyways by downloading it…its a famous movie…it looks shittty but its DRAGONBALL…

    big deal

    im sure thats the case for 70% of the people that know this movies getting made

  51. Yes because I won’t truly know until I see it. I’m not some ass clown that simply says something sucks without ever actually trying it (I hate peas and I can admit I’ve tried them often). However just like plenty of other movies that I successfully predicted would suck I will be downloading this one.

    1. And your act of piracy is a statement of your own moral compass.

      You will carry on about how bad this is but still resort to downloading it illegally so that you can have a copy of your very own.

    1. Because he is a hypocrite. He will waste his time trying to pirate it then screams from the rooftops that this movie sucks and isn’t worth his time.

      He wants it just as bad as the rest of the dragonball fans that are barking about this movie.

  52. I’m sure this sequel will premier on SCFI on a Thursday evening. Remember Rodney this movie won’t be getting above a 10% on RT.

    gg stop being mean, it’s unattractive.

    1. Stop assuming… its embarassing.

      You don’t know how this will turn out on RT, or even if that rating will matter. There are haters out there that will rate this bad because they WANT it to be bad.

      Then when they see the movie if it is half decent they will still SAY it sucked ass because they dont want to look stupid for all the assuming they did before the movie came out.

      You are assuming. Again.

    2. dude its kinda sad that the sequel hasnt even been green lit and you already say its gonna shit…..wait heres an idea why not go see the movie or download it and then judge it.

  53. I really believe the sequel might not happen. I say the final box office gross on DBE will be lower than 15 million. With all the CG and blue screen shown from the trailer makes the films buget im guessing at 30-50 million. It be a miricle if the sequel got green lit.

    1. You know i dont like people who thinks that just because people that dont like a movie, book, game etc are haters. Where does it say that someone has to see, read, play something before judging weither its good or not. Sure there maybe a few that says the movie looks terrible and still goes see it but thats a small percentage.

    2. Dude…Dragonball will make way more than 15 million in the box office..First off,, opening weekend your guaranteed 20 million. This thing has lasted generations, and families will be going to watch this movie. Do i think it deserves a sequel…. the jury is still out on that, but if the second one goes into more storyline detail then i say go for it anyway….It cant be worse than F42:Rise of the silver surfer

  54. Zevolution!

    I’m not surprised. When Fox first optioned the franchise, they tried making a “Dragonball Z” movie right off the bat without covering any of the origin stories. They even had a cast going before it got canned.

    You could say the whole reason they’re making this movie is so they can finally get that sequel off the ground (it’s the story all the fans really want anyway.)

  55. this is just my prediction, but i think the film will get the AVP treatment meaning that the first will suck, but hte studio will do another to wait and see how that does if they want to continue the franchise, and yes i know AVP and Dragonball are two different franchises.

  56. hey thanx gigan300 and rodney

    “It goes more in-depth into a real Dragonball series, the kind of intergalactic world of Dragonball.”

    that means itll have the whole planet blowing up and stuff..and the super sayan stuff….and…FREEZA!!

    and trust me, good or bad, this movie will be a success

    bulma already said they were making at least 3 though

      1. For a Dragonball fan like myself, it kills me to think that they would make a squeal to Evolution. They screwed up just about every aspect of the movie. Almost none of it resembled the show or manga. I mean in the show and manga, Goku grew up in the woods and never set foot into a school, but in the movie he has to put up with bullies in high school. How do you mess that up, it makes no sense. It just pisses me off.

  57. Oh great. The fact that they wrote a sequel BEFORE the first film comes out, probably mean they don’t believe in the first one enough for it to stand on it’s own, or they want the story to continue. IF the film had already been out and they had annouced this, then I would have thought “Sure, they want another one” But now, I think this is a fair amount of reason to believe the first one will suck. That….and the trailer for it sucks…

    1. nah

      i think they did it because they knew what would be on the sequel (blonde hair, planets destruction, freeza/cell/boo) and they arent afraid it wont succeed…because it will be a success

      im not saying itll be good, it might freaking SUCK…but a LOT of peopl ejust HAVE to see it (me)

    2. Who the hell writes a sequel because the first one is BAD??

      If the first one is so bad that it cannot stand on its own, it wont get a sequel. Remember Eragon?? There are 3 books to that story. First one was bad (book was alright) and they didnt bother with the others.

      They want another one in the batting order because they are certain the first will be a success. If they are wrong, they wasted the money on a writer. They don’t have to make the second one unless they figure its worth the money.

    3. rodney…

      eragon isnt dragonball.

      i can answer your question by listing 100000000000000000000000000 movies that have sequels even though they were horrible…

      eragon isnt as globally known as dragonball is…you cant compare eragon and dragonball by saying that theyll meet the same fate in the box office because theyre equally popular (or close..or in the ballpark) and have me take you seriously

      same with twilight. the movie wasnt that great but they KNOW that even though the special effects werent great or that the acting was bad it WILL get a sequel because its ALL (ALL!) a cash grab…movies (business, everything) is a cash grab, they KNOW millions will watch new moon

      same with dragonball…dragonball is freaking HUGE.

    4. – hell raiser
      – magnum force
      – for a couple dollars more (HA!)
      – spy kids may have made money but it sucked
      – the 2nd terminator made 4x more money then 1
      – highlander!!???!!!?
      – *sigh* evil dead
      – doctor “no”
      – house of 10 000 corpses
      – harold and kumar only got 18 million

      not sure about how much money these made but they SUCKED (they had sequels of course):

      – mortal combat
      – tomb raider?
      – that stupid ass bethoven movie..UGH
      – pink panther
      – harold and kumar only got 18 million
      – street fighter
      – crank (12 million)
      – grease
      – teen wolf
      – anaconda (UGH! DAMNIT! I HATE THIS MOVIE!)
      – brady bunch movie
      – clerks (it has NO plot!!! pointless! people go to a store, buy something, then go to another store..wtf!?)
      – i know what you did last summer
      – land before time
      – power rangers (but i love the power rangers though)
      – speed
      – ninja turtles
      – universal soldier

      – AND NOW…for the worst movie EVER that got a sequel..behold…feast your eyes..OOONNN:

      the crow

      ummm…battlefield earth never got a sequel did it?

      1. battle field earth was amazing in its time, i agree it was lame the first time i watched it but after i put my self through it a few times i started to love it …. much like the hulk films

    5. @ Hazmat

      Your list is filled with errors. Ninja Turtles, Tomb Raider, Clerks and more were a comercial success. Thats why they got sequels. However, It was only after the movies were a success that they got there sequels for better or worse.

    6. grave

      oh okay thats cool i can name 40 more off the top of my head

      and if you would have READ what i said you would know that i wasnt sure about those,i didnt know how much money they made, im not god, i just knew they were awful and didnt deserve sequels. i said

      “not sure about how much money these made but they SUCKED (they had sequels of course)”

    7. Hazmat, those might all be movies you didnt like (Highlander is on my top 10) but they all MADE money.

      Just because they didn’t have a 300million dollar showing doesn’t mean they are failures. I am talking about a movie that FAILS at the boxoffice.

      Hollywood doesn’t pursue anything without first considering if there is a market.

      Also, depending on the degree of risk they may put a movie direct to dvd, but many of the movies you listed didnt even have sequels. Like Streetfighter. The VanDamme version did not have a sequel. This new SF movie has nothing to do with the other one.

      If there is a market they will keep making them. This is why we get these retarded spoof movies. People keep going to them even though I think they are retarded.

    8. actually terminator didnt make that much…i think it made 5 million $

      harold and kumar didnt do great (at all)

      crank..was a total failure..

      hellraiser..didnt get anything either

      magnum force (clint eastwood) also kinda tanked (and i like it!)

      house of 10 000 corpses was like 16 mil

      mortal combat got 23 million..(not bad mortal combat…not bad…)

      i dont know how much these got, but im sure it wasnt much:
      dr “no”, pink panther, speed, universal soldier and may i emphasize…THE CROW?!

      but were getting WAY off topic, my original point stands:

      dragonball WILL get a sequel (not because of this post, i thought that was a given from the get-go…i dont know why people are so shocked..i mean its DRAGONBALL) no matter how good it is, because dragonball, unlike the 5 movies i listed on my comment, WILL be successful, will it be good? i dont know, i cant judge a book by its cover, but just because a movie made an x amount of money it doesnt mean its good/bad…you know what? lets say dragonball makes like 12 million dollars….it will STILL get a sequel!

      btw im not a psycho DB fan…i know im sounding like one, sorry.

    9. Hazmat, what the hell are you talking about? Don’t base movies’ success on if you liked it or not, that’s just fucking stupid.

      -Hellraiser grossed 14x it’s budget, it did great.
      -Spy Kids grossed 3x it’s budget, also did great and won awards.
      -House of 1,000 Corpses grossed almost 3x it’s budget, did great.
      -Street Fighter, which one? The only American-made one never had a sequel.
      -Mortal Kombat grossed 4x it’s budget, did great.
      -Tomb Raider grossed 2x it’s budget, again, did great.
      -Universal Soldier, which one? Remake or original?
      -Highlander, bombed in America but was a major success in Europe.
      -Harold and Kumar almost made 2x it’s budget, did decent in the box office.

      Most of those are just DOMESTIC grossing, not even worldwide.

      I don’t have time to point out every stupid mistake you made, but please learn how movies bomb at the box office or are successes. You don’t seem to understand that…

      Here’s an example of a movie that bombed:

      Heaven’s Gate. Budget was $44,000,000. Only made $3,484,331 at the box office. They lost money. Do you understand what a box-office bomb is now? It’s when a movie LOSES money, not if you, yourself didn’t like it…

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