Introducing The Trilogy Meter

Everyone loves Top Ten lists, but mostly so they can disagree with them. That is the beauty of film. Its all subjective to your own personal tastes and preferences. So this intrepid blogger, Dan Meth has created his own visual ranking system specific to Trilogies.

/Film Shares:

Dan Meth has created something he calls “The Trilogy Meter”, a graphical representation of the enjoyment level of some of the most notable movies in film history.

I can completely agree on the Matrix Meter, though I agree with /Film and think Die Hard 2 should have been way lower on the graph before bouncing back on 3. X Men 3 however my least favourite of the trio, I wouldn’t have ranked so low.

Obviously some of these are no longer trilogies, but the concept still applies. Still a very cool idea.

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68 thoughts on “Introducing The Trilogy Meter

  1. Am I the only one that thinks the Godfather 3 was a decent (not amazing) way to finish off the trilogy…and really not that bad? I mean I think this meter over exaggerated that. I also think Alien is leaps and bounds over Aliens. Both are great films, but I think Alien was much more of an achievement of mixing horror/sci-fi/ and suspense.

    1. ok your making fun of me just b/c im too lazy to hold the shift button,SAD, of all the things to make of someone LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: 10/10/10
    Star Wars: 10/9.5/8.5
    The Godfather:10/9.5/9 (as John used to say, Godfather 3 didn’t get nominated for best picture for nothin’)
    Spider-Man: 9/10/7.5 (even though everytime I watch the third I see more flaws)
    Star Wars Prequels: 6.5/7.5/8.5

  3. I think i’d agree with most of those, maybe i’d rate JP higher i love that film and BTTF 2 i’d rate higher than the third just because it gave us hoverboards :P

    Would like to have seen the Star Wars prequel trilogy on there.

  4. BTTF 2 should be a lot higher. Best of the trilogy. a 9/10.
    my thoughts on other trilogies:

    ocean’s 11/12/13: 8/6/7

    kevin smith’s jersey trilogy: 9/7/5

    home alone: 7.5/8/1

    scream: 7.5/6/3

    mighty ducks: 8/8.5/4

    there’s also the man with no name trilogy, george romero’s zombie trilogy, and for the love of god, BEVERLY HILLS COP!

  5. I’m just not feeling the meters. I think it’s stupid.


    where’s the first three…

    …RoboCop films?
    …Lethal Weapon films?
    …Ocean’s 11/12/13???

    so on and so on

    I disagree with:

    1) Jurassic Park 3. I thought it was better than The Lost World by leaps and bounds.

    2) Alien 3. Compared to the Scott and Cameron films (which both should be about even) yeah, it’s not ‘great’. But over time, it’s not as bad. It’s actually kind of good. It should have been lower, but not that low.

    3) X-Men 3 The Last Stand is too low. I think perhaps knocking off Cyclops without a second thought, and the infamous Juggernaut line may have infected the better stuff in the film. Is it better than the previous two films? No. But it isn’t that ‘low’ (I’d give it 2)

    4) The First Terminator should also be higher.

  6. Blasphemy!

    I enjoy Aliens as well however it is a movie I can put on in the background and listen to gun fire throughout it and know whats going on. Alien is a movie you have to devout your time to and leaves you thinking long after the credits role. Maybe that is why I enjoy Alien3 (assembly cut) more than Aliens…

    1. Blasphemy? maybe, but Aliens really surprised me. It was such a different movie from the first and one I found to be more entertaining.

      I don’t own any of the series but if I had a choice between watching the first or second, I’d take the second.

      It doesn’t really matter though because whether you agree with me or not, I’m going to steal your Tango and Cash line and make it my own.

  7. Rodney, in my opinion Die Hard 2 is a great sequel and almost as good as the first. I regard Die Hard to be the greatest pure action film ever made.
    The guys opinion on Planet of the Apes is way off as Escape is a real good film and Beneath has a terrific second half. Both are good sequels.


    1. If they were one movie it wouldnt be called Reloaded and then Revolutions.

      They are chapters to a story, but they are still 3 movies.

      Your opinion on how they are presented does not change that fact.

  8. The Godfather 3 is no Godfather 1, but the film was nominated for Best Picture Oscar. Ranking it below Batman Forever and the 3rd Planet of the Apes is either insulting the Academy or praising Joel Schumacher.

    1. It was just overanticipated. Godfather was great, II was somehow even better, and then however many centuries later, III came out and was only decent. It was a let down so people have bad memories of it.

      “I haven’t cried this much since I paid to see Godfather 3…” ~ Fat Tony, the Simpsons.

  9. Star Wars is dead on. Indiana Jones I would have put 3 a little higher. Matrix is dead on. Star Trek I would have put 1 lower 2 higher and 3 a little higher. I agree with X-men. Spiderman is dead on. LOTR is a little low. I agree with die hard. Planet of the Apes is so true. And Terminator I would have put 1 higher and 3 a little higher but what they have isn’t bad.

  10. Well done!! Though I don’t agree with some of the ratings here (“Alien 3” – I’ve always liked this movie a lot, though many consider it to be a bad movie).

    I’m surprised though, that he didn’t include the “Evil Dead” trilogy — on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d rate those 8/9/9.

  11. I disagree with the Godfather 3, it should be blue all the way up cuz it rocks. Die Hard 2 & 3 both significantly blue? Are you kidding me? It shouldn’t even be on the list.
    I figure the thin stick of blue in the Matrix 2 & 3 are for the special effects, nothin else.

    1. the godfather one is also insanely hilarious…just he way its “great, great, FAIL” makes it funny as hell…the way it plunges at the end is pretty funny

  12. When has there EVER been a Batman Trilogy.

    Here’s how I see it:
    Batman, Batman Returns –>”Meh”
    Batman Forever, Batman & Robin –>”WTF”
    Batman Begins, The Dark Knight –>”Rawrsome”

    1. Yeah but I think Robin’s point is there is no trilogy. There were 2, then another 2 in a very different vein, and then another 2 that ain’t the same vein, ain’t the same circulatory system, they ain’t even the same f***in’ organism.

    1. lmao that ones i love how it just FELL out of the blue as soon as they touched #2

      and blade 3 wasnt THAT bad…im not saying it was good…it was just…alright

      and why is mad max there? wtf? take that one off and replace it with EVIL DEAD!!!!!!! that way theyll ALL be 0s

  13. were they high when they did the batman one? that should have been the one with all 0s

    omg the planet of the apes one is so true

    the planet of the apes movies come to mind and its hilarious how true that one chart is

    1. Actually, I kind of agree with the Spiderman and X-Men chart.

      What I do disagree with is Rodney’s statement that film is “all subjective to your own personal tastes and preferences.” Every single time a top ten list or whatever is linked to on a blog, the blogger always has to point that out, doesn’t he? However, the statement these bloggers make with such confidence actually has little or no credence, though so many people feel that way so strongly.

      Sure, a film’s entertainment is subjective. And that is beautiful. But this subjectivity factor is due to circumstance and perspective, not so much “personal” tastes and preferences. If you saw something beautiful in a movie, perhaps you saw something beautiful in a movie. If someone points out to you that it’s not so beautiful, you may realize it. It’s possible that someone may not “get” a beautiful movie, just as a dull-witted people may not get a perfectly good joke. That doesn’t mean the person that didn’t “get” the movie or joke is wrong or evil or anything like that, but it also doesn’t mean that “the movie isn’t beautiful ‘to him'”.

      Many people have varying tastes in houses. My Dad, for example, loves houses with stone and brick walls. But tell me, have you ever heard a person say that a house’s structural integrity is completely subjective? Sure, there’s opinions, but opinions are merely a failure to properly communicate clearly and on the same channel. Someone may say, “that house isn’t THAT badly damaged,” but in his mind he’s comparing it to so many houses he’s seen before in far worse shape, instead of considering whether or not the house in front of him is in good shape or not; which is the concern of the person who asked him in the first place.

      It’s possible to make a rational judgment of a movie that is not based entirely on your personal experience of watching. You can study, look at what people around thought of it and why, and how people empathize with it. I’m not sure there’s a person on the planet who can’t empathize with the message in movies like Casablanca and especially West Side Story. Anyone who says they don’t connect with it in some way is kidding themselves. The guilt of greatly disliking another person to the point of conflict is universal. Some things aren’t so subjective.

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