First Look: Star Trek Props

Its not secret that I am very much looking forward to the new Star Trek movie.

I find most of the criticisms about the film are coming from the die hards that can’t handle the changes. I was never a die hard, so the changes are actually what interests me. So far most of the “changes” are simply updates. But for the most part, the film is staying true to the technology and look of the original.

Like these gadget props right from the set. Among them – A Communicator, Tricorder probe, Comm Officer’s Earpiece.

Row Three says:

Thanks to, we’re getting a first hand look at some of the gadgetry from some of next summer’s highly anticipated Star Trek “re-boot.” Myself, I’m interested in Kirk’s communication device. Again, I’m not interested in how or why it works; as a cinemaphile, I’m just more interested in how it looks and the fact that it does work at all.

I really do like that they are sticking to some of the core technology. People are complaining that the bridge looks too much like an Apple Store, but I dig the updated look, and it shows respect to the original series that they don’t over look the little details like their tools either.

In Next Generation, the communicator was integrated into their badge, but in the Original Series they had flip out walkie talkie type things. And Uhura’s stumpy earpiece is not being reduced to a sleek bluetooth headset.
It is these little things that make me like what they are doing with the new film. I can’t help but get excited!

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3 thoughts on “First Look: Star Trek Props

  1. The more I see on this film, the more excited I get. I really hope this lives up to my expectations, they’re getting higher and higher with each tidbit.

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