Watchmen Issue Almost Resolved!

After that ill-adisved open letter, it looks like cooler and more rationale heads may prevail after all. After a lot of tough “we’re not backing down” talk, it seems that Fox and WB are finally close to reaching a deal which would allow the Watchmen movie to get released on time.

Yahoo News gives us this:

Attorneys for rival studios fighting over the release of the superhero flick told a federal judge on Friday that they’re having fruitful settlement talks. Attorneys for 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. asked the judge to delay a hearing Friday so those discussions can continue over the weekend.

U.S. District Judge Gary Allen Feess agreed to continue the hearing but says a trial over whether to block the film’s March release is still set for Jan. 20. Lou Karasik, who is representing Fox, told Feess that the delay would be “very, very helpful” to settlement discussions he deemed “productive.”

Friday’s revelation surprised Feess, who noted that Warner Bros. had been seeking to move up the Jan. 20 trial to next week, citing the film’s marketing campaign and its March 6 release date. An injunction barring the film’s release also jeopardizes the $150 million Warner Bros. has invested in the “Watchmen” movie, the studio’s attorneys argued in court documents filed this week.

Fox sued in February to stop the release of “Watchmen,” claiming Warner Bros. violated its interests by filming the tale. Feess agreed last month that Fox appears to have the right to distribute the film.

Finally! Looks like Fox has succeeded in forcing WB to make a deal… something WB should have done a year ago.

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18 thoughts on “Watchmen Issue Almost Resolved!

  1. Not to be a party pooper or a douche…


    As a fan, Im 100% glad that they can make a deal out of this and settle it, and somehow “split the money” so we can enjoy this movie

    But if i were FOX??
    There is absolutely NO WAY i would let them get ANYTHING from the movie..not ONE CENT!!!
    FOX has the upper hand, they dont have to do SHIT for WB, and if i were FOX, i would simply not let them release it. Its my movie, i own it, its mibne, neevr will this movie be seen by anyone,
    Then, as FOX president/owner or whatever, id watch it MYSELF and make my own movie better and id learn from the weaknesses of WBs watchmen which i own and have on my droos on a cd holder.
    That shit will NOT get released, in fact it wont go ANYWERE farther then my office desk droor. Id make my own, and then dispose of the WBs version

    Get half and let WB release the movie? HA!
    Get part of the money???

    John the lego set i stole from you youll never see again, i sold it, but ill make a deal with you and give you 7% of the money

  2. There was also a letter from Larry Gordon to the judge as well. The judge was unimpressed.

    However I had a bad, bad thought.

    Luke says “The movie looks bad anyways”
    It’s kind of funny, well, okay, maybe not….
    What if the film bombs?

  3. Actually, a last minute deal is a lot better for them than a deal a year ago. Instead of fanatics panning every possible choice made, bashing the casting, the effects, they have been bashing Fox.

    Watchmen has gone from another comic book adaptation to a movie that had to struggle and fight to be released. Free publicity FTW.

  4. John I think you got something in common with fox studio since from what I read FOX is wrong, this is a letter from producer Lloyd Levin, to the judge:
    From my point of view, the flashpoint of this dispute, came in late spring of 2005. Both Fox and Warner Brothers were offered the chance to make Watchmen. They were submitted the same package, at the same time. It included a cover letter describing the project and its history, budget information, a screenplay, the graphic novel, and it made mention that a top director was involved.

    And it’s at this point, where the response from both parties could not have been more radically different.

    The response we got from Fox was a flat “pass.” That’s it. An internal Fox email documents that executives there felt the script was one of the most unintelligible pieces of shit they had read in years. Conversely, Warner Brothers called us after having read the script and said they were interested in the movie – yes, they were unsure of the screenplay, and had many questions, but wanted to set a meeting to discuss the project, which they promptly did. Did anyone at Fox ask to meet on the movie? No. Did anyone at Fox express any interest in the movie? No. Express even the slightest interest in the movie? Or the graphic novel? No

    So FOX is worng not Warner, Read the Fact before you post anything.

  5. Shouldnt the courts be using the time to force a compromise, rather than spitting out if the movie should go ahead or not.

    Wouldnt it be wiser to force this situation into a resolution, rather than allowing debate to go ahead over compensation, and still allowing the movie to move forward.

    I want to see the Watchmen as much as any red blooded nerd, but I would have thought the courts would force for a mediatory meeting and push to resolve the monetary squabbles as opposed to just saying “Yes, you can show your movie”.

    I may be wrong completely, and people can feel free to correct me, but wont the compensation issue still be up in the air if its not resolved, thus allowing Fox to appeal and potentially stall the release date anyway?

  6. Even though I’m completely of the opinion that WB fucked up BIIIIG TIME(Yo WB legal team, it’s called due diligence… ever heard of it???) and that FOX is legally in the right. I still think that FOX have acted like nothing but supreme dicks over the whole thing.

    Both WB and FOX need to be sent to the corner in dunce caps for their childish behavior that almost prevented us from seeing what looks to be one of this years best.

  7. I am not sure if I fully understand how this all works so this might be completely wrong but I was came up with a possible solution. What if Fox bought the movie from WB and distributed it instead of forking over the rights?

  8. Thank goodness, I hope it works out. Although it sucks for WB, at least they can utter the immortal words when they have to fork out for a settlement:

    “Unlock the TDK gross vault of gold and chocolates”

  9. Proving once again that there’s no sch thing as bad publicity! Now if WB can only figure out what they are going to do with the rest of the DC characters.

  10. Bout time, A working deal and the release date not to change was all I was hoping for out of the deal. I just wanna see it march 6th I don’t really care what goes on behind the scenes.

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