27 thoughts on “Gremlins vs the PVR

  1. That did reek of awesomeness. Gremlins and Ghostbusters – my 2 favorite movies when I was a kid – when in the name of Holy Moses are we gonna see sequels to these 2 flicks. I mean I know that they’re coming out with the Ghostbusters video game, but come on already.

  2. I do VFX as a hobby myself
    and all i can say is that this video is really cool

    thats a lot of object tracking and cam tracking work, not to speak of the big amount of rotoscoping work e.g. the indy scene…. do fill a shot with gremlins you have to rotoscope indy frame by frame…. my goodness
    and a great compositing ;-)

    really cool ;-)

  3. I checked youtube and the guy who made this is a 24 year old belgium who has a massive gremlins collection. It’s now his dream to be able to do special effects for gremlins 3, if one ever happens. He made puppets and used cgi to make these videos. But loved the video, I especially thought the indiana jones gremlin wearing the gizmo mask was a nice touch. Would be nice to see more videos from him, like maybe gremlins in the star wars trilogy.

  4. That was awesome. I thought the Gremlins were great. The movies were really goo. They were the first widely recognized funny monsters, and it worked. Unlike Freddy in FVJ. How do you walk out on Raiders of the Lost Ark!?! I certaintly hope that woman regrets it to this day. Who knows. Maybe we’ll see a Gremlins 3 sometime in the future. Any thoughts?

  5. LOL I’ve never walked out on a movie, but incidentally when I was 11 I went to Raiders with another kid and his mom. They walked out afte the boulder! My mom and I stayed for the whole thing.

  6. I LIKE IT DONT HATE ….THE FIRST movie i ever walked out on GREMLINS…i was 4 years old and once i seen the meanies i shit my pants and made grandma take me home hahaa true story…..and goonies was the first movie i seen at a drive in haha

  7. I thought the special effects were fantastic. I was convinced he was using puppets at first, and it became all the more awesome when he made one of them look stop-motion for “20000 Fathoms.” Probably one of the most well-done fan-made movies I’ve ever seen.

  8. @David.. PVR is a “personal Video Recorder” It is a digital recorder you can use to tape shows and movies to a hard drive to watch later

    @Miles, I think he meant that it was “lame” is that as cool as the effects are, it isn’t perfect.

    Its still cool.

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