Family Guy Movie Set To Start Within Year

FamilyguypartyIt looks like the wheels have started to spin for a Family Guy film. We get wind of this news from moviesonline:

In an interview with TV Week MacFarlane says, “We want to do it. And it is time. In the past six months we have seriously started talking about it. And my hope is that we will get it going within the next year. Doing the show is a seven-day a week process, so I don’t know how we will squeeze in a movie. But we will figure it out. I have an idea about what it will be. It’ s definitely something you wouldn’t be able to do on the show. That’s the only reason to do a movie.”

I’ m not a fan of Family Guy, I don’t hate the show and will watch from time to time – but it isn’t something that I follow on a regular basis. I do have some interest in seeing a film however. The episodes are like clip shows, and that’s fine for 30 min, but for a feature I am guessing that a proper story will be needed. If they hammer out a fable and deviate from the norm, I think we will have a welcome change for both fans and foes of the franchise.

Now we wait for them to begin writing. When news of developments start to surface, we will be sure to bring them to your attention.

International Friends – what are your thoughts on the announcement of a Family Guy feature?

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25 thoughts on “Family Guy Movie Set To Start Within Year

  1. have you guys seen the police academy part in one epsidoes when peter is like “yeah uh..i think that’s all of it” and tobi goes “you want me to double check” hahahaha only people who see the show got that

  2. giggity giggity goo o right family guy movie i can’t wait i will go nuts till i watch it . family guy the tv show awsome . the every person in the show. Nice to see that they made a ps2 game of family. I could go on for hours about family guy love it to death and never want it to go off the air.

  3. ya family guy movie awsome big fan watch every 1 of the shows then i watch them later again even if there the same 1 i love it make the movie it has to be kick ass tho

  4. I don’t know if a series like Family Guy would become a good movie. This series bassed on a lot of gags aren’t really able to become a long feature movie because they become repetitive. Maybe not, but they have this handycap.

  5. I’m not as psyched. This probably would’ve been better made a few years ago when Seth MacFarlane wasn’t back-stroking around in his own hype and Stewie was still evil. I’m okay with 90 minutes of cutaway gags – it’s the main gimmick of the show after all.

    The worst thing about Family Guy these days is that Seth is really exploring his sicker side and calling it character development. So we end up with lots of bestiality, gay baby jokes, rape gags, and child abuse with little to no context other than shock value. I’m afraid to see what they’ll resort to with the movie.

  6. Yeah who cares that they are unrelated. Its still funny. I LOVE southpark. I think its genius, funny, and politically dead on. But i also love family guy. It doesnt make you think too much about current events too much but the references are great. It makes you feel like your just hanging out with your buddies cracking jokes.

    And as far as all family guy stuff being great yeah the already movie was not great. it was ok but def. not Scott Mc’s best material. Hopefully this one will follow suit with Blue Harvest and be hilarious and not be as much of a let down as the Stewie Movie.

  7. haha when any one makes a point to knock family guy i can not help think that there decisions are based on south parks view of it…any ways i to can watch this show any time and laugh my ass off….i think a high % of the negative comeents are based on other peoples banter….but oh well i guess lemmings are every where…hell im a lemming who isnt.

  8. I can’t stand family guy, especially the format of the show which is basically 20 minutes of individual unrelated clips stitched together. So are they going to just stitch 90 minutes of unrelated youtube clips together to make a movie?

  9. I love Family Guy. I’m guaranteed a laugh every time I see an episode. I can’t wait until the movie comes out. Wow. What can they actually do that they haven’t done already on the series?

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