Brett Ratner Directing God Of War

Can you feel it? The love and joy and spirit of celebration is running through video game fans all across the world today. For today, one of their most beloved games, “God Of War” has officially named a director for its movie adaptation. Glorious news! Brett Ratner is directing God of War! (please note sarcasm)

MGM confirmed the earlier rumors about Ratner’s attachment to the project in a press release earlier that announced Darren Aronofsky was helming the new RoboCop movie.

Now I know this is bad news, but try to hold out some hope. While X-Men 3 was clearly the weakest of the X-Men films, it still had its upside, and some of the action sequences looked and felt fantastic. Maybe Ratner can take his experience from that film, build on it and give us something worth watching with God of War.

Ok, I admit that probably won’t happen… but I’m trying to be positive. :P

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24 thoughts on “Brett Ratner Directing God Of War

  1. The script is already there… he’s just directing the action which x men three had a shit ton of good effects. obviously he can’t Fuck up a script that has already been written. Trust in the inventors of GOW, they were smart enough to create the game, Im sure they’re smart enough to pick a worthy director. calm down lets actually {think} about this. I just want to hurry up and ateast see the REAL FUCKING TRAILER!!

  2. if you make a movie for god of war, plz plz plz plz, i beg you, dont cram all of it into one movie, plz, it will totally dissipation the fans of god of war, make it to like a 2 or 3 movie like the games, and make it make sense like the game and as good, anyone will agree, and plz, start with the history of him, or him growing up for the first movie, im tellin you, it will be worth it, listen to what im suggesting. thanks


    Have you totally forgot his involment in Prison Break? That is a good serie.

    I thought Rush Hour 2 was okay. Red dragon was a good movie also. If he can get a decent script he have a good chance of making a good movie.

  4. It’s not like the game’s story is anything that resembles substance but I’m sure frothing fan boys will scream bloody murder about every change made from the precious material.
    It’s a puzzle, hack and slash platform game with a wafer thin “plot”. What is there to use in a film.

    If Rattner can hold on to the bloody roughness that rules the game and then ad some actual story elements that don’t piss you off then I think this could be good. But then again how are you going to make a coherent film with this material? I don’t really see it without changing the concept completely.

  5. Agreed. X3 may have been a convoluted mess, but Brett Ratner didn’t write any of it – or any of his own movies for that matter. I’d sooner look at the resumes of X3 writers Simon Kinberg (XXX: State of the Union) and Zak Penn (Elektra, Behind Enemy Lines, Last Action Hero, Inspector Gadget.)

    I think Brett Ratner’s an okay director. My only concern with “God of War” is that the studio will pressure him into adding a female love interest to the story.

  6. Brett Ratner. Wuldn’t be my first choice, nor my last. Well, despite having immersed himself in a world of critique with all the Rush Hours, X3 was not too bad, it was a let down fron Singer’s work, but managed to be just a bit above average. And the man can do an ok job, let’s look at Red Dragon. Hopefully he learn from his mistakes and does this one properly.

  7. What!!! No way!! Damn it. You know, I was lucky with VG adaptions so far. I didnt really care for the games that were turned into movies so far. Maybe Halo, but even that one isnt that special to me. But now, I have hope with Max Payne, Prince of Persia and I was looking forward to God of War, but the director is BRETT RATNER!!!! For me X-men 3 was a letdown and it looked cheap. Sure, I had some fun watching it, but I didnt get it for my DVD collection. That says something, but this. I guess the only worse thing would be, if they announced that Uwe Boll will be directing.

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