5 thoughts on “Review: Django Unchained

  1. I agree with Paulbutterworth1.  I couldn’t believe the ending to this story.  I feel like if the climax doesn’t work, then the movie doesn’t work.  And this is one of those films that the climax happened too early and it was like Tarantino got caught, ran out of time to fix it.  My humble opinion but not a great film (6/10).  Loved the dialogue tho.

  2. Django, OMG they chose the right person for this character. Jamie Foxx is the sexiest cowboy I’ve ever seen on a western, other than Lee Van Cleff. The character of Dr. Schultz was too sweet, he should of lived through the movie so a part 2 could come into play. It was a heartbreaker when Doc couldn’t resist shooting the A-whole and was shot himself after a heart felt apology to Django. B-E-A-utiful.    From Ezza

  3. Enjoyed your blog John but had to disagree… Inglorious Bastards (9/10) was much better than Django Unchained (7/10) which was over long and becoming a caricature of his earlier work.  The violence didn’t bother me – it’s usually like a bit of a dance (unreal and beautiful in its own way…), though some of the violence in this film verged on the realistic, like the arm ripping – though the scene explained character so was not gratuitous.  Totally agree about Samuel Jackson who evoked real emotion and Christopher Waltz who was comically brilliant.  I thought Tarentino’s cameo was indulgent as he can’t act and I had to put my brain on hold for what ended up feeling like an age – really glad he blew himself up… nice touch!!  A glimpse would have been great…
    Loved Jack Reacher… have you guys reviewed that yet??

  4. John, I’ve always enjoyed your reviews and even though I’ve disagreed with some of your views on movies I have respected you for bringing to life one of the only movie websites I’ve consistently browsed daily for the past 10 years. Kudos to you and this fine website.
    I also want to thank you for this detailed and very informative review of a movie that I’ve been on the fence about seeing in theaters. I’ve suspected that the violence and language would be gratuitous and your assessment was fully welcome to someone like me that was on the fence about taking others along with me for the viewing. My father and I have had a tradition of seeing many “manly” films together but due to his age and tastes he is a bit squeamish about violence, language, and nudity. There’s nothing more fun-killing and embarrassing to have your father stand up mid-film and say the fateful phrase, “You can stay if you want, but this is just too much for me. I’m outta’ here.” and walk out to get a refund.
    Thanks for confirming for me that I will not be seeing this movie with him in a theatre anytime soon.  :)

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