38 thoughts on “For Those Of You Who Hate How Batman Talks

  1. Is Bruce Wayne not the most famous person in Gotham City other than batman? Yes

    So if he talked like he did normal don’t you think some of the villains who are smart figure out he is Batman? Yes

    not to mention he has bad ass toys that cost money and who can afford these bad ass toys.

  2. I watched Begins last night, and the growl is noticeably different in TDK than in Begins. In Begins, he sounds intimidating, but you can still understand him clearly. Throughout TDK, he sounds out of breath or like he has emphysema. The scene where I really noticed the difference was the scene in Begins with him and Rachel in the Batcave. I don’t know why they decided to make the voice even raspier in TDK. I really did love TDK like I said above and in other posts, but that voice was distracting at times because it was so laughable. People were criticizing the voice in begins, but it actually sounds better there. At this rate, Batman will be rendered mute in the third one due to rasping like that.

    I remember reading something when the first movie came out which explained the rasp. Allegedly, there was a microphone or something in the cowl which would alter his voice. That makes sense. However, that theory gets shot to shit in TDK. When Bruce is putting Harvey in the closet at the party, he uses the Batvoice when he tells Rachel, “They’re coming for him”. So, it’s not the Batsuit that makes him talk like that.

  3. LOL! I like how Batman talks but I still find this funny even though I think that the Joker should have made an effort to sound like Heath’s Joker. The Batman’s facemask looked cheap and must be cheap.

  4. That was pretty funny, although I really have no problem with Bale’s grumbling bat.

    The Joker’s voice and mannerisms took me to a very scary world in which Ben Stiller played the Joker… eughhhh.

  5. “I do not have throat cancer!” [punch]. That was my favorite moment. And there was a split second in which I thought the guy sounded like Heath.

  6. Actually, Bale’s REAL Batman voice (straight from location) sounds great but the problem is that it’s usually a whisper so the sound guys have to add a bit of low frequency to it and compression to make it sound as if he’s speaking normally.

    The only time I’ve heard his Batman voice undiluted by effects was only in Begins when he interoggates the corrupt cop, Flask, and he sounded awesome.

  7. AHAHAHAH. That made me laugh out loud, it was so ridiculous it was funny!

    Ok, while I understand that in TDK Batman has to disguise his voice and sound intimidating, I still think Bale could have come up with somethint that wasn’t so ridiculous. I thought that Batman’s voice was the weakest part of the movie.

  8. I loved Bale’s Batman except for the voice, but my roommate thinks it’s great. I like to walk around my apartment mimicking the voice and saying, “It’s not who I am that defines me, but what I do.” After a couple of times, my throat hurts.

  9. I do enjoy his guttural growl in the movie, but this was funny.

    “Why do you want to kill me?”

    The best use of his growl though was in Batman Begins when he tells that crooked cop to, “Swear to me!”

  10. i fucking LOVE btamans voice its creepy as fuck and he sounds mad pissed..idk what people are talking about…maybe they liked the casuall george clooney voice better:

    “hey freeze whats up..yeah look sinse youre like not dead could you go ahead and give me the antidote for cancer? cuz uh..alfreds THIS close to croaking soo..ahh thanx thats awsome..”

    not to mention michael keaton was BOOOORIIIING

  11. Oh man, I know I’m going to hell for pointing this out but you said “a dead on Ledger”…tsk tsk tsk.

    Inappropriate comments aside, I’ve watched this video about three times and absolutely loved the commitment of both the guys and their ability to stay in character.

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