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Comic books seem to be an unending pit of source material lately, and I for one can live with that. It sure beats ressurecting 80s TV sitcoms and cop shows, even though some of them show promise. But this Freedom Formula book isn’t even out yet and its been picked up for film adaptation. The book is premiering at ComicCon but won’t be oh shelves til next month.

Bryan Singer knows his comic books movies and is accreditted with ressurecting the comic book genre (XMen brought it all back after Joel Schumacher killed it with two sucky Batman movies) and even though a lot of people didn’t care for Superman Returns, I think Singer still has it.

Bryan Singer’s Bad Hat Harry Productions has teamed with Radical Pictures to develop a live-action feature from “Freedom Formula,” a five-issue comic book series created by Edmund Shern

It’s described as a futuristic Top Gun in which racing exo-suits have replaced fighter jets. The story focuses on a genetically engineered racer who learns that his bloodline has the power to change society.

Worst synopsis EVAR! It was great, but right at the end it loses me.

Futuristic Top Gun? Cool idea.
Genetically Engineered Racers. Cool idea.
Racing Exosuits? Cool idea.
His bloodline has a special power? Cool idea.

But the train goes right off the rails and lands in a big puddle of whatthefuck with “power to change society”

What exactly about society is his superpower supposed to change? Change perceptions? Overthrow the government? Change history?

That’s a little vague. I was all jonesed about the whole thing right up to that point. I was cool with just seeing a movie that had genetically engineered guys in racing exosuits in a Top Gun type competition. I might even cry when Goose drowns in his IronMan outfit, but “power to change society”? Why ruin a perfectly good sci-fi concept (which is just a mash of other sci-fi but it still sounds fun) with a whole subplot of “then there is this one guy who functions productively within the society who has a mysterious power he finds out his whole family has it too! And it can “change society”!

I had to put that in quotes each time I said it so it was clear I didn’t make that up. I don’t even know what that is supposed to mean!

I hope everything else about this is better than their description of it.

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6 thoughts on “Bryan Singer on Freedom Formula

  1. Synopses are tough. i dont envy the person who had to come up with that one for my story (which isnt a simple linear one even for me). However issue 1 is out at stores this week and for a few dollars, you could get a taste firsthand of how good (or bad!) my book is. Bad Hat Harry were one of the first to see the book before print which is how they assessed it months before the actual physical comics started distributing to stores.

    Anyway, thanks for highlighting it for discussion! I hope readers respond favorably!

  2. The point is that this vague quality that only his bloodline seems to possess gives him the ability to perform something even more vague!

    It threw me right off, and believe me. I was ON.

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