Empire Magazine Hulk Pictures

Empire Magazine has a bevy of comic book film related stories and pictures on stands this Friday. We have obtained 2 Hulk pictures from the upcoming issue for you! Please enjoy.

Empire Hulk-1

Edward Norton is totally about to Hulk out in this picture, I can smell it.


Ok, William Hurt and his mustache have convinced me that he is a worthy General Ross.
Take a moment to really soak in the awesomeness of that stache.

Everything I have been hearing out of the Hulk camp has pleased me and I am certainly excited to see this film. With Hulk, Iron Man, Batman and Hellboy on deck this year, it is a good time to be a geek indeed. Dust of those d20’s and celebrate!

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13 thoughts on “Empire Magazine Hulk Pictures

  1. I didnt even recognize Hurt. Ill wait to see and hear him in action. I try to imagine Sam Elliots voice coming out of that body and its creepy. Im confident Hurt can do something different, yet equally awesome.

  2. I’m not sure about Hurt. He’s a great actor, no doubt about that, but am I the only one who thinks he looks kind of ridiculous with that hair and the mustache? It looks just fake to me.

  3. Here’s my contribution for best caption for the Ed pic:

    “What do you mean I didn’t make the Digg.com list for ‘Male Celebrities That Look Like Aging Lesbians?!?'”

  4. wow ed norton kicks ass!
    william hurt kinda looks like will ferrill, hahaha.
    these are sweet pics and i have no doubt that we will see a steady stream of news and more pics come out these next few months.

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