Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull May Debut At Cannes

IndyIt looks like Indy 4 may launch in France, we get wind of this news from our friends at cinematical:

A new trend seems to find these big summer blockbusters premiering at the early summer film festivals. Last year, Spider-Man 3 took over Tribeca (and I’d expect the Tribeca folks to try to woo Iron Man to premiere this year), and films like Ocean’s 13 premiered at the Cannes Film Festival a couple weeks later. Now, Fox News says folks from the Cannes festival are in talks with Steven Spielberg’s reps in an attempt to premiere Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at the festival this May. While it will debut only a week or so prior to the official release here in the states, it will give those attending Cannes the jump on getting the first reviews out there.

Festivals may be the best location in which to launch a film. The media is already there, the streets are abuzz with excitement and it adds to the mystique of the overall event. Everyone wins when a film debuts at a festival, even fans. We get wind of early reviews (unless a gag order is issued) and can weigh the critics opinions against our own when we see the film.

This is not fact yet, but If Spielberg is in talks with Cannes – I would suppose that just the details are being hammered out. I enjoyed what I saw from the Indy 4 trailer and am actually looking forward to the film a bit more because of it to be honest. I love the location shots; much of my love for the franchise has to do with the temples, caves and forgotten locations that indy ventures into. Through the magic of cinema, we are brought along for the ride.

Once an official statement has been made about the premier; we will be sure to let you know.

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2 thoughts on “Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull May Debut At Cannes

  1. Quite honestly, part of me is dreading this film.

    The trailer was less than impressive and actually worried me because I saw way too much CGI and the CGI that was there looked like crap.

    I really don’t care where this premieres, as long as I get to see it opening day. And providing it doesn’t suck when I do.

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