Paul Dano Set To Star In Gigantic

Paul-Dano1Paul Dano is set to Produce/Star in an upcoming indy flick named Gigantic. We get the skinny from the hallowed halls of the Hollywood Reporter:

Paul Dano, coming off his featured role in “There Will Be Blood,” will star in and executive produce “Gigantic,” an offbeat romantic comedy being helmed by first-time director Matt Aselton. Zooey Deschanel will also star in the indie feature.

Killer Films’ Christine Vachon and Charles Pugliese are producing, as is Mindy Goldberg of Epoch Films. Written by Aselton and Adam Nagata, the script revolves around a mattress salesman and a young woman he meets at his store.

I do not know how the set up will work, but I can guarantee that Dano will have romantic encounters on the mattress that he sells to his love interest. An honest salesman only sells a mattress that they would use themselves for sexual acrobatics. We will see if he sells her a quality or inferior mattress; either way he will reap the benefits of his ethics.

Not much here in the way of details but Dano has garnered attention for his role in There Will Be Blood. Wisdom decrees that he use it to leverage himself into other quality projects.

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2 thoughts on “Paul Dano Set To Star In Gigantic

  1. Back with buddy Brian Cox from LIE? Good job. Paul Dano is on my list for most impressive newcomer. I listened to a recent interview w/ him from Terry Gross on Fresh Air about ‘Blood’ and the dude sounds like he’s taking a page from Daniel Day Lewis’ play book and doing his work straight method and with humble sincerity. He takes it very seriously so I take him seriously. I think he’s the next big thing.

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