Machine Girl Trailer

My good friend The HMC (Healthiest Man in Canada) brought this trailer to my attention on facebook tonight. As I Googled for information about this amazing film, I was not surprised to find months of coverage about the movie from Todd “The Omniscient of all Things Awesome” Brown over at Twitch. Ladies and gentlemen, I may not know everything about movies; but I know a lot of people that do. We all benefit when we share what entertains us.

I present to you the new Machine Girl Trailer:

This is everything I want to see in a movie.

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17 thoughts on “Machine Girl Trailer

  1. Oh my god. It looks so crazy. But I am for sure going to se it. It is that kind of movie where you just can give your brain to the ticketcollector at the entrance and just laugh all the way through.

  2. oh….my…..god!!!! that was the most insane, awesome shit ever….DRILL BRA’S, NINJAS, oh God…I just had my first baddassness boner….and it feels great!

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