Another Timecop?

Timecop-RemakeIf you’re a fan of Jean Claude Van Damme, you most likely like one of his movies far more than you like the rest. A few say would ‘Universal Soldier’, most would say ‘Bloodsport,’ I on the other hand love…love…LOVE ‘Timecop.’ It was honestly one of my favorite movies to watch as a kid, and now Universal is in talks about rebooting ‘Timecop’ and making another big screen installment about the time enforcement agency.

IESB gives us this:

So while talking on the red carpet with the creator of the Timecop franchise, Mike Richardson, he was surprisingly open about talking about his future plans. He said he is talking to Universal about bringing the property back to the big screen even admitting that there has been some talk about bringing certain “talent” to become the next Time Enforcement Agent. While I am not a liberty to say which actor is circling the role, I can tell you that he is 100% bad ass and one of the coolest action stars of today, sorry guys Van Damme is not coming back.

This is cool news, and although I’m a little anxious to find out who this “certain actor” is, I will not be looking forward to a sequel without Jean Claude Van Damme. (Or Ron Silver for matter…he played a f*cking awesome villain!) I, myself tend to block out the horrible television show and Straight to DVD sequel based off the original film, so maybe if this film had a proper “reboot” (i.e. theatrical run) it would be worthy to watch. Although, I still think they should leave this film alone. What are your thoughts?

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13 thoughts on “Another Timecop?

  1. I also really like the idea of Statham in this role. He’s one badass mofo. And as much as JCVD is washed up, I’ll always love his older movies. I think it would be sweet if he did a cameo in the movie or even played the villain. Statham vs. JCVD would be sick.

  2. Statham would be a kick-ass JCVD replacement if they reboot the franchise, however, I’m not so sure that it would be such a good move for Statham with all the similarities to “The One”.

    But showing Statham kicking all kinds of ass on the big screen is never a bad idea.

  3. Why ‘re-boot’? I don’t get it. ‘Timecop’ had the slightly better DTV sequel w/ Jason Scott Lee and Thomas Ian Griffith; it also had the short lived series with TW King and Cristy Conway….

    In each case, events from the first film were never mentioned. In the DTV film, events from the series are not mentioned. The concept, however, remained. In other words, there’s more than ‘one’ TimeCop.

    Give me this movie:

    Jean Claude Van Damme (or two JCVD’s if the first film’s paradox ending holds up), Gloria Reuben, Mia Sara, Jason Scott Lee, Thomas Ian Griffith, TW King, Cristi Conway. That’s right- bring them all together in one film.

    Now, someone’s gonna say: but “TimeCop 2 is set 20 years after TimeCop 1” Well, that’s the beauty of it, see…they are TimeCops

    Yes, it won’t happen.

  4. Timecop is one of my guilty pleasures from when I was a kid too. Loved that flick.

    As for the actor. Bad ass, coolest action stars of today….. nothing comes to mind really. Tony Jaa is my pick for best action star of today. I know he can’t act but it’s an action flick here so acting ability is not a requisite and he’s just all kinds of awesome. We are talking hollywood here so probably Jason Statham

  5. Maybe VanDamme will show up at the auditions and insist he get the part that he played in the original.

    Otherwise I wonder if he is talking about Jason Statham. Having him as a Time Cop would make this movie seriously badass.

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