Joker Set Us Up a Halloween Treat

Being a big Batman fan, I found this to be very interesting. Well I am actually more of a Robin fan, but since that wont be happening anytime soon in the new Batman franchise, I can settle for his boss. It seems that the viral which has offered some Joker themed promotions in the past is now sporting a Halloween themed treat.

/film says:

The pumpkin has a huge grin, which appears to be the bat symbol. Could there be a Dark Knight treat in store for us on Halloween?

The pumpkin does seem to be carved much like the o’lantern on the cover of Batman’s Long Halloween story arc, so I am wondering if there will be some sort of tie in, or just a tribute to the original cover art.

Maybe it is just another offering of fanservice that reminds us that the new Batman franchise will be in line with what the comic fans were brought to expect.

Either way, it is pretty cool, and I will be carving a pumpkin of my own with that on it this year just for fun.

I might even dress like Robin.

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10 thoughts on “Joker Set Us Up a Halloween Treat

  1. hey! whith you go back to the site now the candle inside the pumpkin is burning fast!like a countdown!!
    check out rodney!!
    problably,something its gonna happen in the haloween when the candle burnout?

  2. Burton films were masterpieces, but were NOT about Batman. If we take the Joker or the Penguin or Catwoman out of the equation then there’s no story, because the films were about them and not about Batman. He was taken for granted, as if he already existed without caring on explain how he got there or why he dressed like a bat. And even if they were focusing on the time era after he becomes Batman, in the Burton-Schumacher saga they never analysed thoroughly the Bruce Wayne character, they barely did this in Forever, but thanks to Mr Schumacher who slashed the script in pieces, the result was a pseudo-Batman film, where the most important part of the whole script (ergo the film’s title) when Bruce chooses to become Batman forever was cutted and never explained.

    So visually, Burton made art with Batman, but in story he lacked into getting deeper with the vast Dark Knight’s universe. As for Schumacher, no positive comments at all, he destroyed Batman, he destroyed what Burton achieved and when he had a better script than previous (Batman Forever) he produced pure and concentrated crap, and B&R was worst, bad script and bad direction… he doomed Batman. So thank God, Nolan arrived.

  3. Exactly Mark. Not to say that Burton’s film was bad (it wasn’t exactly good either), but it wasn’t the essential Batman that TRUE fans hoped for. Now, it’s arguable to say that it was his version of Batman, which is very true, but overall, Begins was a better film. Even if someone had no idea who/what Batman is/was, Begins does a better job of not only telling the story, but it effectively combined specific elements in a way that makes us understand Bruce’s plight against crime.

  4. @gdgd: I’m very curious to hear your reasons also.

    I enjoyed Burton’s film when it first came out (I was 13), but watching it even a few years later it just didn’t quite hold up for me. The pace seems slower than it needs to be, and even Tim’s dark twist seems a little too campy. I’d rate it a 6-7.

    Nolan’s film, however, is as close to a 10 as I could have ever hoped for. Batman’s origin was very well done, the grittiness of the acting and sets captured the mood of the BM mythos more accurately, and the action sequences were top notch without being over the top or distracting from the story. I’ve never been thrilled with Heath Ledger and was worried when I heard about him being cast as the Joker, but based on the clips and photos I’ve seen “Dark Knight” looks like another home run.

    Now if only Nolan could come back in 10-15 years to do “The Dark Knight Returns.”

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