X-Men 3 Teaser Poster

X-Men3-TeaserPoster.jpgStraight from Coming Soon who have the larger version, here’s the teaser poster for X-Men 3.

It looks okay, but it does imply a lot to do with Wolverine, and also a damaging of the X-Men, perhaps a souring of the relationship? From the sounds of the stories going around at the moment this could hold true.

For me, I’ve deliberately not posted anything about the script rumours flying about. There has been much talk that these scripts that are being discussed are an old version that Matthew Vaughn was working on, but then it’s been said that Brett Ratner doesn’t have time to rewrite the scripts. Suffice to say that if the script rumours are true, then the slashes through the middle of the X bode for much turmoil amongst our heroes…and fans.

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4 thoughts on “X-Men 3 Teaser Poster

  1. i cant wait for x3 it will be the best movie ever if they bring archangel,beast,gambit and juggernaght it x3 plot is mainly supposed to be based on sentinels it will be hard for them to fit omega red,phoneix,sentinel,havok,sinister,apocalypse and the return of sabertooth and the brotherhood story lines all in 3 films if they wont to and all the new x men they need to bring into the story properly aswell jubillee,collosus,magma,shadowcat,psylocke,iceman,gambit,beast,archangel it would be better if they did bring allthe original xmen together if they were to put most of the main storylines from the comics they would have to make at least 6 films.

  2. Just reading up on the latest X3 news, and I’m pretty concerned. It just seems to me that X3 will end up being the “Batman Forever” of the X-Men Series… meaning the movie that begins the downhill descent of the mutants… then we’ll have to wait 10 years for them to make a prequel to X-men 1 that will fix everything they screwed up. Sound familiar?

  3. ok first if your looking at the picture properly it isnt a score through it, its wolverines hand, as you can see the fist at the bottom, which just suggests in my opinion suggests nothing other than he’ll have a major role like in the last 2 which is fine by me cause hes my favourite character, also wolverine had major roles in the old cartoon, but not the new one which in my opinion is pretty mince

  4. I can’t wait for X3 to come out. Also to see the preview trailers of it. I truly believe that X-Men 3 will be the last X Men movie for awhile. I heard that Storm will not be appearing in this film. Due to the fact that Halle Berry is a top-rated actor now. I’m use to her being Storm and I just wouldn’t enjoy someone else playing Storm. Although the director could have found a better person to play Storm in the first place.
    To really make X Men 3 stand out, give us more of the uncontrollable Pheonix. Then end it with another suspense that will have us wondering, “what now”, for another three years.

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