Vin Diesel to play Hitman

Hitman.jpgIt’s not exactly inspired casting, in fact it’s obvious casting, and it’s been said in a few posts here in the past about videogame adaptations. Vin Diesel will play Hitman from the Eidos videogame series. Not a surprise really considering his looks compared to the character, and the games story, popularity and longevity certainly meant it was prime for a movie version.

There’s great potential in this movie, and if it doesn’t go the xXx route it might just work out. The story for Hitman is an intruiging one, and could make for an interesting movie. From Rope of Silicon they carry the smaller blurb:

The story of the game centers on an international assassin known as Agent 47 who works for a mysterious org dubbed the Agency.

Actually the first game has you awakening in a cell, with no memory and no understanding of who or what you are, you break free and begin to piece your life together. The second game has you fully understanding what and who you are, you’ve accepted it, and left it all behind, living in a monastery hiding from the past, but it comes looking for you. The third game has you in the depth of your art, carrying out contracts and exploring the darkened mind of the character that is Agent 47. The fourth installment, due out later this year, has you being hunted down by another agency as the members of the contract agency you belong to are systematically wiped out by another agency moving in on their market.

Overall the series is a pretty good story, and the mysterious and dark Agent 47 would be well suited to not only Diesel’s bald head, but also his demeanour and acting style. I think this could be a good role and a good franchise, if for the first time they decide to handle it properly. Do you think this could make it?

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19 thoughts on “Vin Diesel to play Hitman

  1. i think that vin diesel is a lame agent 47 the games are great and he will ruin the movie like putting the rock in the doom movie as sarge i think that Jason Statham should be agent 47 he actually looks sorta like agent 47

  2. i agreee with colemans post. in all seriousness does anyone really see a monster of a man killng anyone with a fiberwire….not when they can blow them up and make a blockbuster out of it. i hadnt even considered willis in my mind, statham (not because hes bald) was always my first choice. and if anyone says he is a “so-so” actor they should watch him in his two better movies “Lock ,Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch” both of them dont play to the ideal role of hitman but his acting in combination to his experiece in “The Transporter” make him the ideal candidate. also statham is of the perfect physical stature, his accent would irk me coming out of 47 in all honnest but thats what voice coaches are for, and besides its not as bad a vin. but push comes to shove, gamers get fucked when something good gets thrown into hollywood, because from the sound of it, they want vin’s likness and deep hoarse voice incorperated in future games…WTF!!!

  3. What ammuses me most about the comments here are that people limit their attention to actors who are known to be bald. It never occurs to anyone that actors can shave their heads.

  4. Very intresting to read what people have to say about the choice of actors for the movie, most of all, we have people here expressing their thoughts when they haven’t even played the game! Please play them through and then come up with your thought’s, you might reconsider… IF you have played the games, all of them, you would see that it would be a total waste to make a big Hollywood action style movie out of it, it would be like replacing Edward Fox with Arnold in The day of Jackal… 47 is more of an intelligent assassin that prepares his moves carefully, stealth and cunningness is the key… This is no criticism against Vin Diesel, but to me he’s more of an action type actor. I guess the only way to make a movie out of it is to use wellknown faces, othervise it might not be the block buster the production companies would want it to be…

    The dream of having the “original” hitman, David Bateson, in the movie is reserved only for the gamefans…

    Well that’s my opinion anyway…

  5. lol neil patrick harris, i dont mind vin diesel being 47, but 47 is a little bit smaller than diesel, becuase diesel is pretty buff, but if statham plays 47, than it will be way too much like the transporter and that would be gay, so i dunno

    i say christopher walken, because he’s in every freakin movie

  6. I own the hitman games of ps2…and I think that jason statham, could play the role of 47, he’s more like him….BUT, the transporter character has too much looks to 47… so, seeing jason in Hitman is like see transporter without an Aston Martin and no kung fu kicks and punches. In conclusion, if Ben Affleck is daredevil and the kingpin is BLACK, WHY NOT VIN DIESEL?…He could also gain good ratings for the character and the movie.

    pd. while Hitman will be in production for theathers……WHOS GONNA BE DANTE’S character in the devil may cry movie?

  7. Vin was also a D&D nerd. I saw him on Conan once saying how he used to be all into Dungeons and Dragons. My, what roids will do for a guy…

    …and that dude who played The Transporter would be a better Hitman…

    …Niel Patrick Freakin Harris would be better…



  8. I have heard many people on the hitman forums disagreeing with vin diesel playing “agent 47” in “Hitman”. they all say that David Bateson should play “agent 47” David is the guy who agent 47’s face and voice are modeled after.

    No i got to say that vin is an obvious choice to play agent 47. and i like choice. i like the games and i like vin diesel. and i would agree to david bateson playing as long as he can act. I not talking about the voice, i am talknig about phsically acting. jumping, shotting, rolling, all the things that “47” does. and if he cant do it then vin the man for the job.

  9. **Vin Diesel is a better choice than Statham by miles and miles. Statham is a bit player with so-so acting skills**

    Wow. Thats about the silliest thing ive ever heard. Statham is a bit player with so-so acting skills while Vin Diesel is what? He’s bald. Thats about the only thing that makes him a candidate for Hitman.

    You dont have to be a musclehead to break someones neck from behind you know.

  10. First, I own Hitman: Contracts and the game rocks. This movie would have to be rated R to be the best fit for the game, however, I’m sure they’ll dumb it down to a PG-13 so the young gamers can enter the theater.

    Second, Vin Diesel is a better choice than Statham by miles and miles. Statham is a bit player with so-so acting skills and I’d much rather see Vin wield the silver pistols.

  11. Jason Statham was the “obvious choice”. And probably the perfect choice.

    I dont mind Vin Diesel, but i dont think this is his role. Hitman is more intelligent and psychotic than a big bully. So Vin diesel just doesnt fit nearly as well as Jason Statham. Im pissed at the choice.

  12. Franklin – He not only had a hand in it , he founded the company that created the game.

    That being said this movie could work if Uwe Boll doesnt direct.

  13. I think this could really work.

    Diesel reportedly is quite a geek — he loves comic books and video games. This is probably one of the reasons why the video game version of Riddick was so good, because he supposedly had a hand in that. He wanted to star in the Riddick sequel simply because he digs sci-fi.

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