Rick Berman tells of Star Trek Prequel

StarTrek.jpgStar Trek producer Rick Berman has let slip some interesting news for fans eagerly awaiting the next development. In TrekWeb through Coming Soon, they have some interesting news from the Star Trek Communicator magazine:

…producer Rick Berman seems to confirm recent rumors of a possible delay in the previously discussed “prequel” feature film in development as an eleventh TREK pic.

“We are continuing to develop a project that is in the very early stages,” says Berman. “It is in a little less of an early stage than it was the last time we spoke, but it is still too early to discuss it. I think there will be some discussion about it in the next couple of months. There is movement.”

IMDB list the movie as The Untitled Star Trek Prequel and have the following blurb:

In this prequel to James T. Kirk’s era, but set after the era of “Enterprise”, the Romulans are close to beginning a war with Earth.

Sounds interesting. Personally, and I’m not a huge Star Trek fan as some are, I really have enjoyed the Enterprise series (bear in mind I’m a UK resident without satellite TV so I’m well behind in the series). I think it out classes a lot that’s come before, for me I think it’s the plot continuity area that’s come through since Babylon 5, then copied in Deep Space Nine and Voyager, that’s been a real winning formula for the series. So the idea of a prequel movie makes total sense, it’s off the back of the success of the current TV series where the current fan base mindset is focused.

Thoughts? Good idea for a prequel or not?

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6 thoughts on “Rick Berman tells of Star Trek Prequel

  1. I think there should make a star trek movie where “Q”, Picard annoying friend, gather the crew together to do a final test on them.
    If you remember on the final episode on “All Good Things…”, “Q” did say he will be back to meet Picard for something.

  2. Sounds like a great idea for a Star Trek movie.
    As long as it is done without any of the TV-casts.
    As long as it is done in Gene Roddenberry’s spirit.
    As long as it focuses on great writing and moral questions instead of mindless action.
    Then the Romulan wars would be a great subject.

    In my opinion Star Trek went wrong after TNG, when they started making episodes for the mainstream audience instead of the Star Trek fans.

    Just write a good story and you have a successful Star Trek movie (I would like to think) (:

  3. Star Trek: Enterprise did quite badly ratings wise, most of us UK’ers enjoy the show yet it seems to be widly hated in America.

    As Spock, or Tuvok would say:
    “Making a prequel is not a logical.”

    It’s sad to say, but due to Enterprise, I don’t think many people would go to see this movie :(

  4. How about this for an Ideal for either a mini series or a movie,a regular series,

    A show about the Klingons done in the Klingon Tounge w/english subtitles, or just in english about what the life and times one of their heroes and their trails and tribulations

  5. “makes sense”??! WTF?

    not many on this side of the Atlantic cares much for Enterprise so why would we care for an all new cast/crew?

    i vote for keeping with TNG/DS9/VOY continuity and doing a movie or series based on Starfleet Headquarters or Starfleet Academy. that way there’s still time for established cast to cameo.

  6. Not bad at all… establishes a continuity with Enterprise, which is a good series, I hope not to be cancelled.

    Anyway, the perfect idea would be the old idea of the Starfleet Academy. The adventures of Kirk and Co. since they were students or cadets. The casting would be difficult, though.

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