Trouble In Hazzard

Well I can’t say this is going to surprise anyone. It seems like the singer turned actress wannabe, Jessica Simpson, is not enjoying her time with her castmates on the set of the new Dukes of Hazzard film. The Good folks over at KillerMovies throw this little bone to us:

Simpsons, who plays the role of Daisy Duke in the movie, is said to have grown tired of Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott’s constant teasing about the size of her butt. An Ananova source reports, “Johnny and Seann have been saying her butt looks big compared to the original Daisy. They know she’s sensitive about it.”

“In one scene, Johnny and Seann are in the car as Bo and Luke talking to Daisy and then leap out. But in one take they leapt out naked from the waist down. Jessica freaked out and told them to grow up.”

And now for some shocking news that even surprises me. I think I actually side with Jessica on this one. It’s one thing to act a little crazy and have some fun, but it’s another thing to act like 4 years olds, insult people, and act totally unprofessional when you’re getting paid huge money to do a job. Actors should know better… oh I almost forgot… Knoxville and Simpson AREN’T ACTORS. Well, whatever.

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8 thoughts on “Trouble In Hazzard

  1. This Jessica sounds uptight. Can’t take a joke? Poor poor baby. I see nothing wrong with these two young men having some fun on the set. Poor Jessica probably went home and cried to her hubby (rollseyes). Get over it already.

  2. Okay, Jessica is alright, and Knoxville is a fine actor (If I may say so myself) yes they should have been being professional on the set, But come on, people joke around, and those of you who can’t take it are the ones who need to grow up. I realise that you have to draw the line somewhere, but a little petty fooling around never hurt anyone. I guess thats just Sean and Knoxvilles nature, theyre both funny guys … We don’t wanna spoil it with a …. Jessica Simpson.

  3. well well well, if it isn’t the fake Simpson, the reason i call her fake, actually i just want to keep it to myself, i just hate her and espically her little nagging wannabe SISTER Ashly……..wutever..let us say i just agree with Darko

  4. well well well, if it isn’t the fake Simpson, the reason i call her fake, actually i just want to keep it to myself, i just hate her and espically her little nagging wannabe SISTER Ashly……..wutever

  5. I couldn’t care less about Simpson or the Jackass crew. Whomever thought they would team up must get to an AA-meeting quick or get a thorough head exam. Why am I writing this comment anyway…just ignore.

  6. Has anybody else considered that maybe this is nothing but a P.R. ploy in which everybody involved is taking part? These “jackass” pranks might be staged and planned for inclusion on the DVD.

  7. My thought on this (and yes, I can only have singular thoughts these days — a sort of curse of randomness if you will) is that they heard about Jessica’s religious upbringing and how her father was a minister or watched a bit of The Newlyweds and realised she’s a bit prudish when it comes to sex and decided to taunt her about it. Pricks. Only pricks would harass someone over chosing to remain skank-free.

  8. I never understood actors who jack around on the set — to “keep the mood light” as such actors like to claim. WTF? I’m sure the crew would just like to do their jobs, do it well, and go home for the night or whenever the day’s shoot is complete. But for actors like this, who let’s face it are usually young guys, they treat a movie set like their own private playground. I’m with Jessica on this one, too. Be professional, guys, and quit wasting everybody’s time with your bullshit.

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