The Punisher Sequel Moving Along

Why is it I usually find myself being one of the only people to like a certain film? My only conclusion is that the rest of you are insane. Anyway, I enjoyed the first “The Punisher”. I thought it was fun and just dark enough. Yeah it was a bit cheesy… but have you read the comic book?

I’ve been enthusiastic about the idea of a sequel for a while now, and it looks like things are moving along. This little tid bit comes to us from the good folks at Comic Book Movie

The Punisher star Thomas Jane says Lions Gate studio is currently budgeting the sequel.

“They’re really hot on the sequel since the DVD has sold so well,” Jane told Comic Book Resources. “They’re in the process right now of budgeting a sequel. We should have it in the next two weeks, sort of a preliminary budget, and then we’ll start talking story, then writer and then we’ll get going. I’ll be involved in the story development.

:Ug, I hate it when actors are involved in story development. It rarely turns out well (there are some exceptions). Still, to me this is good news even if the rest of you uncivilized masses don’t think so. :)

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10 thoughts on “The Punisher Sequel Moving Along

  1. I am European and I loved THE PUNISHER too. I saw it 3 times at the movie theatre and I enjoyed each one of them as if it was the first. Great dark movie. It reminds me to the first Mad Max movie.

  2. From all of the latest news, it appears that the sequel will be named “The Punisher: War Zone”.

    And for the hardcore comic fans who were upset about the first movie? Prepare to be shocked. Tom Jane signed the contract under the agreement that he would have final say on the storyline. Why is this good news? Tom has been a big fan of The Punisher for ages. He was disappointed in the lack of support for the movie by the die-hard fans. His way of trying to win those fans back into the theaters will be to stick to true Punisher-style storylines and action. Expect more violence and more action.

    I’m one of the few 2.6 million who bought the DVD because I enjoyed the movie. It was far better than the farce with Dolph. Dolph had a russian accent that was noticeable in that movie, for christs sakes! Frank Castle is Italian-American! The ‘die-hards’ claim Dolph was so much better? Side-by-side with a case of Tillamook Sharp and a truckload of Kraft Macaroni-n-cheese, it was the cheesiest!

    There were so many scenes in the 2004 version where I thought they hired Frank Castle to play Tom Jane playing Frank Castle!

    Sure, the FBI agent and Florida thing were off-kilter, but give the sequel a chance to rectify those. I actually liked the movie version of the slaughter of Castle’s ENTIRE family (bet the ones who couldn’t make it for whatever reason are glad!) better than the comic slaughter of his wife and kid! True genius!

    I hope they don’t release ‘The Punisher: War Zone’ directly to DVD just because it did better on DVD.

  3. I thought The Punisher was very well done. I never really read the comic book but knew the basic plot. I was surprised though to see the amount of violence that there was for the amount of children that would watch the movie. But it was an excellent surprise. I only had a problem with the film being based in Tampa and not N.Y. The fight between Castle and The Russian‚Äîawesome! I can’t wait for a sequel.

  4. we are all not alone. i’ve been out bid on ebay for punisher items that are hard to find. this is the one of the greatest movies ever made. i was happy with Tom Jane’s performance. glad they chose him and not someone like Chuck Norris(no offense Chuck).

  5. I’ve heard from so many people that disliked The Punisher that I haven’t rented it yet. But, based on the feedback here, I just may have to check it out. I was one of the few that actually like Daredevil, so who knows?

  6. You mean there’s still an audience for R-rated action movies? I thought Hollywood had decided beyond a shadow of a doubt that we just wanted watered down junk like xXx from now on.

    Thought the first one was crap but I’m still happy to hear the news.

  7. You’re not the only one! I thought Punisher was infinitely superior to the Dolph Lundgren movie. It was about as close to the current comic book as we’ll get. I can’t imagine a studio making a film quite as dark as the source material.

    I only had issue with some of Castle’s neighbour’s scenes, other than those it was a competent action flick.

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