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phantomopera3.jpgThis one is going to be great. Like my mom used to say: “Garbage in, garbage out”. When it comes to movies nothing could be more true. You could get the best director, the best actors and the best visual effects in the world… but if you’re starting out with a crumby story the movie is doomed from the start. With Phantom of the Opera you’re starting out with some amazing material. And as cheese as it sounds, I kinda secretly dig Joel Schumacher’s stuff… well… not a LOT of it… but The Lost Boys ruled!

Anyway, by now I’m sure you’ve seen the trailer, but as I was surfing around the web I came across a post over at AICN that gives a link to some new footage online. I really like the looks of this one (then again, I thought 3000 Miles to Graceland looked really good too… so what do I know?) Go check it out and enjoy.

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52 thoughts on “Phantom of the Opera Clips

  1. Gerard Butler is amazing!! His voice in “the music of the night” completely takes my breath away. i dont know anyone else who would have been better for this part. he’s so sexy and irresistable, i wish i had my own phantom! i’ve seen the movie about 7 times now, and i have cravings to watch it again and again. i get chills when i hear the phantom sing, i try to picture him next to me, touching my face, looking into my eyes and singing to me with such passion, like thats heavan right there!!!

  2. yea. hey.. i love phantom too.. but where’s the clips.. and does any one know what on the second disk onthe dvd.. i know what’s on it but like… are there bloopers.. or funny jokes aroudn the house.. lol.. i wike dose!! lol they’re awsome!… i like watching behidn the scenes! it make s me want to be a star.. they have so much fun!! i wanna be a star…. be a star! be a star! .*whispers*.superstar..

  3. can I have a mirror just like in my video the phantom of the opera by greard butler can I keep erik the phantom and erik the phantom ghost by greard butler forever

  4. Hi there, i was reading through some of the comments about the movie and the actors and one said that Emmy Rossum was classically trained but not really a singer, before she did the movie she was with the metropoliton opera since she was seven years old. if that’s not a real singer then what is? sorry if this seems a tad annoyed i just don’t like seeing a person’s excellent work downplayed.

  5. Oh my gosh i love this movie SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am a big fan of Emmy Rossum i think she is so gorgeous. like the dress she wore to the golden globes! i am determined to own it i even was gonna try to get it for my birthday which is on june 2 I REALLY WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. When I first saw Gerard Butler I thought where did they find this turkey….and by the end of the movie I would have run away with him. He is an incredible Phantom and his singing brings me to tears. I love Michael Crawford since I saw him in Hello Dolly and he is a wonderful Phantom but so is Gerard Butler. Give him his due. Michael Crawford is a tough act to follow but I watched the movie 4 times in 2 days because of the job he did as the Phantom. When the Phantom cries we all cry.

  7. if you take the movie as a whole, the phantom of the opera was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!! you could really get lost in the film. it’s like you get sucked into it and wow! really amazing.

    though i’d have to say, their voices sound nothing like the orig broadway singers. of course. but in the movie they were good enough. i’d have to say i was very disappointed in the phantom’s voice. he’s supposed to shine in MUSIC so he’s supposed to have a beautiful voice. i just think he didnt do justice to the singing part BUT I SHOULD SAY he is theeeee most brillian actor in the movie. no offense raoul had a better sounding voice but it wasnt that good either. his acting was nothing compared to the phantom’s. i mean like WOW! the phantom really made me cry. its as if he can really make me feel his pain. its just the singing that didnt wow me. my fave song there is the music of the night and i was disappointed that it didnt take my breath away in the movie. but still, the acting compensates and even overpowers his lack of a grand “phantom” voice. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah he’s so touching and so WOW! that’s all! i just love the phantom! he’s the best!


  8. I had never seen any form of Phantom of the Opera before, in fact I hadn’t even seen the TV trailer for this.
    But, at the beginning, when the curtain was pulled of the chandelier and the organ cranked up to full volume, I seriously got chills.
    Besides contracting a stomach virus during the middle of the movie and having to swallow back the bile instead of missing any part, it was very enjoyable.

  9. I saw Phantom/musical in L.A. and it was fantastic. The movie seems to just add some great stuff, the detail of the caverns, and the cemetary scenes. The scenes from Don Juan, and again when Christine, Rhoal and Phantom are in his lair at the end, singing the heck out of everything! The pain of Phantom is enough to make you cry (ok so I did anyway), Patrick, Gerard, and Emmy are terrific in their parts, but Minnie Driver is pretty good too!

  10. I saw this film last night (4.5.05) and it is amazing. All the preformances were just fantastic and Gerard Butlar gave one hell of a preformance as the Phantom. His singing has me lost for words. All I can think about saying is this.

    I want his cape. And I like his red suit

    Gerard Butlar is very sexy and and romantic, both as a person and as a phantom, and somehow manages to look damn sexy when he is made to look butt ugly. His proformance had me in tear.
    His voice was so strong, it had me in a trance. In the space of 12 hours I have memorised his words. I love him so much and I love his preformance.

  11. I had wanted to see this movie sooooooo bad during Christmas and never got to see it in the theater. I have been in love with this story since I went and saw the play 11 years ago. It touched my very soul and haunted me ever since…. Today, 5-4-05, I finally purchased the dvd and was finally able to watch the Phantom come to life out of my imagination. Emmy Rossum is brilliant, beautiful, talented. Gerald Butler is haunting, sexy, romantic…all a girl has ever wished for in a man-his voice is good enough for me-so emotional. Raoul is handsome and rich, yet too effeminate for me! I could not believe how beautiful the costumes and sets were. I had chills the whole time, literally. This ranks up there with Titanic and the Notebook as far as romance themed movies go. I loved finding out the background of the phantom and other characters. It gave me more insight and understanding of the story. I still don’t get the end though, why Raoul would purchase the toy monkey for Christine and if the Phantom is still alive?(rose and ring). I wonder if Christine died young, ironic both men are left alone. If anyone can explain this please email me. Thanks!

  12. I’ve read a lot of good and bad things about Gerard Butler and I just think he was perfect for his role. He may not be as good of a singer as expected but his semi-badness and harsher tone was perfect for the charecter. It honestly sends shivers down my spine. I’ve got the soundtrack and I can’t wait to get the movie too! Brilliant movie overall, I highly recommend it to the idiots who haven’t seen it yet! ^^

  13. I have been in love with the play ever since the music first touched my ears. Mr. Butler put on a fantastic performance and defiantly won me over. I have to say that Michael Crawford’s voice just has more of that element that seems to capture your mind and soul. Not that Gerard Butlers didn’t, Just that Crawford’s is so soothing and gentle. Butler√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s voice has that oh-so-sexy independent but loving tone.

    Gerard Butler was one of my favorite actors before the movie and to have herd that he was going to be in my all-time favorite musical- well good-grief, now I have a number one favorite! I’d say that this movie was fantastic, and I scoff at the idiot critics who gave it horrible reviews.

  14. So that was you on my AOL Messenger Joy, I can see you online but everytime I try to send a message it keeps saying youre logged off, I will catch you one day I hope.

    Oh no problem you can disagree with me anytime! *winks*

  15. The film was bloody wicked!! I own the soundtrack, seen the film a million times and going to see the broadway one this wednesday on the 23rd of march!! i’m gonna snatch the dvd…

    emmy rossum has an amazing voice!! she’s a terrific actress, i mean, i was just watching the day after tomorrow. gerry is SEXY as the phantom and I tell you, I have an engagement ring and secretly, the phantom and i are engaged – to be married! raoul sucks! i hate him, he sounds like a toad and carlotta was just spoilt and it was funny when the phantom made her croak – hehe… now THATS my phantom!!

    Love yaz!! See the film or I will lasso someone with the skills the phantom taught me!! :D

  16. phantomphan-
    i TOTALLY agree. i think the one you’ve heard is junk. the singing scares the heck out of me. when i first heard it, i was like, ‘what the heck is this?!?!’ but if you’d listen to the original london cast, its not too bad. i’d love to see the stage production anyway!

    i got to see it four times! yay! the emotion was REALLY well done in each and every song. but i think in ‘angel of music’ meg giry could have sang with more emotion. but didn’t you think the transitions were good? i mean the transitions between songs?

    me too! well, actually, i have heard of it. we played the music in band. lol. but i didn’t wnat to see the movie because i thought ‘oh man. a musical? what the heck? i don’t want to go to this movie!’ but then out of all my friends who’ve seen it with me, i turned out to love it the most! i was like.. SO stunned when i walked out of the theatre!

    hey! thanks for the release dates! and i’ve tried to IM you but it hasn’t been working. poo. but, i have to disagree with you about the singing. i think that emmy rossom could compare to a stage singer decently. aside form the fact that she might not be able to project as well.. well please IM me! i’d love to chat with you!

    everybody IM me, email me, or MSN messenger me. i’d LOVE to talk to another phantom fan. my friends from school don’t appreciate it as much as i do. so try to contact me soon!

  17. I absolutely love this movie!Gerard Butler is my favorite Phantom!Emmy Rossum is my favorite Christine!I listened to the stage production and I am sorry but it was BAD!The Phantom spounded like a girl,Rauol was really deep and weird,and Christine was REALLY deep.It was sad.Makes me wanna go in that buisness when I get older though.I can make it sound better.But I hafta say that Christine should have picked the Phantom.I mean with a great voice like the Phantom I would stay.Well I better quit c-ya

    Phantom:”et your mind start to journey to a strange new world,leave all thoughts of the life you knew before…let your soul take you where you long to be….only then..can you me….”

  18. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! I was so blown away by the emotion and passion put behind each scene and song!! I was so mad when I found out it was out of theaters where I live, I SO badly wanted to see it for the 4th time!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!

  19. i first saw phantom of the opera with my friend and i had actually never heard of it before lol but i have to say this movie blew me away – i found myself crying towards the end and after the ‘all i ask of you’ scene when he comes and sings his bit….. :( awwwww raoul wasn’t that good but i guess it makes us love the phantom all the more eh! lol i can’t wait to buy it on dvd and watch it for the third time :D

  20. Hi Joy, please call me Simone, I am also with AOL and my username is FeignedMischief, feel free to add me and we can chat one of these days. *smiles*

    About the stage musical version. I have not seen the Broadway production but the one in London at the West End where it all started. It blew me away, so I ended seeing the production 3 times. I bought the Original London Cast recording with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman which are the original performers of the musical, and it was absolutely excellent.

    Now the movie version. What else can I say that I have not said already but I love it, I just love it so much I have seen it 7 times. I have the soundtrack of the movie, I dont think its bad. Its not fair to compare it with established singers since Gerard Butler isnt a singer but an actor, Emmy Rossum is clasically trained but she has been acting more than singing really, the only legit singer in the cast is Patrick Wilson (Raoul) As for the movie not able to compare to the musical, on some levels perhaps, but the movie was able to capture the emotions required for the Phantom character which Gerard Butler was able to accomplish. It also helped that there were a lot of close-ups where we can actually see the actors emotions, a stage musical, unless youre in the front row can not provide you with this.

    For fans who have seen the stage musical, they will either love or hate the movie version, but I loved it just as much as the stage version, if you get the chance to catch the musical, do so, but if its not possible, get the DVD of the movie which I heard will be out this April, and hang on to your soundtrack!

    As for Gerard Butler, he’s smoking HOT! *winks*

  21. oh myyyyy gosh. first of all, i am NOT one to get totally obsessed with movies. But phantom of the opera is so freakin good. i’ve decided to make a list for you all to read of the pro’s and con’s of this movie
    *pros* + gerard butler is SO HOTT. … + emmy rossom has a BEAUTIFUL voice. … + the overall casting was excellent … + the transisions of the songs. SO cool. … + and that sexy thing that gerard does with his cape. OMIGOSH that is SUCH a turn on. i absolutly LOVED it.

    *cons* – camera was shakey. but that didn’t bother me my friend said it was. … – the dubbing of mini driver could have been better…

    okay. my friend saw the actual broadway musical. she said the movie can’t compare. is this true?
    she also said that the soundtrack that i have( the one from the movie) sucks. which is SO not true. but, she has the original soundtrack from the broadway. and she says they sound better.
    somebody tell me my soundtrack doesn’t suck. actually, tell me about the broadway soundtrack. why is this “better” than the movie soundtrack.
    P.S if you want to talk about how awesome this movie is, how hott gerard butler is, or how we both listen to the soundtrack every single day…feel free to contact me on AIM. i’d love to talk to you! AIM: babyPINKlight

  22. Hi again
    im in hawaii (not important).
    Just wanting to know when every one thought the dvd would be comin out.
    Right now it’s like 11:50 but it’s 2:ooam for u guys.

    anywho bye; Ainsley

  23. Thank you for the information Simone.

    That has been bugging me and my mum for a while.I have seen it at least 4 times now and it has bugged me ever since.I bought 2 different cd’s of the movie one has straight songs and the other has the little bit’s and pieces before the songs.
    I can’t wait till the dvd comes out although might have to wait a while :( .Oh well.I also can’t wait till a poster comes out so I can post them all over my room.

    bye for now and thank you again Simone.

  24. Let me answer that for you Ainsley.

    Madame Giry said that to Raou as she led him to the lair, which she also said to Buquet earlier on, because the Phantom tends to use a lasso to kill his victims, so that was really more of a warning to them.

  25. Well what is there to say really but…. WOW what an incredible movie I mean they had and excellent cast, plot, music and so on.Personally I don’t like the musical thing because Im only 13 but I was entranced and was in love with musicals and such after I saw the movie.
    There is not alot to say about the singers I mean how do you express how good their talent, I never would have thought Gerard Butler could sing(gerry)
    I thought it was great that they put mini driver (I love her).I was confussed about one thing though , they mentioned “Keep your hand at the level of your eye” once or twice and I don’t understand what they mean by that.
    You definitley can’t watch it just once, and for people who have never seen it I tell you that it is the must see movie of the year.

  26. the only thing i can say is like Wow… This is really a great film… I saw the actual play, but it looks great on the big screen to.. they have done a good job..

  27. I loved this movie. It was so awesome. I am a really big fan now of Emmy Rossum. She is so GREAT and I absolutely adore her. I hope I see her in more movies like this. Her voice is AWESOME and she has just the right tone so, we can here all the words in the movie. Everyone should see it. Emmy will take your breath away with her performance. Enjoy!

  28. I agree with Phantoms Student, who cares about Raoul? I wish I was Christine so that I could choose the Phantom. He is beautiful and she ows everything to him! But hey if Christine doesn’t want him I would gladly take him off of her hands. The movie was so amazing it made me cry. It was wonderfully cast. Especially Gerard Butler

  29. When i first saw it, I cried, and was overcome with the romance that Cristine and the phantom feel for each other. They both have an excellent voices and are both blessed with a gorgeous face. Who cares about Raoul. That guy could die for all I care. What did she see in him anyway. She owes her love to the phantom, he gave her his music and her talent and love. I would rest peacefully if I knew they ended up together. But he’s mine now, my teacher and loving companion. My angel of music. Keep away from him gals, grab your own sexy opera singer. He’s taken!!!

  30. I loved Phantom – Emmy Rossum is an incredible singer and the look of the movie (production design, etc.) is first-rate. I can’t say that it’s a perfect film, however – I wasn’t impressed with Patrick Wilson as Raoul – his singing was just OK and he was no match for Gerard Butler as the Phantom. In the movie the Phantom was so much cooler –aren’t they supposed to be more evenly matched? That’s the way it was in the theatrical production that I saw. Also, I’m sorry that the box office results (U.S.) are clearly disappointing – that means that, in the future, musicals like this (meaning big, lavish, expensive productions) will have trouble getting made. The critics (U.S. again) are being pretty rough on Phantom – since the film has no name stars, it needs approval from the critics.

  31. Since I am a long time fan of the stage musical, I just loved this movie to bits. I had to see it more than once, so I have now seen it 7 times, (yeah you can call me sick, I dont mind!) that’s when having an Unlimited Card pays off, you dont have to pay everytime you come in!

    I also have the film’s soundtrack and just waiting now for the DVD which I hope they will make sure has enough stuff about Gerard Butler, whom I have just fallen so hard for.

    “You alone can make my song take flight…”

  32. Just like cameron I was so exicted for this movie, as i am typing I am listening to the soundtrack on my ipod, and my main reason for loving it is because it sparked my love for musical theatre. I am only 13 but I was litteraly shaking while the overture and was just so up in the moment a cold chill was constently over my whole body I am obssessed with Phantom as many of my friends say I have a poster signed by the current US Cast, Vocal Music, the special program from the show, and of course the Playbill. I have seen the show twice and the movie twice. I am happy with everyones singing voices. I have seen so many people complaining of Gerard Butler but I think he has a okay voice I am not going to shoot him down though. Emmy Rossum SHOCKED ME her crystal clear tone and just BEAUTIFUL voice made the movie perfect. Overall this movie is PERFECT and does exactly what I wanted it to. Although it did take some mystery out if it especially when they showed the mirror was a sliding mirror, etc etc. And I did not apreciate them changing when the chandelier fell. But it did help explain other things as I have always assumed that Christine died and it confermed that and it also told me that the Phantom lived which the musical never explained (another one of those mysterious things taken away) but I can’t wait to see this movie 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 times before it comes on DVD then I will probably watch it almost every night (wow I am obsessed)

  33. This was the most incredible movie I have ever seen, so rich in passion and emotion. I can not stop thinking about it and have already seen it 2 times in 3 days…planning for more! Christine is a beautiful singer and the Phantom is oh so sexy in a very dark way. this movie ensnared me the moment the broken chandelier rose and that infamous music begins.

  34. Guys, I’m from Brazil……

    but I love the show so much……

    u guys r so lucky…… the movie only gets here in February……

    right now i’m watching 1 clip after another……


  35. Well after being a fan of the musical for many years and a film addict, the thought of them making the movie; made me feel like a kid the night before xmas. I first heard they were doing a movie when a guy on a radio quiz show was asked what he did for a living, and he said he works as a dolly grip or something, and asked for what movie; well the rest was history.

    Anyway Last Friday Xmas came early, I actually ran to the cinema as if running down stairs to find the present’s under the tree. Managed to get really goods seats, because to my amazement the cinema was almost empty(bare in mind I live in Devon). Anyway the normal trailers seem to delay Santa coming down the chimney, then; the lights darken for the second time.

    Then the overture burst into life…….OMG, a shiver actual went through me. Finally I was there under the tree unwrapping my Presents. First impressions where WOW, how good does this look.

    I did like the build up, I don’t want to give to much away, which is difficult. But the start laid down the foundations, gently easing you into the world of the Phantom. When The Monkey appeared, the eerie sound echo in me even before it actually made a sound.

    Then the Chandelier appeared, and then I felt as if the Present that I so wanted all year and which was top of my Xmas list was there in my hands, even though I had only unwrapped a small part of the wrapping I knew what it was.
    And then they unwrapped the magic and splendor of the story, well I was smiling like a 4 year old with my new favorite toy.

    The way in which they transported you, from the dreary winter of the Theatre back to flamboyant grandeur of its summer. Was like remembering back from the gloom of old age back to the memories of your youth.

    The actual words of Music of the Night best describe this.

    “Night time sharpens
    Heightens each sensation
    Darkness wakes
    And stirs imagination
    Silently the senses
    Abandon their defenses
    Helpless to resist the notes I write
    For I compose the music of the night

    Slowly, gently
    Night unfurls its splendor
    Grasp it, sense it
    Tremulous and tender
    Turn your face away
    From the garish light of day
    Turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling light And listen to the music of the night”

    Then the story unfolded, and to my surprise and delight; it felt familiar. It was if I had seen the film before ages ago and had forgotten parts as you do, and little things where jogging my memory. But in fact it was that it is very similar to the stage show, but on a grander scale. The Phantom was starting to posses me once again; to be truthful I don’t think he ever left.

    Now My opinion as a whole, rather than take you through the whole movie scene by scene. The music was; well you know if you ever heard it; say no more. To those that haven’t where have you been? and it is something that you must hear as words fall short.

    Related to this was the singing, as a whole I enjoyed it and Christine was incredible, better than I expected and so was Raoul. So the Ghost him self, I actual thought he was ok-ish. I suppose being spoilt with Mr Crawfords voice for so many years it would be hard to beat, but unfortunately it didn’t come close. I actually thought it was really obvious that a few of the cast were dubbed, if they weren’t then its really bad I felt that.

    The Costume’s and scenery was amazing, and capture the spirit 110% in fact 200% really!. The dancing was brill, and the best part for me was Masquerade. Watch for the gent in the black and white;50/50 mask. wow. But when the whole troop start to perform this breathtaking number, and well; they do leave you breathless in MY opinion.

    All in all apart from some of the singing, which is a shame as it is a musical after all. 8/10. But I know for a fact I am going to watch it again at the cinema at least ten times, as it is something that really needs to be seen on a large scale.

    It has also inspired me to watch the show again with out a doubt. If you haven’t seen the show, what are you mad!! You must see it, I would suggest seeing the show first, in MY opinion.

    Anyway I will end this now as I will go on and

    Take care

    and in those immortal words “Savor each sensation
    Let the dream begin”


  36. I¬¥m dying to see the movie!. My only hope is that the “Phantom” doesn¬¥t sings like in the trailer, it sounds terrible!, specially being so many top singers/actors out there.
    What do you think?

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