Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Poster

CharlieChocposter1.jpgFor those of us who have actually been looking forward to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we’ve had to appease ourselves with little glimpses of disposable camera shots and tabloid black and white crappy pictures to get our fix. Now (well actually a couple of days ago) something substantial gets released. An actual one sheet poster! BEHOLD! Personally, I really like it. Nice colour scheme gives it kind of a playful mood. Also, being this early in the game it doesn’t give anything away. I really dig Depp’s look in it too.

If you like what you see, you can head on over to the good folks at CHUD who have posted up a larger version of the poster. But like I’ve always told the girlfriends I’ve had in my life: “Bigger isn’t necessarily better”. Ummmm… yeah.

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8 thoughts on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Poster

  1. seriously it gonna be great. Something new to us all. Dont even try to knock it, because when you see it, your opinion will change for sure.

    PS Im trying to find out where I can buy the Poster, My brother would kill to have it.

  2. I am sooooooooo excited about this movie. I saw the poster up in a movie theater in my hometown. I think it’s going to be great. I hate for the people who wish bad on it. This is for a whole new generation of “Wonkerers”.

  3. tim burton is going to outdo himself this time. the movie will follow the book a lot more than the gene wilder version (which was brilliant) but still hold burton’s beautiful imagery and tounge in cheek humour. i can’t wait

  4. I’m a fan of the Gene Wilder version, but I have to say that I’m curious to see what the Burton/Depp version is like. I haven’t really read much about it, but I’m assuming that it’s not going to include musical numbers, right?

  5. This poster and this concept of remaking Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is shit. I all most had a heart attack when I saw the poster because I thought that Marlyn Manson was still roled as Willy Wonka. I hope this movie losses so much money that the next time we hear about Tim Burton is in his obituary.

  6. can you just like…not say anything if u dont have anything nice to say?

    I THINK IT LOOKS GREAT… not what i expected but at the same time i did. I’M REALLY EXCITED!

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