American Pie 4 – You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

AmericanPiePoster.jpgI know I’m iin the minority here… but I didn’t like a single American Pie Movie at all. Not even a little. I thought they were stupid pieces of crap that had to resort to Pauly Shore tactics to illicite laughs from a predominetly 14 year old audience. I’ve never understood it’s appeal to anyone. But, the box office doesn’t lie, and obviously a LOT of you thought they were worth watching… enough to entice producers to make a 4th installment of the stupid series. The good folks at Hollywood North Report give us this:

Young actors Richard Keith and Lauren C.Mayhew are joining the cast of Universal’s American Pie : Band Camp, the fourth chapter in the series. Keith (Riding in Cars with Boys) and Mayhew (Raise your Voice) are joining Sean William Scott who has apparently been coaxed into reprising his role as Steve Stifler, for the film, by Director Steve Rash.

This time, the movie centers on Stifler’s younger brother, Matt, who is shipped off to Band Camp as a form of punishment. He gets up to his smutty ol’ tricks there, but ultimately gets sorted out by a young woman. The film is set to shoot in Vancouver later this year for an expected direct to DVD release sometime in 2005.

What? Direct to video? What a shock. This one has Oscar writen all over it all ready. Wow… I just read over my other posts for today… I’m really in a nasty mood.

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46 thoughts on “American Pie 4 – You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

  1. Well that film rulz u pus monkeys lol if u think it didnt u janky man! lol! well i think its the funniest film ive seen in a while maybe even this year! If u aint watched it u got to! im sure even a uptight posh cock loaf would even giggle at sum point! so rent it out if ur not sure!then if u like buy it thats wat i did! YEAH FUCKERS!:P

  2. the best part of american pie for me are part 1 and 2 this part rocks.. it shows real fun and it arouse my gf while we where watching it the movie. american pie rocks… in coming part 4… i think this would not be great.. its just a wild guest anyway..

    i like the real characters in the american pie 1 2 3 coz the’re realy funny… haha!

  3. Hey, I watched American Pie: 4 last night as my cousin works in a video store where they can preview all the new and upcoming films. I thought it would be pretty bad, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was pretty good and I am now a new fan of Tad Hilgenbrinck – he is a really good actor and I have spent the day on the internet looking up stuff on him and I can’t find anything!! If this is his first movie, he will be so big.

  4. I loved 1 and 2. stll watch them and roll around laughing. 3 wasnt great but it was a nice way to finish off the trilogy (the lack of certain characters was notable) but my god people what are you thinking? Just because it keeps the name doesnt make it an American pie film.

    This has terrible cash grabber written all over it and will drag down what are destined to be classics.

  5. The first movie made me laugh, I thought it was alright. The second movie I hated, it just served no purpose other than to give it’s creators more money for pumping out worthless crap. I haven’t even bothered seeing the 3rd, and I am pretending the news of a possible 4th doesn’t even exist to from this point on.

  6. I don’t know about the idea of having a fourth movie….I dont even know about continuing the American Pie saga without the original cast…what I DO know is that Tad Hilgenbrink can act his ass off and will carry this movie. He’s freakin’ hilarious and an awesome person all around. Whether it gets theatre release or goes to DVD I WILL see this when it comes out and if he’s the Tad I remember then it will be worth the cash.

  7. hi i love american pie and i think the new one is a great idea but its gonni suck the fact that theres gonni be new characters in to replace the old ones well at least sean william scott (stifler) will be in any way im gonni buy it as soon as it comes out on dvd for sure

  8. hey,i heard rachel bilson(summer,on the oc) is gonna be in american pie 4:band camp.and yall are right,its gonna be shit without the original cast,and WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL stiflers lil bro.thats shit.hes hot lol n i think they shouldve gotten him but w/e.ill see the movie because the american pie movies are my faves.i rele hope they have someone screwin a pie n gettin caught or drinkin ‘pale ale’ or some1 peein off a deck onto some1 or this movie will be doubt bout that.

  9. American pie 1 is the best, american pie 2 is still kewl.. three was a bit shit.. and american pie 4 without most of the original cast, is a shite idea and is completly ruining the whole feel of the films… i think all the original cast should get together and make one kewl last film

  10. i think anyone who doesnt like the pie movies are probably lowlife lonely people who have no sense of humor what so ever, these movies were funny ass hell and the cast was great, you people who dont like it are probably junkies or drug addicts with no families, you probably are so dam boring, probably will never marry and use your right hand alot! grow up and buy some sense of humor low life pieces of shit! for all you pie movie lovers you guys freakin rock!!!!!!

    you non pie lovers can stick a pie up your asses!

  11. hay every1 tad hilgenbrink is my cousin im not kidding either! ive neva met him but i have a pic of him and i want 2 meet him cos i want 2 b a actress and i need sum advice

  12. The only reason I can think of to make this movie is so that the general public won’t want any more American Pie movies made.

    I feel compelled to add this DVD to my collection when it comes out only because I have the other three. But I’ll feel completely cheated in my purchase. This storyline sounds absolutely terrible.

  13. ok then dudes, i need to say this and get it off my chest AMERICAN PIE IS THE WORST MOVIE EVA!! i cant stand it, i actually feel ,sorry for the directors because they have to live with the shame and giult of making such a bad movie, yours sinserley
    U SUK!

  14. I totally agree with ‘aftershock’
    I think he is a dude 4 pointing that out!!!
    Stiller ids withoutout doubt the greatest pie!
    I still call sean william scott- ‘stiffler’ in other movies!!!!
    I LUV YOU JIMMY!!!!!

  15. As a fanatic american pie fan, i watch them everyday and wish they wud never end bt i strongly believe there is no point having an american pie without seann william scott. he is the heart of the whole series! no stiffler no pie..

  16. Please dont delete these! i luv jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes jake armes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I would like to add that i am completely obsessed wit a girl, very lonely and just wana read this in the future! American Pie helped me thru the pian of love, and many sticky tissue moments…..
    Hey jism! If ur reading this in IT, I luv u dude!
    Bummer, im sad
    Me and jim made love!

  18. Dudes…. I grew up with the american pie saga…. it was my life, and my life would be complete with a 4th…. I kid you not! Come on, dont you agree that they are the perfect teenage movies….? (Bitches!)

  19. american pie without jason biggs is nothing……what da hell i mean how could they make a movie and exclude the originals…..they can suck ma balls if its gonna earn any shit you bet without jason its bullshit take one of the main characters out and da whole thing falls apart

  20. i think if an american pie 4 is being made they should put all the original cast back in it coz it wont be as good with different people in it and it will be much funnier with them in it.

  21. Theres a online petition for American Pie Reunion with the origional cast which is a much better idea. I’m not sure of the address of the site but if anyone likes the idea for American Reunion more than the bandcamp thing, you should sign it.

  22. American pie one was a huge hit for universal, the second one was all the actors, directors,producers coming back to make another good film and the third one was to finish off the product. Adam Herz is a geneious in comedy he’s very inspriational. The fact of the matter is if or when they bring out Pie 4 i think its going to ruin the other 3. Only Eugene levy (jim’s dad) and sean william scott (stifler) are coming back? its focused on stiflers little brother? its gonna suck whats an american pie without jason biggs (jim)?

  23. I don’t know if Scott actually declined the part, but I do know that Tad Hilgenbrink, a friend of mine is going to be playing Stiffler. Which is really funny because he doesn’t act like his character at all.

  24. You better check the facts a little better. I’m currently working on American Pie: Bandcamp. The only name correct in the article is that of the director Steve Rash. Scott (stiffler) declined. and the movie is shooting in the Malibu area not f-ing Vancouver.

  25. Hey guys,
    Long time lurker here, and wanted to post my first comments.
    I thought the first American Pie was pretty decent, the second one went downhill, and the third one just plain sucked. IMO, they should have stopped after the 2nd.

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