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DungeonsAndDragons.jpgYes, you read that title right. Somewhere in the world, some brain trust that obviously made they’re money from an inheritance decided to not only produce a sequel to one of the most horrible pieces of cinematic trash you’d ever fear to come across in the bargain bins… but a third one as well. I played D&D as a kid (perhaps that’s why I’m so screwed up) and was really excited when I heard about the first Dungeons and Dragons being made… it could have been so good. With Jeremy Irons it SHOULD have been fantastic. But wow… that movie just feel into a pit and failed it’s save roll miserably. What a horrid movie. Anyway, Dungeons and Dragons 2 will be released straight to video sometime next year. Why anyone wants to do 3 is beyond me. The good folks at Cinescape give us this:

Zinc Entertainment, a division of Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures, is developing “Dungeons & Dragons 3.” What about number 2 you ask? Warner Bros. will release “Dungeons & Dragons 2: The Elemental Might,” which is completing production, theatrically in the U.S. next year and subsequently on homevideo. “Dungeons & Dragons 2” stars Bruce Payne and Mark Dymond, reprising their roles from the first pic. Clemency Burton-Hill and Steven Elder are also attached to star for director Gerry Lively.

Ummm… yeah. Whatever. Someone get me a 20 sided die so I can see if I can kill this sucker.

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17 thoughts on “Dungeons & Dragons 3

  1. perhaps if you all knew the deep shit that the TSR people had to make a DND movie, you might appreciate the first movie more, sure Peter Jackson set a very high standard but that was because he understood that if there was ever going to be a Lord of the Rings, it HAD TO BE an Epic.

    and he would never get the funding to make 3 Movies, he had to make all three at ones as if it were one big Movie.

    the DnD movie however, this was not the original story put up by the Team at TSR in the 80’s. Gary Gygax, one of the founding creators of DND for those our there that don’t know, had a DND Movie in the making in the 1980’s, but due to corporate politics that movie was shelved due to an internal power struggle which would have seen any old fans of the game loose thier beloved game, the fact that we finaly saw ANY DnD movie should be applauded. as for the weak making of the 1st film,

    I suggest you stop expecting the very best very every thing, we all know the bum rap that DND people get, why would you expect the movie world to be any different, if that is not good enough, then stop whining and get out there and do a better job yourself.

    I for one appreciate the time and effort that went into the first movie, and look forward to any other movies that may follow.

    and I hope that DND sees a run the likes of which has not been seen since the 007Bond movies.

  2. I Just watched the DnD sequel today and thought it was far supperior to the first one, the story line is more in depth and has alot more emotion to it. There is very little comedy in it, and after the devastation Snails brought to the movie i was pleased about this. Damodar is far more believeabe, and the main characters are far more diverse. The magic was great although it could have had a better budget for speacial effects, This is a muct for all DnD fans and if the third is more of the same then i cant wait, but a bigger budget would be good. Although A druid in the party was a miss. The rogue and barbarian interactions were great.

  3. I’ve seen DnD 2 movie, its much better than the first pile of garbage, I’d say its about time all the DnD cliches made it into a film, and they do here.

    Yes, it’s rather low budget, but the dragons are great, and if you ask me its a fun movie for DnD lovers..

    Personally, I thought it was a plesant surprise.

  4. I havent been an avid D&D player since high school cause I joined the military and never had time again…however, I still remember the weekends spent playing…it was a lot of fun. Most people dont like this sort of thing or they bad mouth cause they dont understand the mental capacity it takes to play games like these…you have to have an awesome imagination and split second decision making abilities. For all of you bad mouthing this shit…go take a look in the mirror and tell what it is you do that is so constructive and exciting. I guess being a couch potato is better than actually using your brain for some of you. About the movies…the first one was terrible and should be banned…they could have done so much better and had way better actors. I hope for number 2 and 3 they actually put time and thought into the plot and find someone who can portray the characters like they need to be portrayed and not make a f*#$ing love story out of it.

  5. I’ve been an avid D&D player for 10 years this october, and me and my all my buddies are psyched for the movie, excellent characters, a plot that could use a little work, but there were some good actors. HOW COULD THEY SCREW IT UP SO BADLY? Seriously, there was shit in that movie that I have never even seen in a D&D books, and I mean I’m a loser, grade A loser. Me and my friends sat there and calculating what level and class each character was, and the DC’s of each thing they did, its doesn’t get much lower than that, but we did it. And I am welcoming the second and third movie, ya know. I’m a video game player and I’ve played plenty of games that were bad but some of the sequals were pretty good. So I have high hopes, my hopes are extremely high for a Dragonlance movie. Robert Deniro soooo should be Raistilin.

  6. Lug– calling someone else sad because they roleplay instead of watch TV all the time is just lame. I don’t play D&D now, but that’s just because it’s hard finding a group.

    Everyone else– You have to understand that these people are business executives who get their hands on a property and have to make money on it somehow. They don’t have to do a great job, they just have to keep costs lower than the sales they’ll automatically get from the D&D name. It’s only when someone with vision and a love of what they’re presenting come along that you get things like Peter Jackson’s Ring trilogy.

    On the off chance that the producer of the D&D movies reads this and cares, no offence intended if you really did the best you could. But it really was a disappointment.

  7. I lvoe DnD it is badass but hey im still a kid whta i dont get is that all theses great moives are coming out that ARE MAKING TONS OF MONEY AND THERE ALL BASED ON COMIC BOOKS AND NOVELS AND THE DnD moive makers are the onlying idiots not following the program istead they kkep scraping up crap off there boots of stupidty and dumbing it into film.

  8. “I do play D&D and I’m not a kid, I play it with a group that ranges from the ages of 20 – 35 with a table of 4 – 6 players every week,”

    rob, you’re so sad. you’re life must suck so bad. anyone older than 20 playing dnd should check themselve into a mental hospital.

  9. I do play D&D and I’m not a kid, I play it with a group that ranges from the ages of 20 – 35 with a table of 4 – 6 players every week, and All of us look at the first movie in horror. It SUCKS, i mean geesh the Realms is there, You don’t have to do Dritz novels (though Salv has written a number of good books) you also have the Eliminster books, the Harpers books, The city books, Hey what about the Gods War? Or the Forsaken House or any of the Realms novels.. Or for that matter the Dragon Lance, Planescape etc etc Novels.. Why Do these morons keep allowing shitty movies when there is so much good stuff out there?

    Something tells me they really really musta rolled bad on the actors selection, Hasbro needs to be given a nice +5 Crappywritter, Produce and Directors Bane with truestrike cast on it… then once they use it cut sick with some hell balls, followed by some nice Prismatic Sprays and just for the Heck of it, nuke the area with a few Fireballs or even better Disinigrates while there at it…. and leave a Mighty Iron Gollem there to STOP em ever being raised!

  10. I think it is horrid that they are doing a second movie. I would hope we would see maybe a Forgotten realms or a Dragon Lance inspired movie. Ray Parks as Drizzt Do’Urden? We all know he has the moves and wouldn’t mind wearing make up. Any one have the movie actors guild phone book….

  11. Which of the Wayans brothers was in this one? He starred in Requiem for a Dream and was actually good in that.

    Anyway, seeing him in this D&D flick, his character and performance reminded me of…I am really sorry to say but this the truth…Jar Jar Binks. That’s right: His character in this was a human version of Jar Jar. I felt awful seeing (and thinking) this. But watch both Phantom Menace and D&D back-to-back and you will see the uncomfortable similarities.

  12. Hey good D&D references there. “Failed its save roll” and hoping to kill it with your d20.

    I have a +9 dagger of ogre slaying if you need it. But I will only help you if you have girls and some mountain dew.

  13. well there were a couple of fantasybooks coming to the big screen a couple of months ago. or at least rumors of that sort. I was also pretty horrified when i saw D&D, i just hated it. I played it as well when i was young, so my i had high hopes.

    for the fans there’ve been a couple of other attempts to try to bring D&D to the big screen.

    – Krull, supposedly losely based on the basic rules of D&D. Nice cult movie.
    – Monsters And Mazes, i believe one of the first roles of Tom Hanks, but i haven’t seen it.
    – El Corazon Del Guerrerro, also known as Heart Of The Warrior. Probably the only movie that takes the phenomenon a bit serious. About a boy who plays a dnd campaign who’s dreams get a bit too real :)

  14. This is dissappointing news. I’ve been hoping that they would just pretend the first D&D movie never happened, and start working on bringing some of R.A.Salvatore’s Dark Elf books to the big screen. Or even Weis and Hickman’s books. I don’t understand the mentality that would ignore the untapped potential of these best sellers in favor of the box office tragedy that was the first D&D movie.

    I’m a little depressed now.

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