George Clooney the new Magnum P.I.?

clooney2.jpgIn the rash of old TV shows being made into feature films, this one looks like one of the more interesting offerings. I think Clooney is a terrific actor (even if some of his films have stunk worse than old cheese and Pauly Shore).

As an interesting side note, FilmForce.Net is also reporting that George Clooney is also looking at playing Hannibal in an A-Team film. Now THAT would be a film I’d paid to see! (Gee√¢‚Ǩ¬¶ can you tell I’m a child of the 80’s?)

According to The Internet Movie Database (via WENN), George Clooney wants to star as the big-screen Magnum P.I. Universal and Imagine Entertainment are developing the feature film version of the hit TV series that ran on CBS from 1980-88 and starred Tom Selleck as mustachioed Vietnam vet-turned-Hawaii private dick Thomas Sullivan Magnum. Screenwriter Michael McCullers (the Austin Powers sequels and the forthcoming Thunderbirds) is scripting the film version…

The site says that Magnum P.I. hopes to lens next year and “will feature the brand new $800,000 Ferrari Enzo sports car in place of Magnum’s classic Ferrari 308 Gts.” The IMDb adds that “the identities of who will play Magnum’s side-kicks Theodore ‘TC’ Calvin, Orville ‘Rick’ Wright and Jonathan Quayle Higgins III √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú played by Roger E Mosley, Larry Manetti and John Hillerman in the TV original √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú are being kept top secret.”

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24 thoughts on “George Clooney the new Magnum P.I.?

  1. Tom Selleck is appearing in the film, with a walk on role. He is refusing to grow back his tache as he thinks it would be stupid if he looked the same as he did all those years back. Has the lead actor been confirmed yet?

  2. The Magnum movie should be made but only with Selleck and the original cast. Rarely has a TV cast had such great chemistry as the Magnum cast. Bellisario and Tom Clancy should pen the script and leave the comedy writers out altogether. The purity and chemistry of the TV show should be left intact.
    Clooney? Why? He looks older than Selleck does so he won’t be able to deliver a more youthful looking Magnum character anyway. Why tamper with perfection when the orignal was so good? Let’s see what happened in the lives of the original characters. They were interesting, highly developed and the audience genuinely cared about them.
    This movie needs to be a drama not some cheesy comedy that insults everything the original show built. Magnum fans won’t stand for it!

  3. I agree; Magnum P.I. wouldn’t be the same if Tom Selleck wasn’t playing MAGNUM. I’ve watched the show from the very beginning.

    I miss watching him on tv.And as for George Clooney playing Magnum……forget about it. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN,!


  4. George Clooney???????? Its bad enough that Universal Stupidos has waited this long for a Magnum Movie. But George Clooney???? I’ll admit he’s a good actor but he’s no Tom Selleck and he’s definitley no Thomas Magnum. He couldn’t play Magnum’s 15th cousin let alone his brother! Hollywood is no different from the NFL or anywhere in corporate America. Its all about the $$$$. They want to attract the 18-29 y.o. crowd? Has it occured to them that the people who actually want to see this movie, who know what it means, are now 30 to 40? Tom Selleck and the orignal cast don’t look their age. They look younger. Selleck can laugh like a clown and still play the Hero/Tough Guy. No actor past/present can ever duplicate that. I wouldn’t waste a penny to go see a Magnum Movie without the Tom Selleck and the orginal cast, IN HAWAII! Sorry George! I know? How about an “ER” movie? HA!

  5. Why are some people saying that it is not possible to bring Tom Selleck back as Magnum because he died in the final episode? He didn’t die in the last episode, unless you are referring to the theory that he actually did die in the last episode of season 7 and then spent the entire season 8 as a ghost??..
    Anyways, my main point is that I feel that bringing back the show with new actors would only bring the original series into disrepute.

  6. What a bunch of knuckleheads….taking a franchise like “magnum, P.I.” with well developed characters then make a movie out of it…featuring none of the original actors/characters. The recent news out of the Honolulu newspaper had the probable story line featuring Clooney as Thomas’ younger brother (who was never mentioned on the show) investigating Thomas’ death; moving most of the storyline to LA for future sequel potential. That way they could eliminate the other “Magnum” characters and avoid a lot of “back-story clutter”. Funny, what they call “back-story clutter” I call the reason I used to watch the old TV show.
    If the story doesn’t involve the old characters or is even based in Hawaii why even call it “Magnum”????
    Nyuk Nyuk

  7. OMG- Magnum did not die in the last episode, he re-joined the Navy so he could provide a stable home life for Lily. Also the other questions were; is Higgins really Robin Masters? and did Rick finally commit and say I do?!
    I feel that it should be a reunion movie with the original cast, and possibly Jessica Alba playing Lily Magnum, that way they leave the door open for a new series starring her!
    I mean who wouldn’t watch that? Jessica driving around Hawaii in a new Ferrari wearing short-shorts and a hawaiian print tank top!

  8. Just a note about MBA’s. I have a degree in fine arts and an MBA. In just ONE of our classes for the MBA program we actually created and acted in three short plays, shot a short film, read over 20 books ranging from works by the Dalai Lama to Machiavelli, drew-up plans for the perfect city (with hand drawn pictures), and all of this on top of the work normally expected to be found in a business school class (to lead you must be creative and good at time management). I found the experience in the MBA program to be very creative and very helpful in learning how to get a job done. I also found that without the sorts of folks who tend to get MBAs all you end up with is dreams (often dreams that no one would care to see) and nothing much would get done √¢‚Ǩ‚Äúespecially on a grand scale such as with the Lord of the Rings and other such movies.

    I think that Magnum show sounds like fun and a good idea. I would much rather see our world’s time, energy, and money put to the task of creating a show like Magnum PI than to see time and energy spent on something that is not only pointless, but negative such as the movie Hannibal. If we are going to see expensive superfluous movies (at least 90% of movies are pointless wastes of time and energy), and then talk about them at length like a bunch of goofs after a ball game, then we may as well see this one and spend time talking about it.

    By the way, that leaves us with less than 10% of movies that ARE worth watching.

  9. #1 Magnum died in the last episode… that’s kinda kills the idea for a return if you ask me… but if you are gonna remake it, why not use the original cast and up the drama, not excluding the action or budget… but stay true to the original feel of the series and use the original cast… they’re not that old. I think that using George Clooney to spice it up , and *gag* make it more marketable is a horrible idea and I think it’s time we kicked all of those bastards with MBAs out of Hollywood and put some talented storytellers in their place.

  10. A Magnum movie is a great idea and something I’ve hoped for. But it can’t just be a rehash for cash. Everyone wants to know what happened to them all and how their lives have changed. You can’t really do that without the original cast pluse if you can get her the young girl who played Magnum’s daughter. I’ve had lots of ideas over the years of how to get them all back together, all the possibilities are nearly endless. Hope to see it happen with the originals, otherwise I won’t watch. JDT in La

  11. magnum is a classic, i mean tv does not get any better (did you see the sunrise) i remember sitting with my mouth agape when that final scene played. there have been to few tv shows with as much depth and charactor as magnum.i think it would work on the big screen and george will do a great job.

  12. Making an 80’s tv show into porn ISN’T a good idea??!? Wha?!? Have you heard the music back then my man?? Porn is all you can do with more then half the material made back then…..thats how adult movies help the world….through recycling crap other people wouldn’t use…waste not want not…like the natives using every part of an animal killed in the hunt…don’t throw anything away..use it to its fullest…especially if you can show a silicone babe doing ‘her thing’ to peter schilling hits….thats a winner my friend….Facts of Life has no hope of a comeback…but add in a little porn treatment…suddenly a bore you to tears show with big hair has turned into an exciting all-girl fiesta! aaarrrrriba arriba!!

  13. Someone under 20 needs to get out of the house more. Its sad when someone actually thinks the only valid application to a movie based on 80s television shows is to make it into porn.

    This was bound to happen. We had a rash of movies based on 60’s television shows in the 80’s so why not now? Its not a matter of Hollywood not coming out with something original. There is plenty out there that is.

    Look up Project Greenlight. ( Its a brilliant idea by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. These two accept scripts from amateur writers and choose a winner. The winner gets their script turned into a screenplay and Matt and Ben back it. Battle of Shaker Heights was one of them. Guaranteed your porno treatment of Magnum PI wont make the cut.

  14. I think Clooney has the ability to play both Magnum and Hannibal if they do these films. (and I happen to know where Selleck Lives.. and he does own a Ferrari 308GTS)

    An ATeam movie would be fun, as long as it had a musical montage of them creating some weapon of war that has no ability to actually hurt anyone, while they shoot lots of guns that never shoot anyone. That is what made the ATeam cool. But will they actually get MrT to play BA Barackus? The others could easily be played by anyone with the right attitude or comic relief (please say Jim Carey isnt Murdock) but who could you get to play BA without looking like some sad attempt to rip off his token lines.

    I pity the fool who tries to play BA if TMan isnt going to do it.

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