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Yes, you read that right. It appears that the Farrelly brothers are going to be making a modern film version of the 3 Stooges. I’m not sure how I feel about this. The Stooges were more than just fictitious characters that any actor can play. The actors WERE the Three Stooges. If they’re making a story about the life of the Stooges that’s fine√¢‚Ǩ¬¶ but if they’re going to try to make a new version of the Stooges, then I think the project is doomed for disaster√¢‚Ǩ¬¶ even with the Farrelly brothers at the helm. Here’s the story:

Peter and Bobby Farrelly, the filmmaking duo behind the comedies Dumb & Dumber, There’s Something About Mary and Osmosis Jones, have been tapped to helm The Three Stooges for Warner Bros. According to Variety, the adventure pic will revolve around the Stooges characters originated by Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Jerome “Curly” Howard. The Farrelly siblings spent last winter and spring writing an updated script with Me, Myself and Irene scribe Mike Cerrone. The Three Stooges will provide Warners with a high-profile comedy-something that the studio hasn’t had in several years. The comedy is expected to start shooting early next year for a summer 2005 release.

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4 thoughts on “The Three Stooges the movie

  1. I think the Farrellys should not only make it at biopic, but use the following actors:

    1) Jon Lovitz (Larry Fine)

    This would be ingenius casting, because not only does Lovitz have the right size and shape, but the same features AND (most important) an amazingly similar voice as Larry.

    2) Robert Davi (Shemp Howard)

    He was in Die Hard and (best remembered) Goonies. If you dont know who this actor is, look him up, picture him with parted, greasy hair and you have a splitting image of Shemp, my personal favorite Stooge.

    –I think they already cast Russell Crowe as Moe, which is inspired casting. He will do just fine. Lets just hope this is a biopic, and not a cheezy update.

    Michael Green
    [email protected]

  2. I have an idea how the Three stooges movie should end it should end with Green day playing Godd Reedance (time of your life) wheil the song is playing show flashbacks and at the end of the song show the stones

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