Ok, I know what you are thinking. What’s a Nausicaa? Its only the best anime ever produced by Studio Ghibli, which Buena Vista (Disney) recently bought the North American Distribution rights for. Still not with me? Remember Princess Mononoke? Spirited Away? Castle in the Sky? Kiki’s Delivery Service? Yeah, THAT guy. He does awesome stuff. For the record, his name is Hayoa Miyazaki and he is considered to be the greatest of all Anime. Problem is, for us english speaking chumps most of his works were never translated. Now they are, and they are selling like crazy.

Way back in the 80’s there was a film called Warriors of the Wind which was his greatest achievement at the time, a true epic known as Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind. They butchered up an english translation and cut it down to 90 mins (over the 3 hour original) and this turned Miyazaki off from releasing other films to the english speaking market.

Now I have read the graphic novel series and I LOVED the english film. But there is a LOT of story missing. All things considered I figured they did a decent job with the film but Miyazaki doesn’t think so. This month the DVD release in Japanese only of the REAL Nausicaa film hits shelves. Considering Buena Vista’s lust for the mightly dollar, I don’t imagine it will be long before we see this dubbed in english for a North American release.

They call Warriors a mockery of the original and I thought it was pretty keen. I am all a jitter to see what it was supposed to be like!!! Keep your eyes out for it!!!

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6 thoughts on “Nausicaa

  1. damn, when are they gonna get it out?
    i’ll be a grandma before they do it seems and i’m not even old enough to be a mum yet….i saw only warriors back when in 1988 and damn was it the best! still is u know, but i felt cheated after i learned it was a ‘pirated’ version.

  2. I’m not sure how much Miyazaki did with this.. but my favourite studio Ghibli film has to be ‘grave of the fireflies’

    it’s super emotional, and it’s one of those rare films that stay with you for a loong time
    –highly recomended

  3. I was mostly referencing the fact that they nearly ignored and hopelessly released Spirited meanwhile focusing on stupid movies like their own “TReasure Planet” which sucked cow flap.

    It was very nice to see Spirited,come back to bite them by winning an Oscar. “Hey guys, naybe we could’ve made tons of money with this.”

  4. Disney bought the distribution rights to everything Miyazaki did under the Studio Ghibli name. So since tis being released in Japan, its likely just a matter of time before they bring it here.

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