On the Set of Mean Girls

meang.jpgI just thought I’d make this a post since I can actually talk about a film that won’t be released for another year or so.

Today I spent the day on the set of “Mean Girls” a what-looks-like a tweeny comedy directed by Mark Waters who directed Freaky Friday. I found myself darting in and around the lead ladies while they were prancing in front of the camera looking all floozied up.

Wanna know what’s fun? Darting in and around lead ladies while they prance in front of the camera looking all floozied up.

“Mean Girls” is 4 days into its two month schedule of shooting. It stars Lacey Chabert (from Party of 5 and who also turned 21 today and who’s also pictured over there.) Rachael McAdams from “The Hot Chick” and Lindsay Lohan from “Freaky Friday”. It also stars me. As “the guy who keeps walking around in all the shots in the mall.” Dina Spybey/Waters from “Six Feet Under” (who’s also wrapping up “The Haunted Mansion”) was there too, but she was just stopping by to say hi.

I have no idea what the movie is about or what kind of film it is, but it was crap loads of fun just hanging out with a truck load of other people, mingling with directors and actors who make SCADS more than I do and getting into shots and production stills with famous people.

Allow me to say this, if you ever need to convince yourself that the rest of the world is just ugly people, hang out on a movie set. I mean, YOWZA.

Oh yeah… And I got paid for it.

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75 thoughts on “On the Set of Mean Girls

  1. i think your all just stupid losers!i mean come on “oh well my daughter was asked to audition” holy shit man freak out dude grow up if you wantto be really impressive go to hollywood and try out if you make it then ok you can bragg but if you havent then just shut the f*up your not impressive at all k no body wants to hear it you f* bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Janet,
    Get a list of extra agencies from your local Screen Actors Guild (or ACTRA for Canada) branch and check them out. Make sure your parents are involved. There are a lot of scam artists out there promising to “make you a star” (no such guarantee). Good luck.

  3. Hey I think there is a guy in the movie that I know…Does anyone know who Matt Purdy is?? I think he was sitting at the “jock” table in the cafeteria scenes….I think he was also in the party scene at Lindsay’s house in the movie…the guy who was making out with the girl in the movie when Lindsay walks in and asks them to get out. Anyone know if that’s him or not?

  4. I thought the movie was good on Tina Fey’s part and Lacy Chabert’s but as for the rest… i could care less. I am so tired of these little tinsel town tweenies. I dont feel that they do much to the entertainment business at all.Mary-Kate And Ashley seem to be the only ones who have worked real hard. The rest just got lucky. :)

  5. Chris,

    I’m sorry you couldn’t sense the glaring sarcasm.

    We’ve answered your questions.
    Then you asked them again.
    We answered them again.
    You kept repeating yourself.
    We started deleting repeating posts.
    We gave you a warning.
    You kept doing it.
    We gave you a second warning.
    Then we gave you a third warning.
    You still haven’t listened.
    You’re still repeating them – wasting our time and space in the process.

    You’re banned.

    Any questions?

  6. Welcome to the breaking point…


    Look it up buddy!!!! You’ve been repeatedly answered and yet you keep spouting off useless questions ….
    You’ve been asking the SAME THING about characters for 5 MONTHS!! It would take you 30 seconds to look it up!!!! STOP ASKING!!!

    You have used up your last chance.. This is warning # 3.
    One more time… Do it one more time.. PLEASE.

  7. EWWWW L Lohan is pretty vile!! We saw her in LA smoking at Mel’s diner. She’s sooo loud and obnoxious. No class!!! I wouldn’t even let my little sister go near her and she used to like her movies. NOt anymore. She’s like a Hilton sister wannabe!

  8. so which one is it. love her or hate her. on one hand making movies is probably stressful. on the other she hasn’t been in school a whole lot. has hollywood corrupted her? she cant to disney movies forever. when is she gonna take on a roll that isnt pg-13. that’s the true test. and to think i actually wanted to get into being an extra. you all seem to have experience. i need feed back.

  9. Hey, anyone else seen Lindsay Lohan driving around LA in that big black mercedes smoking and drinking and making a total fool out of herself??? God, that girl is going to ruin herself before she even begins!!!

  10. Chris, or chrisf600,

    Again, I have deleted your posts.

    Ask a question once.
    There is no need to spam the board with repeated questions of the exactly same nature.

    This is Warning #2.

  11. By the way, Solid_gur18, Lindsay did not fire that girl.

    Director Mark Waters asked that the girl not be asked back to set ONLY because she looked too much like Lindsay when not in focus, and it was apparently just odd-looking.

  12. Man, look at Austin..

    There’s TWO intelligent posts in the Mean Girls’ Board in two days.. That’s fantastic. Good for you. How’d you land the work on the sets? Are you an A.D. or an Assn. Prod?


  13. I’ve worked on 2 movies with Lindsay now, and really, I don’t see what the big problem is. Every second that she’s NOT in her trailer, eyes from everywhere are watching everything she does. If you ask me (which no one did, but should) that can be pretty stressful. I actually had the opportunity to talk to Lindsay in depth on the set of Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and she was very pleasant, dare I say enjoyable, in fear of some know-nothing razzing me about it.

    And as for that guy getting beat, I was there too. He DIDN’T get beat, he was asked to wait his turn, and then he threw his food and started throwing punches. Jarrod the AD wore his “speghetti-stained shirt” the rest of the day, most of which he spent in a room cooling off and taking a nap. I don’t think he was “proud”. His job is to make sure the background performers are where they’re supposed to be, and doing what they’re supposed to do, and that’s all he was doing. Lay off.

  14. Yeah i was on more than a few sets of Mean Girls. I thought it was one of the best and most fun sets I’ve been on. I really liked the house party and halloween scene. Also does anyone know if it is true that Lindsay fired some background performer?

  15. Ohh.. Hold the phone a moment. If I read this correctly, someone just left an intelligent post in our Mean Girls board.

    I’m absolutely beside myself…
    …wanna work for us?

    Is everybody taking notes?

  16. Hey guys you have to give Lindsay a break. I’ve been working on movie sets for a while and trust me she’s not the only actress that seems like a complete snob. But the truth is in real life she’s acually pretty cool. Movies are extremely stressful, especially if you are the star and unfortunatly sometimes nice people come off as jackasses. And as for her getting to the set with the wrong wardrobe, hair and make-up; that is totally not her fault. Same goes for the excessive amount of takes.

  17. HAHA k u guys r funny. but does anyone know the deal with lindsay lohan and hilary duff, did they really get in a fight? haha ya i heard that linsay lohan and hilary duff are both the biggest snobs in the entire world. but whats this new movie about?

  18. My sister is in the movie and worked closely with all the actors as well as Mark Waters. She has an degree in acting as well as a BFA. I have heard stories and etails. All i can say is that Lohan is a brat, a bad actor and likes the sweet leaf a little too much

  19. Yes, I know Molly-Kate. :) I saw her brother and was going to ask him but I never got around to it. I thought I was going to have to see the movie before knowing if she had a big part. Thanks for answering :)

  20. Oh, Kristen Hadley is played by Molly something (forget the last name) she’s in it a lot. She plays one of the jocks. her boyfriend is played by Jonathan Malen. Molly’s a really nice girl!

  21. I was told a few months ago someone that I knew was in the movie and they gave me the name of her Character, but since I haven’t heard of her on any of the boards I go to, I’m guessing it’s not big. What kinda role does the character Kristen Hadley have?

  22. I don’t think either of them was crying when the guy got beaten up. wasn’t it at lunch time or something? there was no ambulance as far as I know. and jonathan bennet’s character plays Lindsay Lohan’s love interest. he’s not a villain in the movie. i don’t think Amanda Seyfried was crying or mad, maybe it was rachel Mc. aDams?

  23. I don’t know who the guy was who got beaten up, but that AD guy was so proud of himself for some reason. he wore his spagetti stained shirt for a long time after that. And I agree with the above email about lohan being a brat. She shouldn’t be, the other girls were WAY hotter than her!

  24. Are you talking about that fight with the guy who wanted to eat in line with the “real” actors and that fifth AD guy who wanted to show how macho he was and took him out?

  25. Since no one on earth has seen this unreleased film, I’m not too sure how many people will be able to help you — unless you’re talking about freaky Friday —

    If you are talking about Mean Girls, you’ll have to hope that someone from the set reads your post. In the mean time, the very best I can do is give you a link to the cast listing.. which i here : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0377092/combined

  26. well/… since you mention it, that dashing individual was me… except for the part about Ms. Lohan’s boyfriend, but hey, if some poor schmuck doesn’t want the job.. I guess I’ll take the first number for that line. yes. good good.

  27. I was an extra on this movie for a couple days when they filmed by the hospitals, and to tell you the truth Lindsey Lohan is a total and complete brat. She was rude to everyone that got in her way, and most of the time eveyrone was just waiting around for her to get to set. THen when she’d get there, half the time she was totally unprepared and they’d have to send her back to change or do her hair right or somehting like that. The whole experience was so annoying. she should grow up a bit if she wants to get somewhere in the biz. I bet not a lot of people will put up with her ****.

  28. That fight in holding was annoying….. I was right next to where the fight broke out, but I didn’t pay attention to any of it.

    I’m an extra in mean girls too…..I never plan to see it, but meh it pays.

  29. I was an extra in this movie also. Let me tell you everyone that has to do with this movie is HOT!! All the actresses in it and everyone else from the AD’s to the set teacher! Wowzers!!! I was in the high school sene out at the dufferin mall! It was a great time


  31. Yesterday I was an extra in this movie, and I have to say that it was the background talent that was bratty and awful. There was a group of background talent that made the day almost unbearable for all the rest of us. A fight broke out in our holding area and all day I had to listen to made up rap songs about pimping out someone’s girlfriend. I don’t know what Lindsay is like but I doubt she was doing THAT. I have to say that the handlers didn’t have very much control over the background talent and I was mortified by the behaviour I had to endure. I hope that any participation I have in future productions won’t be anywhere near as bad as this was.

  32. one of my best friend’s brother is playing lindsay lohan’s boyfriend in the movie :)(although i heard that shes really really bratty)
    he got the role when the guy who was supposed to be playing that part didnt have enough chemistry with lindsay :) hopefully we are going up to the set within the next 2 weeks before they are done filming!

  33. Well, I don’t know about everybody else, but I *was* on the Toronto set. They’ve been shooting here for quite sometime – I saw them all again.. Ummm let’s see now.. last week sometime when they were shooting at the old Varsity Stadium site.

    As far as commenting for everyone else, I was on set for a mall scene or two. – Not a lot of ‘film’ action, but a lot “goings-on” to deal with. Maybe I was there on a good day, or you were on set for a bad few days, who knows. My day was faboo – sorry to hear yours was substantially suckier.

  34. The director Mark S. Watters is a good director but he’s not the best out there he’s very picky he wants everything to look good. I know that he’s the director and I’m not but he should know that there are editors that will help him out to make him look good and to make Lindsay look good and he should also know that he should not do many takes when there are no mistakes because in some of the takes they were good but for some reason he was very picky at a lot of picks. I and other background performers were all frustrated with the director and mostly at Lindsay.
    Lindsay needs to learn how to act she should find the best acting teacher out there to help her out in her acting if she was on a play at a theater a lot of people would be pissed because of her bad performance and they would want their money back. She also did a bad job at “Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen” now that was the worst film it was take after take after take it was a lot worse than “Mean Girls”.
    You should come to the Toronto set of “Mean Girls” for one day or maybe for a few days and you will see how I’m right if you don’t think I’m right than you should go and visit more sets.

  35. My daughter went to Idyllwild Arts this summer and after the summer presentation a dad approached me. He was John Goldwin and he asked if she would like to audition for Mean Girls. It was all very exciting for our small-town metabolism.

    She is back in her getto high school. It seems she was too young. She is 16. I think she has a remarkable life, but then I am her mom.


  36. I still get flashbacks of a 17 year old davey boy with long hair watching some movie when some guy gets to smooch the lead hottie and dave suddenly bursting … “AND HE GOT PAID TO DO THAT!!”

    Your almost there boyo!

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