Matrix Revolutions: Big Screen Format or Piss Yourself IMAX 70mm Format.

Well, by now you’ve heard that Matrix is being released all at once to a worldwide audience. Which, I think is a neat idea, but probably not neat enough to require all the planning it would take to pull it off. – Besides you can bet your butt that the owners of movie theatres are gonna watch it at 4 in the morning the day before anyway.

However, this squirily little punk is also being shown on the IMAX screens – in all of its 70 mm, crystal sharp picture, “I-have-to-puke-because-my-brain-thinks-I’m-flying-and-my-sensory-overload-is-making-my-floppy-parts-go-numb” glory.

“I’ve seen a Hollywood movie on an IMAX screen before, so what?” You say. Yes but you see, you silly, miscalculating fool, that was 35mm. — the 70 mm actually FILLS the entire 8 stories worth of screen. Your hair will melt, trust me.

70mm movies are usually reserved for boring things like school documentaries about the outer-wear of Eskimos, or really close-up shots of whale fins flapping in the air – Or anything at all that really doesn’t necessitate being presented to you in a screaming 40x larger than real life image. “Yes! Seal Sinue! — Sew, very old Esikmo woman, SEW!!!” Kick me stupid already.

Never before has an IMAX cinema been exploited in every angle by such an eye candy-type wonder as Revolutions. It’ll be more real than a root canal. Only Fun. And less smoke.

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One thought on “Matrix Revolutions: Big Screen Format or Piss Yourself IMAX 70mm Format.

  1. I think the matrix trilogy was a very good movie, espically the matrix revolution. I say this because the story behind the movie is actually mentioned in the Hindu scriputres, the Vedas. The vedas talk about an illusion world known as “maya” hence thats where the Wachosky brothers got the idea of the matrix from. This is how similar it is. In the vedic scriptures, it mentiones that we live in an illusion world, everything is an illusion. The centenals play as the “yakshas”, who are chthonic semi-divine beings, half god and half demon”. The ‘humans’ in the movie all the people including neo are “atma” souls those are the ones within the illusion. And Neo is actually parelel to the still to come 10th avitar of Vishnu “KALKI”. He is the one to come still to this world and destroy the maya and restart a the life again. This happens every 45,000 years. Also the soundtrack music “Navras” is actually really nice. Its at the end, when the credits role. Its a hindu mantra that chants “OM asotoma sad gamaya tamosoma jyotir gamaya, mirtiyumur amritar gamaya, Om shanti shanti shanti” this in english translates to “Lead me from the unreal to the Real
    Lead me from the darkness to the Light
    Lead me from the temporary to the Eternal”

    VERY NICE MOVIE! i like how they used old hindu religious scriptures and fit it into a futuristic era.

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