Scarface Screening Swims in Suave Swankness.

Besides being a really cool alliteration, the Title of this post cannot be more true.

A happen-chance meeting in downtown Toronto yesterday, put me into the Invitation-Only Private screening of Scarface at the 20th Anniversary DVD Release Party put on by Universal Pictures today. And folks, it was one swanky party, let me tell you something, huh?.

Cigars flowed as free as the alcohol, take as much as you want. Ice statues and anything Scarface related adorned everything else. Red Carpet, Steven Bauer (who played Manny in the movie), his agent, the CEO of Universal it went on and on… and then… there was me – Taking it all in while trying to look as cool as possible, while also slamming back the most delicious salmon I’ve ever tasted in my life. Did I mention it was free? Cuz it was. Tv crews, media vans, producers, suits, cigar smoke, cleavage and anything you’d expect to find at a celebration of a movie dealing with drug cartels filled the halls and foyers.

Let me re-itterate the fact that there’s a lot of money flowing through Hollywood, and none of it is landing on me, except in the various Salmon-on-a-Stick form. Mind you, after chatting with Bob Feldman, Steven’s agent from L.A., one gets to get a bit giddy in hopes that maybe that’ll all turn around someday – cuz man, they are really nice people.

Simply must have these people plan my Christmas shin-dig. Very Good.

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