Oldboy will Adapt the Comic, Not the Film

There are already internet rebellions against the adaptation of Oldboy. And everyone pretty much ignores the ones that start off with the “there are no new ideas in Hollywood” line, so when Will Smith stopped to chat with Brian at Film School Rejects he gathered some intel that he hopes will change that.

Fans have already made themselves heard about their distaste for Oldboy being remade and Smith being the man rumored to take the lead. Well, we heard it straight from the star’s mouth that he is definitely starring in Steven Spielberg’s Oldboy…with a twist. Smith wanted to make a very strong point that this is not an adaptation of Chan-wook Park’s 2003 film. So what is it an adaptation of?

We’re looking at that right now. Not the film though, it’s the original source material. There’s the original comics of ‘Oldboy’ that they made the first film from. And that’s what we’re working from, not an adaptation of the film…,” said Smith.

So the fanboys who were upset that this was going to be an American Adaptation of the Oldboy film are not likely to be placated by news that it will be a comic book adaptation instead. Pretty much the same thing really.

The proof will be in the final product. Right now, those who are opposed won’t change their mind just because they are making their film from the comic that another film was already made of. Six of one, half dozen of the other. But when it finally comes out those same people will still be comparing this adaptation of the comic against the previous adaptation of the comic, so it’s just redirecting the fanboy hate.

I haven’t read the graphic novel, so I don’t know how close the Chan-wook Park’s film came to it. Maybe the Spielberg Oldboy will be a closer adaptation. Wouldn’t that send the blogsphere for a spin?