Best Man-a-thon

We have news about a bromance wedding film called Best Man-a-thon to share with you dudes today. A big thank you to our friends at the movieweb for the hookup.

Universal is set for some outrageous nuptial comedy with their new project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is in final negotiations to purchase Richard Rapoza’s outlandish comedy, Best Man-a-thon.

The story revolves around a man about to be married who encounters trouble when his boyhood best friend and collegiate best friend hate each other and both want to be the best man at his wedding. When both refuse to share the title, they decide to compete for the prized position, in wedding-related events.

This sounds like a decent pitch for a bromance film. Picking a best man would be a heavy burden and is a decision that must be made with careful consideration and wisdom. I’m glad I will never have to pick one, because me and marriage will never be. Ducks don’t get married, beavers don’t get married, so I will not get married (unless I’m told otherwise.)

I look forward to seeing this one take shape. Sounds ok so far, who knows, it may be the Bachelor Party of this generation. With luck, Tom Hanks will be a dad in the film to pass the torch.

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3 thoughts on “Best Man-a-thon

  1. You think it sounds like a combination of those things? I think it sounds more like…actually, EXACTLY like, a movie that’s just been made and coming out soon (it’s an indie but with some funny “name” actors) called May The Best Man Win. Search it on IMDB. Same movie.

  2. Sounds like a combination of the driving course scene from The Wedding Singer and a similar take on the plot of I Love You, Man.

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